Shri Ram Stuti

II Om Shri Ganeshay Namah II
II Om Shri Guruvey Namah II
II Om Shri Sitaramay NamahII
II Saambsadashivaay Namah II
II Maa Saraswataei Namah II

Jai Sri Ram,

Please find a very interesting piece of prayer, in praise of Lord Ram , which is there in the Tulsidas’s Ramayan i e Ramcharit Manas along with meaning as understood by me. It would seem that it has been written in Sanskrit but is in Hindi, this demonstrates that till the influence of foreign languages like Arabi, Farasi and English, the chaste Hindi was very much near to Sanskrit. Please enjoy it by singing rather than simply reading and you will find that it has a very profound impact of mind and heart and calms the nerves instantly, I have produced it here as per my memory without a fresh look at the original text but hope its as it is:

Shri Ram Chandra Kripaalu Bhajman Haran Bhavbhay Daarunam,

(Let the heart remember Lord Shri Ram, graceful and capable of taking away the intense fear generated of out of living in the this world)

Nav Kanj Lochan Kanj Mukh Kar Kanj Pad Kanjaarunam,

(whose eyes are like budding lotus, face and feet also like lotus which are a light shade of red)

Kandarp Aganit Amit Chhavi Nav Neel Neerad Sundaram,

(His beauty is as much as of countless Kandarpas ( Lords of Love) and is beatyful in His complexion like that of a newly formed cloud of bluish tinge)

Pat Peet Maanahu Tadit Ruchi Shuchi Naumi Janak Sutavaram,

(His attire of bright yellow color like that of spark in the clouds, and is pure and who has been married to daughter of Naumi Janak i e Sita)

Sir mukut kundal tilak charu udaaru ang vibhushanam,

(who dons a beautiful crown along with very beautiful earrings and a very interesting long mark on forehead of kumkum chandan ctc and is liberally adorned with all kinds of ornaments)

Aajaanu bhuj shar-chaap dhar sangram jit khar dushanam,

(whose arms are are long, touching knees, and who holds the bow and arrows on person, who has killed the two damons Khar (name itself means non-congenial)and Dushan (name itself meaning a person with many faults ingrained)in a warwith them)

Bhaj Deen Bandhu Dinesh Daanav Daitya Vansh Nikandanam,

(friend of poor people, descendant of Sun Dynasty or best in his ilk and who is committed to annihilating the lot of demons is only to be prayed)

Raghu Nand Anand Kand Kaushal Chand Dashrath Nandnam,

(the descendant of King Raghu,son of King Dashrath, star of the eye of Maa Kaushalya is a bundle of joy)

Iti Vadati Tulsidas Shankar Shesh Muni Man Ranjanam,

( hence Tulsidas says so that the one who is held as very dear in heart by Shiv, Shesh (Shesh Naag) and Munis)

Mam Hriday Kunj Nivaas Kuru Kaamadi Khal Dal Ganjanam.

(may well stay in my heart as if in his own home who only is capable of finishing lure for the carnal pleasure of bad kind.)


krishna Khandelwal


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