Ramcharit Charcha LVI

II Shree Guruvey Namah II

Jai Shri ram,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

जौं तुम्हरें मन अति संदेहू। तौ किन जाइ परीछा लेहू।।
तब लगि बैठ अहउँ बटछाहिं। जब लगि तुम्ह ऐहहु मोहि पाही।।
जैसें जाइ मोह भ्रम भारी। करेहु सो जतनु बिबेक बिचारी।।
चलीं सती सिव आयसु पाई। करहिं बिचारु करौं का भाई।।
इहाँ संभु अस मन अनुमाना। दच्छसुता कहुँ नहिं कल्याना।।
मोरेहु कहें न संसय जाहीं। बिधी बिपरीत भलाई नाहीं।।
होइहि सोइ जो राम रचि राखा। को करि तर्क बढ़ावै साखा।।
अस कहि लगे जपन हरिनामा। गई सती जहँ प्रभु सुखधामा।।
दो0-पुनि पुनि हृदयँ विचारु करि धरि सीता कर रुप।
आगें होइ चलि पंथ तेहि जेहिं आवत नरभूप।।52।।

We saw how Sati was disillusioned on account of her doubt in spite of Shiv trying hard to dispel her doubt, in last post. Goswami Tuslidas takes the story further and we would find out how it turned out for Sati when she walked ahead of Ram taking disguise of Sita.

Lakshman, who was accompanying Ram, saw Sati too in her disguise as Sita and got some what astonished on one hand and developed some very confusing thoughts in his heart. Lakshman is aware of Ram’s true nature and possesses a firm intellect which does not get swayed easily particularly when in company of Ram and remained thoughtfully serious about what he saw.

The Lord of Gods (Ram), being omniscient and capable of looking in past,present and future of every happening, could easily make out what Sati was up to in her deceptive ways. Tulsi says that just when one remembers Ram the ignorance and illusive thoughts go away and this Ram is that very Bhagwan Ram whose has full knowledge about whatever is knowable and more. Look at the nature of Sati (much like an ordinary female who is quite prone at seeing things in light of own understanding without caring for what a person who is her senior,savior and more knowledgeable companion has had to say)that she wants to practice deceptive ways even in regard to Ram, the Almighty God.

Ram now, remembering the effect of His own Maya (delusive power),bowed down with folded hands before Sati and smilingly, in sweet modulated tone, told Sati His name along with name of His worldly father King Dashrath.

( We should learn how Ram behaves with a person whom He knows but who does not know Him and who is respectable for Him in role He is playing at the moment. He is careful enough not to be brusque and takes pains at giving whole of His introduction without keeping the other wondering.)

Ram further inquired from her the whereabouts of Shiv by referring to him as Brushketu i e the one who has Nandi ( a bull) following him wherever he goes and asks why is it that she is roaming about in the woods all by herself.

(The subtle point here is that when one happens to talk to a seeming stranger but actually not, one should make a reference to some non-apparent point regarding him if he wishes to get close to him early and have a talk with some level of comfort without energy of both being wasted in first developing a level of confidence.)

Sati now finds herself in a bind, particularly listening to Ram’s soft words in ways signifying some important message concealed between the words. Instantly Sati started moving back to where Mahesh (Shiv) was, also fearfully nursing some serious thoughts about what had happened.

Sati is now not oblivious of the wrong committed by her and we would see what unfolds next. The original lines under reference today have been reproduced below:

लछिमन दीख उमाकृत बेषा चकित भए भ्रम हृदयँ बिसेषा।।
कहि न सकत कछु अति गंभीरा। प्रभु प्रभाउ जानत मतिधीरा।।
सती कपटु जानेउ सुरस्वामी। सबदरसी सब अंतरजामी।।
सुमिरत जाहि मिटइ अग्याना। सोइ सरबग्य रामु भगवाना।।
सती कीन्ह चह तहँहुँ दुराऊ। देखहु नारि सुभाव प्रभाऊ।।
निज माया बलु हृदयँ बखानी। बोले बिहसि रामु मृदु बानी।।
जोरि पानि प्रभु कीन्ह प्रनामू। पिता समेत लीन्ह निज नामू।।
कहेउ बहोरि कहाँ बृषकेतू। बिपिन अकेलि फिरहु केहि हेतू।।
दो0-राम बचन मृदु गूढ़ सुनि उपजा अति संकोचु।
सती सभीत महेस पहिं चलीं हृदयँ बड़ सोचु।।53।।


Krishna Khandelwal


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