Ramcharit Charcha XXXV

II Shre Guruvey Namah II

Jai Sri Ram,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

Goswami Tulsidas has so far been making us aware of the process that elevates the ordinary masses simply by virtue of muttering/chanting the name of Ram i e Ram Naam . There is now the narrative of Ram, i e the Ram Charit, that is itself like Chintamani (a gem that gives one all that is desired just by keeping it with oneself).

Ram Charit may be equaled to the noble wisdom of saints, the adornment of this wisdom as well. Virtues and traits of Ram ensure the welfare of the world and are bestowers of all the riches. The accomplishment of righteous/prescribed deeds occurs and takes one to the abode of Ram i e keeps one like in direct company of Ram. These qualities and discreetly honorable behavior and conduct of Ram works in a way as would a true Guru (Satguru), in making one aware of the pockets of knowledge, way for non-attachment and way of union with God. The qualities of Ram take care of the big ailments which result from living in the world and affect the body and mind.

When one learns of Ram Charit, the love for Sita and Ram is born in his heart as well as the seeds of regularity in worship, desire for commitment and righteous conduct (observation of Dharma) are sown. By virtue of understanding secrets of Ram Charit the sins, miseries and sombre mood are subdued. The Ram Charit are liked, i e become part of one’s own character, when understood and then ensure success and well being in this world as well as in the next.

Ram Charit are like strong solieders (i e thought currents)and advisors (i e inputs of analysis of thought) of the king (i e the established line of thinking). This means that by following the principles that Ram established while living his life as an individual commoner, one can tread determined path of action for fulfilment of duties. The ocean of petty interests that distract everyone in course of his life will be nipped in a bud (like Rishi Agastya called as Kumbhaj too drank the ocean once in Poranic episodes).

The qualities of Ram work like a young lion makes the hoard of elephants run away. Here the elephants are vices of present time which roam about in field of heart and mind but when the lion (i e Ram’s traits learned and understood) roams about there, the vices don’t stay.

Like the sun rays finish the darkness similarly Ram Charit remove the thought of my-ness i e false ownership. These qualities of Ram are kept in high esteem by Mahadev Purari (Purari means also the one who ended the menace of Tripurasur i e the demon that stays in body of humans which has three stages of living). Now Tulsi says that besides all this Ram Charit also has capacity to alter the fate that has come to be the ordained tough future of a person born as a human. These help in success after the efforts are made for some goal to be achieved, in the same way as the clouds rain to save the crops.

These admirable qualities of Ram have power to let you have any thing desired like the divine tree called Kalpvruksha fulfills every demand made of it. While Brahma, the creator makes all the worldly systems that also work to destabilise a human life many a times, the relief providers are Har i e Shiva and Hari i e Vishnu when taken shelter of, in the same fashion when one bases his life on the plank of Ram Charit the needed relief comes along.

The Ram Charit dances in the clear mind of a poet in the same way as do the fireflies, danciong in the clear spring season skies. These are the very life of a Ram Bhakta. These are itself for him a profound dose of enjoyable things and events after a properly lived life. The Ram Charit are so easily available to right minded and noblecharactered people without any cost etc as is a Sadhu available without any fees paid to launch us on the right track.

Ram Charit are like white coloured water birds in a quiet clean lake (Mansarovar) i e in the quiet heart of service oriented people. As for the purity, these equal the waves of Holy Ganges.

Ram Charit have the power to burn down the bad traits like deceit, cunning,false ego and the other foul practices prevelent in the world of today like a strong fire consumes the fuel poured into it. Ram Charit are pleasent for everybody like the cool moon light but have special effect on certain flowers which bloom only under moon-light and on certain birds that stare continuosly at the moon when it appears on the horizon.

This the glory of Ram Charit, so convincingly told by Tulsi. Let us also strive to imbibe them as we get moving along through Ram Katha. The relevent portion is reproduced below:

राम चरित चिंतामनि चारू। संत सुमति तिय सुभग सिंगारू।।
जग मंगल गुन ग्राम राम के। दानि मुकुति धन धरम धाम के।।
सदगुर ग्यान बिराग जोग के। बिबुध बैद भव भीम रोग के।।
जननि जनक सिय राम प्रेम के। बीज सकल ब्रत धरम नेम के।।
समन पाप संताप सोक के। प्रिय पालक परलोक लोक के।।
सचिव सुभट भूपति बिचार के। कुंभज लोभ उदधि अपार के।।
काम कोह कलिमल करिगन के। केहरि सावक जन मन बन के।।
अतिथि पूज्य प्रियतम पुरारि के। कामद घन दारिद दवारि के।।
मंत्र महामनि बिषय ब्याल के। मेटत कठिन कुअंक भाल के।।
हरन मोह तम दिनकर कर से। सेवक सालि पाल जलधर से।।
अभिमत दानि देवतरु बर से। सेवत सुलभ सुखद हरि हर से।।
सुकबि सरद नभ मन उडगन से। रामभगत जन जीवन धन से।।
सकल सुकृत फल भूरि भोग से। जग हित निरुपधि साधु लोग से।।
सेवक मन मानस मराल से। पावक गंग तंरग माल से।।
दो0-कुपथ कुतरक कुचालि कलि कपट दंभ पाषंड।
दहन राम गुन ग्राम जिमि इंधन अनल प्रचंड।।32(क)।।
रामचरित राकेस कर सरिस सुखद सब काहु।
सज्जन कुमुद चकोर चित हित बिसेषि बड़ लाहु।।32(ख)।।

Krishna Khandelwal


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