Ramcharit Charcha XXXVI

II Sri Guruvey Namah II

Jai Sri Ram,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

The inquiry is the basis of progress in spiritual field. Unless the doubts are not sought to be dispelled by some body knowledgeable who naturally commands your respect too, the darkness prevailant in mind can not be finished. ‘Who Am I’ or ‘Who Is God’ like question come to everybody’s mind sooner or later and it can well begin a quest for spiritual knowledge and eventual subsiding of the irrationality. With this the mind quietens down to an extent that Ishwar Tatva is easily seen in play all around. This opens up the gate for Nirvana or Moksha (stopping of cycle of rebirth).

I gave you some background as to what is the effect of questioning rightly. Tulsi says that once Parvati was with Shankar and raised the point of her doubts that were not found an answer for since her previous birth. Bhagwan Shankar was knowing it and responded duly as Parvati was in a frame of mind that would grasp it all. Tulsi says that he will now put before us the whole analogy and so weave it in a way that a Katha emerges. You may understand here that the story is unreal, history is just recounting of events and causes but Katha is narration of Leelas of Avatars in a way that is interesting, educating, connecting with spirituality, explaining Dharma, showing path and benefiting a one who listens to it with devotion, faith and belief. So its interesting like a story, covers what happened and connects the points of importance with a thread so that a regular study of or listening to it, leaves you with thorough understanding and retainable flavor in mind, in heart and in deeper self which enlightens completely just by further contemplating and reflecting on it in quietude of self.

Tulsi says that who haven’t had an occasion to listen this Katha shouldn’t be surprised that it has such depths and nuances that are unfathomable with one’s own efforts and without an initiation since this is beyond the time and place i e true in all times and places. The stress is that known dimensions restrict many fact from being known but Katha even refers to and lets also known all that is the truth that can not be challenged (Truth is God’s one of the essences like blissfulness and complete knowledge). It makes the Katha a manifestation of God in form of a spoken word or written volume.

The same God here referred as Ram takes Avatars in many ways and His Leelas are dimensionless, and this is important to keep this understanding as a faith and a belief for doubts in this respect will not let you imbibe it all. The Avatars are different according to Kalp-Bhed (time cycles/periods) and the Munis have been telling the relevant Kathas in their own ways according to their own leaning, grasp and occasion. This means that since the Kathas have limitless dimensions, one has liberty to cover as much and as many angle as one can or desires to present. This makes the discourses of Katha-Vachaks (deliverers of Katha) always interesting leaving scope for discovering some of the angles by the listener himself. Tulsi requests us to listen to the Katha as it progresses with Goddess Saraswati’s Kripa (blessings and grace) who is Goddess of learning and art. Tulsi says for another time that those with pure hearts should not carry any doubt about the extent and richness of Ram Katha in the field of spirituality.

Please find the relevant lines below from the Ram Charit Manas:

कीन्हि प्रस्न जेहि भाँति भवानी। जेहि बिधि संकर कहा बखानी।।
सो सब हेतु कहब मैं गाई। कथाप्रबंध बिचित्र बनाई।।
जेहि यह कथा सुनी नहिं होई। जनि आचरजु करैं सुनि सोई।।
कथा अलौकिक सुनहिं जे ग्यानी। नहिं आचरजु करहिं अस जानी।।
रामकथा कै मिति जग नाहीं। असि प्रतीति तिन्ह के मन माहीं।।
नाना भाँति राम अवतारा। रामायन सत कोटि अपारा।।
कलपभेद हरिचरित सुहाए। भाँति अनेक मुनीसन्ह गाए।।
करिअ न संसय अस उर आनी। सुनिअ कथा सारद रति मानी।।
दो0-राम अनंत अनंत गुन अमित कथा बिस्तार।
सुनि आचरजु न मानिहहिं जिन्ह कें बिमल बिचार।।33।।


Krishna Khandelwal


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