Ramcharit Charcha LX

II Shree Guruvey Namah II

Jai Shri ram,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

सतीं समुझि रघुबीर प्रभाऊ। भय बस सिव सन कीन्ह दुराऊ।।
कछु न परीछा लीन्हि गोसाई। कीन्ह प्रनामु तुम्हारिहि नाई।।
जो तुम्ह कहा सो मृषा न होई। मोरें मन प्रतीति अति सोई।।
तब संकर देखेउ धरि ध्याना। सतीं जो कीन्ह चरित सब जाना।।
बहुरि राममायहि सिरु नावा। प्रेरि सतिहि जेहिं झूँठ कहावा।।
हरि इच्छा भावी बलवाना। हृदयँ बिचारत संभु सुजाना।।
सतीं कीन्ह सीता कर बेषा। सिव उर भयउ बिषाद बिसेषा।।
जौं अब करउँ सती सन प्रीती। मिटइ भगति पथु होइ अनीती।।
दो0-परम पुनीत न जाइ तजि किएँ प्रेम बड़ पापु।
प्रगटि न कहत महेसु कछु हृदयँ अधिक संतापु।।56।।

Earlier we noted the predicament of Shiv as per the above lines. Goswami Tulsidas relates further that Shiv bowed down head in obeisance at the feet of Ram and while his heart had been filled with thought of Ram, Shiv made resolved mentally that its now not right to be meeting Sati bodily so long as she is having the same body that was made to get into disguise as Sita. Though making this kind of determination is not an ordinary thing to do for any body, but Bhagwaan Shiv Shanker is very strongly willed person and when he had seen the right path to take after what had happened, it was very normal to take this vow without agitation. He then started moving towards his place.

Now at this precise moment there was an announcement in the skies praising Maheshwar Shiv that who else can take vow other than Shiv. Shiv is deeply in to Bhakti of Ram, Shiv has immense strength and is himself Bhagwaan by virtue of having Bhakti of this high order for Ram.

Sati could also came to know through the divine proclamations that Shiv had taken some serious vows. She therefore pressed Shiv to let her know what that vow was that was taken by Shiv, also reminding Shiv that Shiv is kindhearted,is her own lord and never ever speaks untruth being abode of truth himself.

(See how Sati who herself kept the truth from Shiv is trying to know only the truth.)

Though Sati asked the question about the vow in very many ways but Shiv, the killer of demon Tripur, refrained from saying any thing (for two reasons, one, that he couldn’t have told lies and second, that the truth would have upset Sati beyond her capacity to withstand. This is in agreement with his Deendayal character).

Sati couldn’t make out what exactly was the vow taken by Shiv but contemplated that it must have to do some thing with what she did and concealed but all knowing Shiv is not unaware of it. Sati thought too that being woman she has demonstrated to be a naturally non fit person to be truly enlightened.

(Here I may add this is her own thought, women at times find that due to lesser exposure and occasion to move about in company of elders and knowledgeable people do not possess the develop the same level of understanding. This may not be an acceptable position in today’s times but since it is her own view, we can’t say that society in earlier times was keeping such idea as a rule. Ancient India has had many woman characters who have outsmarted men in philosophical sphere. Let us take this vies in stride without dwelling too much on it.)

Please enjoy reading the original lines, under reference today, given below:

तब संकर प्रभु पद सिरु नावा। सुमिरत रामु हृदयँ अस आवा।।
एहिं तन सतिहि भेट मोहि नाहीं। सिव संकल्पु कीन्ह मन माहीं।।
अस बिचारि संकरु मतिधीरा। चले भवन सुमिरत रघुबीरा।।
चलत गगन भै गिरा सुहाई। जय महेस भलि भगति दृढ़ाई।।
अस पन तुम्ह बिनु करइ को आना। रामभगत समरथ भगवाना।।
सुनि नभगिरा सती उर सोचा। पूछा सिवहि समेत सकोचा।।
कीन्ह कवन पन कहहु कृपाला। सत्यधाम प्रभु दीनदयाला।।
जदपि सतीं पूछा बहु भाँती। तदपि न कहेउ त्रिपुर आराती।।
दो0-सतीं हृदय अनुमान किय सबु जानेउ सर्बग्य।
कीन्ह कपटु मैं संभु सन नारि सहज जड़ अग्य।।57क।।


Krishna Khandelwal


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