Ramcharit Charcha LXII

II Shree Guruvey Namah II

Jai Shri Ram,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

हृदयँ सोचु समुझत निज करनी। चिंता अमित जाइ नहि बरनी।।
कृपासिंधु सिव परम अगाधा। प्रगट न कहेउ मोर अपराधा।।
संकर रुख अवलोकि भवानी। प्रभु मोहि तजेउ हृदयँ अकुलानी।।
निज अघ समुझि न कछु कहि जाई। तपइ अवाँ इव उर अधिकाई।।
सतिहि ससोच जानि बृषकेतू। कहीं कथा सुंदर सुख हेतू।।
बरनत पंथ बिबिध इतिहासा। बिस्वनाथ पहुँचे कैलासा।।
तहँ पुनि संभु समुझि पन आपन। बैठे बट तर करि कमलासन।।
संकर सहज सरुप सम्हारा। लागि समाधि अखंड अपारा।।
दो0-सती बसहि कैलास तब अधिक सोचु मन माहिं।
मरमु न कोऊ जान कछु जुग सम दिवस सिराहिं।।58।।

We learnt of Sati’s agony and Shiv’s resolve as covered in lines above in the last post. Goswami Tulsidas has beautifully narrates further and let us dive in to Ram Katha Sarovar (pool).

Sati has become so troubled and restless that she conceives of many disturbing thoughts every now and then, mostly concerned with how to go past this predicament (she knows pretty well that Shiv’s resolution can not be shaken by any worldly development and so long as this is the case her coming out of this unsavory and deeply disturbing situation is not possible).

Sati thinks that her slight aimed at Ram was a grave mistake rather a grave misdeed and on top of it she failed to give the due credence to words of her own master in whom she should have had all the faith.

Sati also thinks that the her fated condition as per Vidhata’s(the creator Brahma)dispensation can not be negated nor is to be seen as some thing uncalled for.

Sati wonders why Vidhi (Brahma’s another name meaning prescribed duty or law)is unmindful of meting out the due punishment of taking away life of a person who has gone against Shankar (Shankar is supposed to be ensuring good of people).

In this manner she is speechless due to her anguished heart and therefore finding no other way out she brings memory of Ram in her heart as a wise person would do in such condition. She prays to Ram calling Him Deendayalu (who has mercy towards people in trouble and who are helpless)and master who is capable of mitigating the troubles which fact finds mention in Vedas. Thus invoking Ram in heart she beseeches Him with folded hands that her body somehow is shed and separated from Atma.

(Here Sati has been again confirmed to be wise and intelligent and knows that Atma and body are two separate things but its divine plan only that can actually see them separated. She also knows her faults and has now come to understand that going in refuge of Ram only would help her because Shiv will never help a person who has gone against Ram.)

Now Sati further addresses Ram, the omniscient, in her heart that if she has had her love and affection tied to feet of Shiv and has always had a firm resolve to keep it that way in thought,deed and manifestly, then Ram may and should make it possible for her to die early and end her unbearable woes but without much exertion and painful effort.

(Here we see that though Sati has great wisdom and understanding of the relation between Ram and Shiv and the constraints both have in helping the people who have strayed due to lack of faith but she still does not have this knowledge fully imbibed and still has an attachment to body. She thinks that body would feel pain when death approaches and taking herself to be body gets disturbed at this thought while only a while ago she asked for body to be left behind. We the mortals have this kind of mental make up that it swings between the real knowledge and delusion time and again.)

Hope you have been enjoying your journey of Ram Katha, I reproduced the original lines discussed above for your recital :

नित नव सोचु सतीं उर भारा। कब जैहउँ दुख सागर पारा।।
मैं जो कीन्ह रघुपति अपमाना। पुनिपति बचनु मृषा करि जाना।।
सो फलु मोहि बिधाताँ दीन्हा। जो कछु उचित रहा सोइ कीन्हा।।
अब बिधि अस बूझिअ नहि तोही। संकर बिमुख जिआवसि मोही।।
कहि न जाई कछु हृदय गलानी। मन महुँ रामाहि सुमिर सयानी।।
जौ प्रभु दीनदयालु कहावा। आरती हरन बेद जसु गावा।।
तौ मैं बिनय करउँ कर जोरी। छूटउ बेगि देह यह मोरी।।
जौं मोरे सिव चरन सनेहू। मन क्रम बचन सत्य ब्रतु एहू।।
दो0- तौ सबदरसी सुनिअ प्रभु करउ सो बेगि उपाइ।
होइ मरनु जेही बिनहिं श्रम दुसह बिपत्ति बिहाइ।।59।।


Krishna Khandelwal


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