Ramcharit Charcha LIX

II Shree Guruvey Namah II

Jai Shri Ram,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

देखे जहँ तहँ रघुपति जेते। सक्तिन्ह सहित सकल सुर तेते।।
जीव चराचर जो संसारा। देखे सकल अनेक प्रकारा।।
पूजहिं प्रभुहि देव बहु बेषा। राम रूप दूसर नहिं देखा।।
अवलोके रघुपति बहुतेरे। सीता सहित न बेष घनेरे।।
सोइ रघुबर सोइ लछिमनु सीता। देखि सती अति भई सभीता।।
हृदय कंप तन सुधि कछु नाहीं। नयन मूदि बैठीं मग माहीं।।
बहुरि बिलोकेउ नयन उघारी। कछु न दीख तहँ दच्छकुमारी।।
पुनि पुनि नाइ राम पद सीसा। चलीं तहाँ जहँ रहे गिरीसा।।
दो0-गई समीप महेस तब हँसि पूछी कुसलात।
लीन्ही परीछा कवन बिधि कहहु सत्य सब बात।।55।।

The above lines were discussed last and now Goswami Tulsidas relates further that when Sati had an understanding of the exalted status of Ram, equaled by none, not even by Shiv whom Sati had known as Mahesh, the lord of all gods, Sati got very worried and feared telling Shiv the whole truth. Sati, therefore, told Shiv that she simply bowed down when encountered Ram on way like Shiv had done earlier. Besides no other attempt was made to examine Ram, Sati also told. Sati went further telling Shiv that Sati wasn’t any more in doubt and believed in word of Shiv as his words never could be wrong or false.

(Here we see that Sati has declared that she believs in word of Shiv and still does not follow his advice to tell truth about what she actually did. This meant that Sati is still nursing some doubt and hasn’t fully opened up. This is not the way to treat Guru in spiritual field.)

Shiv could sense that its not the whole truth that Sati was telling and hence looked inwards to know whatever was there to know (Shiv is competent to know what happened in past though does not claim to know what is in future because that part is more in control of Ram , the God of all universes).

Shiv discovered all that had happened since the time Sati left him and till the time she came back. He was not upset for what had happened because of his conviction that when some body keeping his company and ear to what he says, is still not getting to believe what he said, then its Ram’s will that is at work and that only has influenced Sati in the way she spoke to him about the episode.

Bowing to the will, delusive power of Ram (Ram Maya) and knowing it as fait accompli, Shiv thought of implications in his heart. The part that Sati had taken disguise as Sita made Shiv very sad and he thought that if he treats Sati with the same togetherness as earlier, he would be deviating from path of Bhakti (devotion)and it would be tantamount to establishing a wrongful precedence, a wrong practice.

Shiv is now deeply disturbed and is apparently not showing it outwardly for the sake of Sati who may not digest his reaction and decision, but Shiv had decided that though Sati is still pure in her heart, he still would have to abandon the lovely relationship he so far had with sati.

सतीं समुझि रघुबीर प्रभाऊ। भय बस सिव सन कीन्ह दुराऊ।।
कछु न परीछा लीन्हि गोसाई। कीन्ह प्रनामु तुम्हारिहि नाई।।
जो तुम्ह कहा सो मृषा न होई। मोरें मन प्रतीति अति सोई।।
तब संकर देखेउ धरि ध्याना। सतीं जो कीन्ह चरित सब जाना।।
बहुरि राममायहि सिरु नावा। प्रेरि सतिहि जेहिं झूँठ कहावा।।
हरि इच्छा भावी बलवाना। हृदयँ बिचारत संभु सुजाना।।
सतीं कीन्ह सीता कर बेषा। सिव उर भयउ बिषाद बिसेषा।।
जौं अब करउँ सती सन प्रीती। मिटइ भगति पथु होइ अनीती।।
दो0-परम पुनीत न जाइ तजि किएँ प्रेम बड़ पापु।
प्रगटि न कहत महेसु कछु हृदयँ अधिक संतापु।।56।।


Krishna Khandelwal

N.B. People think that Shiv meted out to Sati a punishment on the harsher side. But the point here is that a one who nusres profound doubts about the words of Guru (as he played that part when told about Ram) is not a right person to be told secrets in spirituality because that may spoil both worlds. Secondly, if some body dares to pose like Ram’s Maya/Shakti may create havoc any time and therefore should shunned. Thirdly, Ram had gracefully made Sati to see the extent of power Ram and therefore should have been a thrilled by the experience but in fact got fearful and worried, because she was still nursing doubt and was not fully convinced.

In Gita Krishna tell Arjuna ‘samshayatma vinashyati’ meaning that those who have doubts in word of Guru as well as fail to appreciate realm of God presented before them meet fateful annihilation. Sati would have to face such a fate, we will see it further in Ram Katha. Krishna also tells that those who set out to know God, like Sati did, and fail in their attempt, do take next birth in a household that is spiritual, well settled and respected.So, any step taken in direction of God does not go waste rather keeps the journey on as we would see in Sati’s case itself.

On worldly plain also we know that when one untruth is discovered by one of the spouses regarding the other, later the doubt never leaves mind and love that existed earlier will not have the same purity. To carry on while keeping this kind of doubt normally may complicate matter much worse hence he decided to not be normal like earlier but still this does not call for hurting the other party or to withdraw rights in the household. In Indian tradition therefore is no concept of divorce but there is a concept of keeping a relationship of distance, if required. This does not upset the social order and the rest of the members of the household do not get involved in strained relationship to a bigger extent.


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