Ramcharit Charcha IV

Jai Sri Ram,

I covered up to the end of of 1st Doha of Balkand in the last post.

Goswami Tulsidas tells further that its through an eye of wisdom enabled by Guru,s grace that he would speak of Ram’s conduct in the world which is so pure in essence that it has capacity to take one across the ocean of life and birth. What is meant here is that by understanding the underlying principles behind the Ram’s conduct there will be no room for confusion and all the misgivings will go away enabling one to be quieter enough to have reflection of God in own heart.

Tulsi now praises the Brahmins who are like Gods moving on earth, who by dint of birth in right families and right Samskaar (training) have the capacity to dispel the concept of ownership and the confusion. The gentlemen of all creeds are also to be praised in the same way. The people of saintly disposition, i e Sadhus, attempt to painstakingly keep covered the weaknesses of others like cotton seed even after getting destroyed covers the body in the form of cloth.

The Sadhus when together form a happy union keeping a benevolent attitude like holy rivers Ganga , Yamuna and Saraswati congregate to form the holiest of holy place like Sangam (Ganga representing Ram Bhakti(devotion) , Saraswati representing contemplating on God (Brahma Vichar) and Yamuna representing the world of do and don’ts. The good deeds form the tree of Dharma (righteous conduct) which is unmoving but keeps flowing and renewing like Sangam point which has divine capacity of rewarding one, then and there, who happens to come in contact.

The people who listen to this advice would happily pursue the right path and obtain the four way benefit of earning wealth, act according to prescribed path, enjoy worldly pleasures and attain liberation (i e Arth, Dharm, Kaam and Moksha).

We have come to the end of second Doha of BalKand and there would be many more to prepare the mind set fit for listening to Ram Katha.
The original text fro Ramcharit mnas of Tulsi is reproduced for the benefit of singing it:

गुरु पद रज मृदु मंजुल अंजन। नयन अमिअ दृग दोष बिभंजन।।
तेहिं करि बिमल बिबेक बिलोचन। बरनउँ राम चरित भव मोचन।।
बंदउँ प्रथम महीसुर चरना। मोह जनित संसय सब हरना।।
सुजन समाज सकल गुन खानी। करउँ प्रनाम सप्रेम सुबानी।।
साधु चरित सुभ चरित कपासू। निरस बिसद गुनमय फल जासू।।
जो सहि दुख परछिद्र दुरावा। बंदनीय जेहिं जग जस पावा।।
मुद मंगलमय संत समाजू। जो जग जंगम तीरथराजू।।
राम भक्ति जहँ सुरसरि धारा। सरसइ ब्रह्म बिचार प्रचारा।।
बिधि निषेधमय कलि मल हरनी। करम कथा रबिनंदनि बरनी।।
हरि हर कथा बिराजति बेनी। सुनत सकल मुद मंगल देनी।।
बटु बिस्वास अचल निज धरमा। तीरथराज समाज सुकरमा।।
सबहिं सुलभ सब दिन सब देसा। सेवत सादर समन कलेसा।।
अकथ अलौकिक तीरथराऊ। देइ सद्य फल प्रगट प्रभाऊ।।
दो0-सुनि समुझहिं जन मुदित मन मज्जहिं अति अनुराग।
लहहिं चारि फल अछत तनु साधु समाज प्रयाग।।2।।

Hariom, Jai Sri Ram,


Krishna Khandelwal


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