Ramcharit Charcha LIII

II Shri Guruvey Namah II

Jai Shri Ram,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

रावन मरन मनुज कर जाचा। प्रभु बिधि बचनु कीन्ह चह साचा।।
जौं नहिं जाउँ रहइ पछितावा। करत बिचारु न बनत बनावा।।
एहि बिधि भए सोचबस ईसा। तेहि समय जाइ दससीसा।।
लीन्ह नीच मारीचहि संगा। भयउ तुरत सोइ कपट कुरंगा।।
करि छलु मूढ़ हरी बैदेही। प्रभु प्रभाउ तस बिदित न तेही।।
मृग बधि बन्धु सहित हरि आए। आश्रमु देखि नयन जल छाए।।
बिरह बिकल नर इव रघुराई। खोजत बिपिन फिरत दोउ भाई।।
कबहूँ जोग बियोग न जाकें। देखा प्रगट बिरह दुख ताकें।।
दो0-अति विचित्र रघुपति चरित जानहिं परम सुजान।
जे मतिमंद बिमोह बस हृदयँ धरहिं कछु आन।।49।।

We enjoyed the above lines narrated in our journey of Ram Katha earlier. Now Goswami Tulsidas takes us further saying that while Shiv was returning back towards abode at Kailash and was greatly anguished by not finding a suitable means to have a glimpse of his Isht (Ram), right at that time he saw Ram in the jungle.

This chance happening made him very joyful in his heart (without his consort Sati having an idea). As was his resolve to not disturbed Ram’s Leela by coming in direct contact with Him (Ram), he did not make any move to talk to Him or even offer to express some aquaintance but also did not miss the opportunity of having an eyeful out of the ocean of beauty and grace that Ram was. He simply muttered words like ‘jai sachchidaand jag paawan’ (glory to the destroyer of worldly sins who is known as the totality of consciousness,truth and bliss).

This way Shiv, who is the destroyer of the God of passionate love called Manoj (here name Manoj another name of Kaam Dev has been used as it means as word :which is born out of mind,s likes and passions) moved ahead. Though accompanied by Sati, Shiv is thrilled inside his heart continuously at having seen Ram which is apparent to Sati but she is wondering as to what may have caused it because Shakar is supposed to be lord of the world himself and therefore is worshiped by the whole world. Every one, the Gods, the ordinary humans and the learned Munis from among them, bow down to him.

Sati thinks as to why Shiv should call seemingly ordinary son a king as Param Brahman Satchidanad (Supreme God)and becomes thoroughly confused on that account. She finds that Shiv is specially enjoying himself though in heart and his pleasure is oozing without a check after his eyes having seen that charming personality moving about in the jungle.

Sati is at a loss to understand that even if it is supposed that the Rajkumar wandering in the jungles is the very same God who is referred as eternal,never born,without desires unlike humans, who pervades every thing or being and is without distinction, will take form/body of an ordinary human being while he is even not entirely known through Vedas i e is indescribable.

Now we come across a situation that Shiv is rejoicing for something which in eyes of Sati should not be any thing of import and in any case of such great import that is keeping Shiv so occupied and be pleased about. This will unleash a whole series of happenings and pave way for deeper insight in Ram Charit.

The original lines which have been explained above are given below:

संभु समय तेहि रामहि देखा। उपजा हियँ अति हरपु बिसेषा।।
भरि लोचन छबिसिंधु निहारी। कुसमय जानिन कीन्हि चिन्हारी।।
जय सच्चिदानंद जग पावन। अस कहि चलेउ मनोज नसावन।।
चले जात सिव सती समेता। पुनि पुनि पुलकत कृपानिकेता।।
सतीं सो दसा संभु कै देखी। उर उपजा संदेहु बिसेषी।।
संकरु जगतबंद्य जगदीसा। सुर नर मुनि सब नावत सीसा।।
तिन्ह नृपसुतहि नह परनामा। कहि सच्चिदानंद परधमा।।
भए मगन छबि तासु बिलोकी। अजहुँ प्रीति उर रहति न रोकी।।
दो0-ब्रह्म जो व्यापक बिरज अज अकल अनीह अभेद।
सो कि देह धरि होइ नर जाहि न जानत वेद।। 50।।

( We should gather here that when a Bhakta gets too keenly interested in having a glimpse of God and becomes very restless, God who in fact is all pervading, somehow appears before the Bhakta in that very form which the Bhakta is longing for with fierce intensity. It is expected of the Bhakta to not make too much outcry of having seen Him in this way before everyone. Since Bhakta state becomes slightly different than it ordinarily is, the near dear ones do find it strange but as the Swaroop (God’s real nature and beauty) is indescribable, the Bhakta does not discuss much about his having had glimpse of God in the same situation and circumstance that all around him are also. It is for two reasons for its difficult for a doubting person to receive the message in its true sense and second the lack of pressing desire to know and see God also makes it further difficult to get at the bottom of it while a genuine attempt is made by the one who has seen and felt God. To know God an intense desire and solid faith are preconditions which prompt a Guru to tell the way to get Him.)

Krishna Khandelwal


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