Ramcharit Charcha LII

II Shri Guruvey Namah II

Jai Shri ram,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram jai jai Ram II
II Sri Ram jai ram jai jai ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai ram II

एक बार त्रेता जुग माहीं। संभु गए कुंभज रिषि पाहीं।।
संग सती जगजननि भवानी। पूजे रिषि अखिलेस्वर जानी।।
रामकथा मुनीबर्ज बखानी। सुनी महेस परम सुखु मानी।।
रिषि पूछी हरिभगति सुहाई। कही संभु अधिकारी पाई।।
कहत सुनत रघुपति गुन गाथा। कछु दिन तहाँ रहे गिरिनाथा।।
मुनि सन बिदा मागि त्रिपुरारी। चले भवन सँग दच्छकुमारी।।
तेहि अवसर भंजन महिभारा। हरि रघुबंस लीन्ह अवतारा।।
पिता बचन तजि राजु उदासी। दंडक बन बिचरत अबिनासी।।

दो0-ह्दयँ बिचारत जात हर केहि बिधि दरसनु होइ।
गुप्त रुप अवतरेउ प्रभु गएँ जान सबु कोइ।।48(क)।।
सो0-संकर उर अति छोभु सती न जानहिं मरमु सोइ।।
तुलसी दरसन लोभु मन डरु लोचन लालची।।48(ख)।।

Above lines were under reference last time and Goswami Tulsidas now further relates that Ravan had asked for boon from Brahmaji to not die at hands of any of specie other than at the hands of humans and monkeys believing that since he is a Rakshasa it will be a very simple matter to defeat them if the occasion so demanded (this gives us an idea that Ravan was basically a very arrogant person hence while having an opportunity to ask for non-defeat from all, he was so guided by his false pride that humans and monkeys can’t harm him therefore fed his pride by not asking for the boon simply. Ravan is symbolically arrogance itself in Ram Katha which is a natural feeder of Moha-false sense of ownership and Agyaan-lack of true knowledge). Tulsi sees in this hand of God who wants to keep the word of Brahmaji in matter of finishing Ravan i e as human and with help of monkeys. Shiv thinks further that if left without Ram’s ‘darshan’, it will be a very disappointing matter and no solution was coming to light. Shiv became remorseful therefore, at this very moment Dasheesh Ravan (ten headed Ravan) together with Mareech (his fellow demon)played a deceitful drama in which Mareech became a deer and Ravan playing a trick with Sita abducted her who was daughter of Videh (Videh means one without a body, the daughter therefore was called Vaidehi,this symbolically conveys that when Vaidehi Sita was abducted it was also not Sita herself but her Chaaya i e false form. It also tells us that Ravan like persons may think that they get Shakti (power) by falsehood but they in fact do not). Ravan is so far oblivious of Ram’s effect and prowess and will be so till his very end even though there would be occasions for him to guess that Ram is no ordinary person but God himself. He later becomes confused though but again his arrogance keeps misguiding him, this makes us understand that Ahamkar works in this fashion in everybody’s case.

When Ram came back after killing and also finding the reality of Mareech along with lakshan who had gone,leaving Sita behind, to help Ram. Finding his Ashram (hermitage) empty Ram became upset. Ram then proceeded into jungle in search of Sita and badly bitten by bug of separation from Sita like an ordinary human being, Lakshman was keeping by his side. Those who know Ram’s reality i e His Godhood think here that while there is nothing in the world which can leave any impression on Him when present or when absent, is apparently so immensely disturbed for separation of wife from himself. Here it confirms Lord Shankar’s conviction that Ram had taken Avtar keeping a vow of doing Leelas as promised to Bhaktas which we will learn of later in the Katha.

Raghupati Ram (descendant of king Raghu) has such a character and such conduct which is very mysterious in nature and this can only be understood by very learned and intelligent people. Those who have dumb wit and are under illusions of various kinds do not understand this and therefore think of Ram’s Charit as some thing of no value and as absurd. This tells us that why we see people of later kind in large measure, some who refuse to consider Ram as Avtar of Lord Hari but as just a great personality and some even don’t value the principles He established during the course of His Leelas. This misunderstanding gets removed only under guidance of worthy Guru and/or when Ram himself is pleased to do so.

I earnestly hope you are now getting familiar with the back ground of Ram Katha and keenly await what have been his endearing Leelas.

The original lines discussed are produced below:

रावन मरन मनुज कर जाचा। प्रभु बिधि बचनु कीन्ह चह साचा।।
जौं नहिं जाउँ रहइ पछितावा। करत बिचारु न बनत बनावा।।
एहि बिधि भए सोचबस ईसा। तेहि समय जाइ दससीसा।।
लीन्ह नीच मारीचहि संगा। भयउ तुरत सोइ कपट कुरंगा।।
करि छलु मूढ़ हरी बैदेही। प्रभु प्रभाउ तस बिदित न तेही।।
मृग बधि बन्धु सहित हरि आए। आश्रमु देखि नयन जल छाए।।
बिरह बिकल नर इव रघुराई। खोजत बिपिन फिरत दोउ भाई।।
कबहूँ जोग बियोग न जाकें। देखा प्रगट बिरह दुख ताकें।।
दो0-अति विचित्र रघुपति चरित जानहिं परम सुजान।
जे मतिमंद बिमोह बस हृदयँ धरहिं कछु आन।।49।।


krishna khandelwal


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