Ramcharit Charcha XXXIX

II Shri Guruve Namah II

Jai Sri Ram,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

Goswami Tulsidas has so far very elaborately given us the reasons and other important points to build up an understanding about how to get what we wish from Ram Katha. Tulsi now says that the benign intellectual process has spurred in heart and mind which is due the grace of Lord Shiva, the creator of Ram Katha and therefore now Tulsi will go ahead with telling of the same as Ramcharitmanas.Tulsi has used the word ‘hulsi’ also which means literally ‘spurring naturally’, Hulsi* happens to be also the name of mother of Tulsidas. This Ram Katha makes one’s disposition in line with what Ram Katha has to convey, he therefore invites all even minded people to listen with devotedly pure mind and make up for what is missing.

Here the intellect of purity is like the bottom of the wandering mind and the Ved-Puran are the ocean of wisdom and Bhakti while the Sadhus, the intelligent and devoted people, are like clouds which carry the water of wisdom and love i e Vivek and Bhakti in the form of vapors of spirituality. These clouds when precipitate due to presence of right minded and interested people, pour it down in form of praises of Ram which is purer then the ocean’s own water. The Sagun Leela, i e the physical enactment of sorts by Ram on earth for establishing Dharma (values of right conduct), cleanses the dirt and grime that sticks strongly on account of day to day living under not so good conditions. The element of love and Bhakti which is divine, attracts and provides sweetness and coolness.

This very rain of Ram Katha by saints and Bhaktas, takes care of the crop of good deeds and therefore its like THE very life of Ram Bhaktas like water is for living beings. The Medha (referred as base of the mind earlier) i e the one pointed sharp attention oriented intellect, absorbs the pure rain water of Ram Katha pouring down from the mouths of saintly tellers (referred as cloud earlier), this comes through the canals of ears that listen to Ram Katha and is pleasant to hear in sound due to the care that is taken in telling in beautiful words and in content due to its quality. When the pond of recipient’s calm mind thus gets filled by this enormous supply of wise words and is not agitating any further, it makes it a stable body of water of wisdom and offers drinkable water of wisdom which is pleasurable, cool and good in taste.

Tulsii has attempted to fill this Ram Katha thoughtfully with beautiful exchanges between the characters and these very impregnated discourses may be taken to be bounding this vast body of pure beautiful water containing good messages on all four sides along with gradual steps to reach the water. This means that the what is in fact endless in its dimensions is some how given in this fathomable form of telling the very basic facts about the reality that is God.

Read following lines of the text of Ramcharitmanas a few times, singing aloud to please your ears and of others:

संभु प्रसाद सुमति हियँ हुलसी। रामचरितमानस कबि तुलसी।।
करइ मनोहर मति अनुहारी। सुजन सुचित सुनि लेहु सुधारी।।
सुमति भूमि थल हृदय अगाधू। बेद पुरान उदधि घन साधू।।
बरषहिं राम सुजस बर बारी। मधुर मनोहर मंगलकारी।।
लीला सगुन जो कहहिं बखानी। सोइ स्वच्छता करइ मल हानी।।
प्रेम भगति जो बरनि न जाई। सोइ मधुरता सुसीतलताई।।
सो जल सुकृत सालि हित होई। राम भगत जन जीवन सोई।।
मेधा महि गत सो जल पावन। सकिलि श्रवन मग चलेउ सुहावन।।
भरेउ सुमानस सुथल थिराना। सुखद सीत रुचि चारु चिराना।।
दो0-सुठि सुंदर संबाद बर बिरचे बुद्धि बिचारि।
तेइ एहि पावन सुभग सर घाट मनोहर चारि।।36।।


Krishna Khandelwal

*Hulsi is mother of Tulsidas and by taking that particular name Tusli says that like he has been born to Hulsi , the Ram Bhaktas get borne by Ram Katha and then nursed by Ram Katha like he was nursed with references to Ram katha in his child hood by mother Hulsi.


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