Ramcharit Charcha LV

II Shri Guruvey Namah II

Jai Shri Ram,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

बिष्नु जो सुर हित नरतनु धारी। सोउ सर्बग्य जथा त्रिपुरारी।।
खोजइ सो कि अग्य इव नारी। ग्यानधाम श्रीपति असुरारी।।
संभुगिरा पुनि मृषा न होई। सिव सर्बग्य जान सबु कोई।।
अस संसय मन भयउ अपारा। होई न हृदयँ प्रबोध प्रचारा।।
जद्यपि प्रगट न कहेउ भवानी। हर अंतरजामी सब जानी।।
सुनहि सती तव नारि सुभाऊ। संसय अस न धरिअ उर काऊ।।
जासु कथा कुभंज रिषि गाई। भगति जासु मैं मुनिहि सुनाई।।
सोउ मम इष्टदेव रघुबीरा। सेवत जाहि सदा मुनि धीरा।।
छं0-मुनि धीर जोगी सिद्ध संतत बिमल मन जेहि ध्यावहीं।
कहि नेति निगम पुरान आगम जासु कीरति गावहीं।।
सोइ रामु ब्यापक ब्रह्म भुवन निकाय पति माया धनी।
अवतरेउ अपने भगत हित निजतंत्र नित रघुकुलमनि।।
सो0-लाग न उर उपदेसु जदपि कहेउ सिवँ बार बहु।
बोले बिहसि महेसु हरिमाया बलु जानि जियँ।।51।।

We have had the idea contained in above lines in last post, now should relish what Goswami Tulsidas says further. We have become aware that every word of Tulsi carries deep meaning and dispels doubts.

Shiv now tells Sati that since you have not been satisfied about the fact that it is Almighty God who has come on earth and have grave doubt in this regard while you have had an occasion to listen to Ram Katha at Muni’s Ashram, you may well make an inquiry and clear your doubt as you please. Shiv says there is no hurry, he would be resting under Banyan Tree till the time she have come back. Shiv gives a word of advice to sati that her doubt is profound but she must employ only reasonable and sensible means to clear it.

(Here we have to gather that a person in state of mis-understanding like Sati would have no reason from out side affect him/her, he or she has to be convinced in the manner of their own choosing. Shiv is ready to give this liberty and some piece of good advice that one should not lend himself in trouble due to a mental condition that has become too static and non-receptive.)

Sati empowered with permission to do some tests, is now thinking as to how she can get to the bottom of the matter. Shambhu (Shiv) is worried however, looking at the mix of irrationality and rigidity of Sati and knows in his heart that the tidings do not suggest any good of Dakshsuta Sati in the end. He thinks that when he who is her husband whom she knows him as some body with requisite knowledge also, Sati is still not inclined to absorb what is told to her. This is simply a case where the luck is running out for Sati and also thinks that what is happening is due to some divine design of Bhagwaan Ram. When it has sanction of Ram Himself then it is pointless to extend the line of argument. Shiv now resolves to do Japa of Hari (Ram) Naam sitting under the tree and Sati goes to where abode of happiness Lord Ram was there in the woods.

Sati could only think up of taking Roop (form) of Sita and started walking ahead of Ram, who was walking in His garb of a Sadhu though looked very much a king among the humans.

(we will see later that how every step that Sati takes brings her closer to a deadly future but nothing could stop her, not even Shiv could who is otherwise harbinger of fortune of everybody who even passingly prays him for it.)

The lines under reference here are given below from the original text. Those who wish to have them in Roman script may please visit http://www.astrojyoti.com/ramayan :

जौं तुम्हरें मन अति संदेहू। तौ किन जाइ परीछा लेहू।।
तब लगि बैठ अहउँ बटछाहिं। जब लगि तुम्ह ऐहहु मोहि पाही।।
जैसें जाइ मोह भ्रम भारी। करेहु सो जतनु बिबेक बिचारी।।
चलीं सती सिव आयसु पाई। करहिं बिचारु करौं का भाई।।
इहाँ संभु अस मन अनुमाना। दच्छसुता कहुँ नहिं कल्याना।।
मोरेहु कहें न संसय जाहीं। बिधी बिपरीत भलाई नाहीं।।
होइहि सोइ जो राम रचि राखा। को करि तर्क बढ़ावै साखा।।
अस कहि लगे जपन हरिनामा। गई सती जहँ प्रभु सुखधामा।।
दो0-पुनि पुनि हृदयँ विचारु करि धरि सीता कर रुप।
आगें होइ चलि पंथ तेहि जेहिं आवत नरभूप।।52।।


Krishna Khandelwal


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