Ramcharit Charcha XXXI

II Shree Guruvey Namah II

Jai Sri Ram,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

Goswami Tulsidas continues with his humble utterances and says that it is only his foolish stubbornness which may not be appreciated in any way that he is attempting in this way. But Ram has not minded it and has given credence to my emotion of Bhakti towards Him. Ram only gives weight what is in ones’ heart while there may have been some undesirable actions etc.*
Vibhishan, Sugreev and Bali all were not perfect in what they did but all three had love for Ram in heart. This one quality made them get the blessings of Ram and help in their journey in the world. Not only that, when Ram returned to Ayodhya along with His helpers in fight with Ravana and met Bharat their after His fourteen years of exile, Ram praised them all wholeheartedly. This tells us that we must not be overly concerned about our conduct and should keep remembering Ram with fondness, this will make us qualified for favors and graces of Ram . This is a great assurance because ordinary people are always in the impression that Ram Bhakti (God worship) requires one to be some body very different than they are.

We should remember that the moneys in Ram Sena (army) whose qualification was only this that they could climb up the trees but still they were taken help of i e were recognized for their potential by Ram. These moneys then fought along with Ram in fight, shoulder to shoulder. Who else can therefore be called as abode of benign behavior other than Ram. The goodness of Ram is good for everyone and so it is for Tulsi, he does not have a doubt. Tulsi now summons courage to unfold the treasure of Ram’s qualities which are simply the gist of Dharma or rather Param Dharma ( i e the pinnacle of Dharma) which when paid attention to will wash away all the bad impression gains in this time of non-desirable influences and compulsions.

The following are lines in reference from original Manas (short for Ram Charit Manas as it is popularly known):

अति बड़ि मोरि ढिठाई खोरी। सुनि अघ नरकहुँ नाक सकोरी।।
समुझि सहम मोहि अपडर अपनें। सो सुधि राम कीन्हि नहिं सपनें।।
सुनि अवलोकि सुचित चख चाही। भगति मोरि मति स्वामि सराही।।
कहत नसाइ होइ हियँ नीकी। रीझत राम जानि जन जी की।।
रहति न प्रभु चित चूक किए की। करत सुरति सय बार हिए की।।
जेहिं अघ बधेउ ब्याध जिमि बाली। फिरि सुकंठ सोइ कीन्ह कुचाली।।
सोइ करतूति बिभीषन केरी। सपनेहुँ सो न राम हियँ हेरी।।
ते भरतहि भेंटत सनमाने। राजसभाँ रघुबीर बखाने।।
दो0-प्रभु तरु तर कपि डार पर ते किए आपु समान।।
तुलसी कहूँ न राम से साहिब सीलनिधान।।29(क)।।
राम निकाईं रावरी है सबही को नीक।
जों यह साँची है सदा तौ नीको तुलसीक।।29(ख)।।
एहि बिधि निज गुन दोष कहि सबहि बहुरि सिरु नाइ।
बरनउँ रघुबर बिसद जसु सुनि कलि कलुष नसाइ।।29(ग)।।

Krishna Khandelwal

* It is difficult to know intricacies of Karma, even the experienced gentlemen with good character at times fail to assess the implications of what they do. The love in heart for Ram can not be wrong in any way, the quality of emotion is not material if its directed towards Him.


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