Ramcharit Charch LVII

II Shree Guruvey Namah II

Jai Shri Ram,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

लछिमन दीख उमाकृत बेषा चकित भए भ्रम हृदयँ बिसेषा।।
कहि न सकत कछु अति गंभीरा। प्रभु प्रभाउ जानत मतिधीरा।।
सती कपटु जानेउ सुरस्वामी। सबदरसी सब अंतरजामी।।
सुमिरत जाहि मिटइ अग्याना। सोइ सरबग्य रामु भगवाना।।
सती कीन्ह चह तहँहुँ दुराऊ। देखहु नारि सुभाव प्रभाऊ।।
निज माया बलु हृदयँ बखानी। बोले बिहसि रामु मृदु बानी।।
जोरि पानि प्रभु कीन्ह प्रनामू। पिता समेत लीन्ह निज नामू।।
कहेउ बहोरि कहाँ बृषकेतू। बिपिन अकेलि फिरहु केहि हेतू।।
दो0-राम बचन मृदु गूढ़ सुनि उपजा अति संकोचु।
सती सभीत महेस पहिं चलीं हृदयँ बड़ सोचु।।53।।

We discussed above lines in the last post, that what Sati did and got in return, in her attempt to put Ram to test. Goswami Tuslidas now tells the further story as given in lines in the end and we discuss the same.

Sati reflects that how she tried to impose her own ignorance on Ram and did not heed the advice of Shanker (Shiv). Her heart is now filled with fear that when Shiv would inquire of her, what she would say as to what did she in fact do.

(Her mind became unsettled like a one who exceeds the limits only to find that he has been himself inadequate, ever to go beyond the limit.)

Ram on the other hand shows His own real self manifestly to her because He knows that Sati is upset and wanted her to at least get to know who He really is.

(Sati had been in fact on this mission only.Here we should appreciate that more than inquiry in detail what is required for a seeker is that he should have a Guru to tell it and should have faith in him. This is not to say that one should not be inquisitive. The desire to know and inquire is in fact the initiator of all spiritual journeys. The point is that when one comes across some body knowledgeable and trustworthy, all the inquiry should be as per his instructions and not in defiance. There should be faith in him and there should be an inclination to believe his words.)

Ram showed her Himself walking with Lakshman and Shree (Sita) ahead of her and showed the same sight when Sati turned backwards to check. Ram was walking along with brother (Lakshman) and Shree (Sita) in beautiful attire which reflected none of the grief that Sati saw earlier as being demonstrated by Ram.

( Shree in fact will only accompany Ram and would always, the two can not be separated. What Sati saw the Leela of Ram only and should have been satisfied with the words of Shiv in this regard.)

Now Sati looked everywhere around and found Ram being served by the great Munis and Sidhhas (adepts) i e being worshiped and praised by all the illumined achievers.

Sati also saw many sets of Shiv,Brahma and Vishnu (the trinity in Indian mythology responsible for destruction,generation and maintenance of the world/s) who had immense power and glories and also saw the Gods in different styles serving Lord Ram and offering their services at His feet. Not only this Sati saw each one of the trinity which included Shiv along with their consorts i e Sati , Brahmani and Lakshmi. Sati also noted that as were the three never-born Gods (of the trinity) in their different styles and attires so were the Gods of the lower rung, in different forms and attires as would be in agreement with the main three unborn greats.

(We have to carefully understand that here Ram is conveying a message that tells us that He is master of not only this world and universe that we see and feel with our sense organs, but is master of all worlds and universes, which are innumerable, and which do not have similar characteristics and features which may differ entirely. The phenomena represented by the trinity and their helping Gods is therefore different too in respect of such different worlds/universes. However, Ram as the Supreme Power and Master of all such differing worlds/universes is the same, changeless, attribute-less and commanding every thing. Such Ram only takes Avtars in many forms and is always possessed of His the prowess and consort Sita. He wishes Sati to have this Gyaan (knowledge), Shiv is aware of this and therefore though he is as important as Ram Himself for the world, still always is muttering Ram Naam. Ram on the other hand looks at Shiv with due reverence because Shiv and He are no different but Shiv performs duties as desired by Him or say He only performs duties as Shiv. These are certain aspects peculiar to Sanatan Dharma, rest of the religions do not look into God phenomena with such depth but here its all pure logic that demands us to look in this direction for complete resolution of doubt as to who Ram, the Supreme God of totality of truth, consciousness and bliss, is.)

Enjoy reading the original lines from Ramcharit Manas:

मैं संकर कर कहा न माना। निज अग्यानु राम पर आना।।
जाइ उतरु अब देहउँ काहा। उर उपजा अति दारुन दाहा।।
जाना राम सतीं दुखु पावा। निज प्रभाउ कछु प्रगटि जनावा।।
सतीं दीख कौतुकु मग जाता। आगें रामु सहित श्री भ्राता।।
फिरि चितवा पाछें प्रभु देखा। सहित बंधु सिय सुंदर वेषा।।
जहँ चितवहिं तहँ प्रभु आसीना। सेवहिं सिद्ध मुनीस प्रबीना।।
देखे सिव बिधि बिष्नु अनेका। अमित प्रभाउ एक तें एका।।
बंदत चरन करत प्रभु सेवा। बिबिध बेष देखे सब देवा।।
दो0-सती बिधात्री इंदिरा देखीं अमित अनूप।
जेहिं जेहिं बेष अजादि सुर तेहि तेहि तन अनुरूप।।54।।


Krishna Khandelwal


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