Ramcharit Charcha LXIII

II Shree Guruvey Namah II

Jai Shri ram,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

सो फलु मोहि बिधाताँ दीन्हा। जो कछु उचित रहा सोइ कीन्हा।।
अब बिधि अस बूझिअ नहि तोही। संकर बिमुख जिआवसि मोही।।
कहि न जाई कछु हृदय गलानी। मन महुँ रामाहि सुमिर सयानी।।
जौ प्रभु दीनदयालु कहावा। आरती हरन बेद जसु गावा।।
तौ मैं बिनय करउँ कर जोरी। छूटउ बेगि देह यह मोरी।।
जौं मोरे सिव चरन सनेहू। मन क्रम बचन सत्य ब्रतु एहू।।
दो0- तौ सबदरसी सुनिअ प्रभु करउ सो बेगि उपाइ।
होइ मरनु जेही बिनहिं श्रम दुसह बिपत्ति

We learnt of the Sati’s continued dilemma, after Shiv’s total withdrawal from the world which left Sati deeply anguished as much as she does not now want to even keep her body i e wants to die, in the last post and as covered in above lines.

Goswami Tulsidas takes it further and we concentrate on the same. Sati, the daughter of Prajesh (Prajesh means the lord of the republic) was greatly upset by the gravest misfortune of her life i e of being ignored by her wedded companion who has also gone in to deep Samadhi. Because she herself was the cause of her present condition and for Shiv opting for going into Samadhi, she is all the more in state of dejection.

This state of affairs in her life went on for a long period, as much as 87000 (eighty seven thousand) years.Shiv Shambhu came out of Samadhi after this long period and started to mutter Ram’s name consciously again as per his practice. When Sati learnt of Shiv having woken up from Samadhi she went to him and prayed at the feet of Shiv where after Shiv offered her a seat right in front of himself.

Shiv didn’t want Sati to be troubled because of his resolve and wanted to comfort her by at least initiating some dialogue. Shiv started to tell Hari (Ram) Katha but also restricting it to pleasant parts of it only so that Sati does not get unduly disturbed. Right when this was going on Daksh (Sati’s father)became the lord of republic as a result of Brahma’s (the creator’s) assessment finding Daksh as most suitable to be made the guardian of people.

This was a great honor for Daksh (meaning of word Daksh is an expert and efficient person)and it culminated in an egoistic mood for Daksh. Tulsi says that there hasn’t been anybody so balanced in life who hasn’t become excessively drunk after finding himself in exalted position.

( We all can relate to this fact of life that power makes us overly prided and only a few if at all can maintain an equilibrium in their dealings with the rest in society. This kind of behavior also causes many wrongs done at the hands of such a person.)

As was the practice Daksh decided to go for a big Yagna (the ritual of offering herbs and grains into fire to please Gods accompanied by loud recitation of Vedic Matras). For this purpose in mind Daksh called all great Munis of his time and also sent invitation to Gods to come. The Gods are invited through a process of recitation of Mantras by Brahmins and Munis which are specific to each of the Gods.

The following lines of Tulsi have been discussed above and are reproduced for being gone through by you:

एहि बिधि दुखित प्रजेसकुमारी। अकथनीय दारुन दुखु भारी।।
बीतें संबत सहस सतासी। तजी समाधि संभु अबिनासी।।
राम नाम सिव सुमिरन लागे। जानेउ सतीं जगतपति जागे।।
जाइ संभु पद बंदनु कीन्ही। सनमुख संकर आसनु दीन्हा।।
लगे कहन हरिकथा रसाला। दच्छ प्रजेस भए तेहि काला।।
देखा बिधि बिचारि सब लायक। दच्छहि कीन्ह प्रजापति नायक।।
बड़ अधिकार दच्छ जब पावा। अति अभिमानु हृदयँ तब आवा।।
नहिं कोउ अस जनमा जग माहीं। प्रभुता पाइ जाहि मद नाहीं।।
दो0- दच्छ लिए मुनि बोलि सब करन लगे बड़ जाग।
नेवते सादर सकल सुर जे पावत मख भाग।।60।।


Krishna Khandelwal


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