Ramcharit Charcha XXXIII


II Sri Ram jai Ram jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

Ham log Ramcharit Charcha ka anand uthaa rahey haiN aur Ram Bhakta Hanumaan ke smaran ke bina Ram Katha fallibhoot nahiiN hoti hai, is liye madhya meiN unki vandana kar leyN:

We are enjoyng our journey of Ramcharit Charcha but unless we remember Ram Bhakta Hanumaan we wouldn’t derive full benefit of it and therefore let us ask for his blessing and invoke his benign graces:

// jaake gati hai Hanuumaan ki //

// takii paij puji aayi ye rekha kulis-pashaan kii //

// jaa ke gati hai Hanuumaan kii //

// aghatit ghatan sughat vidhatan aisii virudaavali nahiiN aan kii //

// jaa ke gati hai Hanuumaan Kii //

// sumirat sankat soch vimochan muurati modnidhan kii //

// jaake gati hai Hanuumaan kii //

// taa par saanukool Girija Har Lakhan Ram aur Jaankii //

// jaakey gati hai Hanuumaan kii //

// Tulsi kapi kii kripaa vilokani khaani sakal kalyaan kii //

// jaakey gati hai Hanuumaan kii…

Meaning : who has support from , remembrance of, devotion to and behavior like Hanuman and loves Ram like Hanuman does, will have all desires fulfilled.

He can undo what has happened, do what is not possible to do and this is not a virtue of any other God or Goddess.

If only you remember him with devotion, He will have knowledge of all your miseries and problems and would remove them instantly. He is the epitome of divine happiness and mirth.

Such a devotee of Hanuman qualifies for the graces from Maa Parvati, Shanker, Ram, Lakhman and of Janki Mataa .

Goswami Tulsi Das declares that just a glance of kindness and benevolence of Ram Bhakta Hanuumaan is the treasure chest containing all good, all well being and auspicious tidings.

Krishna Khandelwal


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