Ashq Bahaataa Hota…

koi dawaa do aisi jo ke der tak sula sake,

na dard kaa pataa chale na gham koi rulaa sake.

(the lover who is in intense pain and saddened asks for the remedy from the beloved who hasn’t been caring, in form of a dose of medicine which may keep him in trans and forget pain etc for the messages of love had no effect)


aeenaa jo dekhataa hai dikhaa degaa,

dil mein kya hai kya khaak bataa degaa.

(the mirror can show only what it sees, how it can tell about what the feelings are, people in ordinary life too make opinions on basis of what is seen but not based on what is felt)


barh jaaye dard ziaada toh teeseyN nikaltii haiN ,
jyuN bhabhakey koi shola to nikalti hain lapteyN !


aaeenaa ‘gar meri haqeeqat jaantaa hotaa,

galey lipataa hua hotaa ashq bahaataa hotaa


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