Ramcharit Charch LVIII

II Shree Guruvey Namah II

Jai Shri Ram,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

मैं संकर कर कहा न माना। निज अग्यानु राम पर आना।।
जाइ उतरु अब देहउँ काहा। उर उपजा अति दारुन दाहा।।
जाना राम सतीं दुखु पावा। निज प्रभाउ कछु प्रगटि जनावा।।
सतीं दीख कौतुकु मग जाता। आगें रामु सहित श्री भ्राता।।
फिरि चितवा पाछें प्रभु देखा। सहित बंधु सिय सुंदर वेषा।।
जहँ चितवहिं तहँ प्रभु आसीना। सेवहिं सिद्ध मुनीस प्रबीना।।
देखे सिव बिधि बिष्नु अनेका। अमित प्रभाउ एक तें एका।।
बंदत चरन करत प्रभु सेवा। बिबिध बेष देखे सब देवा।।
दो0-सती बिधात्री इंदिरा देखीं अमित अनूप।
जेहिं जेहिं बेष अजादि सुर तेहि तेहि तन अनुरूप।।54।।

After discussing the lines given above in the last post of mine, let’s see what Goswami Tuslidas has in store next.

Sati saw many forms of Ram, here, there and every where. Sati also saw that Ram was accompanied by whole host of gods along with their Shaktis (the female companions, representing their power).

Sati also witnessed all that has life in this world whether moving or non-moving i e the animals and plants etc of different varieties and ilks. Sati saw gods in different attires and forms, serving the very same Ram but Ram had been no different in all places and in all cases.

( The very same aspect of Ram is again referred that Ram is one while there may be many worlds and many gods.)

Sati saw many Raghupatis (Lord of Raghu dynasty i e Ram) accompanied by Sita but there seemed no different garbs on their bodies. Seeing the very same Ram,Lakshman and Sita on all the spots, Sati became greatly awed, her heart quivered and she lost power and sense in the body.

This made her sit right in the middle of pathway. Later when she, the daughter of Daksha (her father’s name also meaning an expert or wise man) opened eyes after regaining some strength and noticed that there was nothing that she was beholden earlier.

Sati thereafter bowed down at the feet of Ram in her heart time and again (naturally so because Ram is not before her eyes any more but only His impression that has stayed in her heart; we should understand that only when some thing incomprehensible happens in our lives and we get to see hand of God we develop a tendency to keep this in heart and invoke Him due to that experience in our weaker moments).

Sati now had been left with no further business and proceeded towards where Girish (Shiv, name Girish has been used because his quality of having unmoved strong heart is to be emphasized) had been waiting for her.

When Mahesh (Shiv, name Mahesh has been used to stress on the point that he is Lord of all gods) saw her coming near; he inquired in lighter vein as to how Sati was i e her welfare. Shiv further asked her to tell how did she examine what Sati had gone to examine but admonished her to be discreet and truthful in telling it (this is precursor to what is to happen to Sati due to telling a lie or at least not the whole truth).

The original lines have been reproduced below in Devnagari Script while you may have the Roman transliteration at http://www.astrojyoti.com /ramayan/ramcharitmans :

देखे जहँ तहँ रघुपति जेते। सक्तिन्ह सहित सकल सुर तेते।।
जीव चराचर जो संसारा। देखे सकल अनेक प्रकारा।।
पूजहिं प्रभुहि देव बहु बेषा। राम रूप दूसर नहिं देखा।।
अवलोके रघुपति बहुतेरे। सीता सहित न बेष घनेरे।।
सोइ रघुबर सोइ लछिमनु सीता। देखि सती अति भई सभीता।।
हृदय कंप तन सुधि कछु नाहीं। नयन मूदि बैठीं मग माहीं।।
बहुरि बिलोकेउ नयन उघारी। कछु न दीख तहँ दच्छकुमारी।।
पुनि पुनि नाइ राम पद सीसा। चलीं तहाँ जहँ रहे गिरीसा।।
दो0-गई समीप महेस तब हँसि पूछी कुसलात।
लीन्ही परीछा कवन बिधि कहहु सत्य सब बात।।55।।


Krishna Khandelwal


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