Ramcharit Charcha LXI

तब संकर प्रभु पद सिरु नावा। सुमिरत रामु हृदयँ अस आवा।।
एहिं तन सतिहि भेट मोहि नाहीं। सिव संकल्पु कीन्ह मन माहीं।।
अस बिचारि संकरु मतिधीरा। चले भवन सुमिरत रघुबीरा।।
चलत गगन भै गिरा सुहाई। जय महेस भलि भगति दृढ़ाई।।
अस पन तुम्ह बिनु करइ को आना। रामभगत समरथ भगवाना।।
सुनि नभगिरा सती उर सोचा। पूछा सिवहि समेत सकोचा।।
कीन्ह कवन पन कहहु कृपाला। सत्यधाम प्रभु दीनदयाला।।
जदपि सतीं पूछा बहु भाँती। तदपि न कहेउ त्रिपुर आराती।।
दो0-सतीं हृदय अनुमान किय सबु जानेउ सर्बग्य।
कीन्ह कपटु मैं संभु सन नारि सहज जड़ अग्य।।57क।।

The above lines may have been read by you again, these were discussed last time, now we go forwards and follow Goswami Tulsidas’s next impregnated words.

Sati is now repenting for what she did to bring her own ruin. She thinks that though being an ocean of mercy (and love) has been considerate to not speak ill of me openly but looking at his mood and serious disposition Sati now knows in troubled heart that Shiv has stopped considering her as an inseparable companion in life.

Since it was her own fault she can’t blame any other body for the same and is started burning like a hot plate of iron inside (‘hot plate of iron’ fits the situation because it gets heated when there is fire and doesn’t cool down even until much after the fire has extinguished, we will see the importance of these words later).

Now Shiv, after noting that Sati is too disturbed on account of her own thoughts though he hasn’t in any way turned against her but is only compelled to do what he did on account of his commitment towards Ram Bhakti, started to placate her grief by telling interesting stories which were fit to embalm her wounds. Telling such historically correct stories, Vshwanath (lord of the world) Shiv reached his abode on mount Kailash.

While on Kailash Shiv did not forget his resolution (i e Shiv didn’t get distracted in comforting atmosphere of house) and set down in Lotus Posture under banyan tree and went into deep thought where Atman is seen as what it really is without the likes and dislikes of the world and obligations of the world. This state of thoughtlessness which comes about when Atman feels unbounded by any worldly ties because then there is nothing to achieve or deliver. This state as Samadhi and the successful practitioner may hold this state for as long endlessly long time without any break.

Sati though living in Kailsh where Shiv is in Samadhi but her days are passing like Yugas, but other than herself nobody is in the know of what had happened and she is undergoing herself.

(We know very many relationships go sore in the world for one reason or the other but the understanding people, like Shiv, do not cause deliberate discomfiture while doing what they have to necessarily do.)

Please enjoy the original lines discussed above:

हृदयँ सोचु समुझत निज करनी। चिंता अमित जाइ नहि बरनी।।
कृपासिंधु सिव परम अगाधा। प्रगट न कहेउ मोर अपराधा।।
संकर रुख अवलोकि भवानी। प्रभु मोहि तजेउ हृदयँ अकुलानी।।
निज अघ समुझि न कछु कहि जाई। तपइ अवाँ इव उर अधिकाई।।
सतिहि ससोच जानि बृषकेतू। कहीं कथा सुंदर सुख हेतू।।
बरनत पंथ बिबिध इतिहासा। बिस्वनाथ पहुँचे कैलासा।।
तहँ पुनि संभु समुझि पन आपन। बैठे बट तर करि कमलासन।।
संकर सहज सरुप सम्हारा। लागि समाधि अखंड अपारा।।
दो0-सती बसहि कैलास तब अधिक सोचु मन माहिं।
मरमु न कोऊ जान कछु जुग सम दिवस सिराहिं।।58।।


Krishna Khandelwal

N.B. Shiv lives in Kailash , high mountain, where temperature is naturally low, but see when hearts burns like that of Sati, the cool outside atmosphere is no help. So its not very important we aim at living comforts only but its necessary to keep emotion in right balance for a good living style.


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