Ramcharit Charcha LXV

II Shree Guruvey Namah II

Jai Shri Ram,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

किंनर नाग सिद्ध गंधर्बा। बधुन्ह समेत चले सुर सर्बा।।
बिष्नु बिरंचि महेसु बिहाई। चले सकल सुर जान बनाई।।
सतीं बिलोके ब्योम बिमाना। जात चले सुंदर बिधि नाना।।
सुर सुंदरी करहिं कल गाना। सुनत श्रवन छूटहिं मुनि ध्याना।।
पूछेउ तब सिवँ कहेउ बखानी। पिता जग्य सुनि कछु हरषानी।।
जौं महेसु मोहि आयसु देहीं। कुछ दिन जाइ रहौं मिस एहीं।।
पति परित्याग हृदय दुखु भारी। कहइ न निज अपराध बिचारी।।
बोली सती मनोहर बानी। भय संकोच प्रेम रस सानी।।
दो0-पिता भवन उत्सव परम जौं प्रभु आयसु होइ।
तौ मै जाउँ कृपायतन सादर देखन सोइ।।61।।

The above lines were discussed in last post. Sati has made an humble request to Shiv for being permitted to visit her father’s home where a big celebration was going to take place. Expressing our gratitude towards Goswami Tulsidas, we now pay attention to the beautiful narrative and take it further.

Shiv, upon listening to what Sati wanted, tells her that it was a good thought that she visits her parents’ home but says that surprisingly the invitation hasn’t come for them which is not a good thing to happen since all daughters have been invited by Daksh. Shiv tells her that may be its because of Daksh not having good relation with himself and for that matter Daksh has not cared to invite her. He recalls that what had once happened at Brahmsabha (Brahma’s court)whence Daksh felt dishonored/disgraced. Daksh may be doing this to pay back by such neglectful behavior towards them.

(The background story is that earlier on an occasion when Daksh was going to be felicitated and where Shiv also happened to be present, Shiv had been unmindful about rising up from siting position when Daksh entered the venue of ceremony while all others had risen up. This angered Daksh that although Shiv happened to be his son-in-law, he failed to rise in his honor. Though Shiv had no intention of insulting Daksh but since he often times used to go into Samadhi state it may have happened. Even otherwise Shiv has an status far higher then all Gods whom Daksh keeps in high regards, and Shiv had nothing to gain or lose by such behavior on his part and would definitely have taken care of the due social custom but for his heart being else where, forgetful of worldly ways at that precise moment in time. Daksh should have understood this very plainly but when ego possesses the mind it clouds faculty of sound judgement. This is a lesson that we all should take ourselves too.)

Shiv tries to dissuade Bhavani Sati from going because it was not going to result in any increased love for her, is out of etiquette and damaging to their own honor. Shiv confirms that it is never that one can not go to place of a friend, a master,the parents and the Guru even without an invitation but at the same time when there is some existing friction in relationship this should be avoided. Going uninvited in such a condition will only bring greater discord and misunderstanding.

( Again we learn of a very clear idea about dos and don’t in the matter of our behavior when there is some tension between very near people. If we follow this advice many undesired situations are avoidable and time then gets to work as a healer.)

Now Sati is herself a basically strong minded person, she is after all daughter of Daksh, a person of very high status in world’s view and in his own view. Sati does not agree to what Shiv said in many different ways and fails to get the subtle point made by Shiv. This is not exactly that Sati is to be blamed for, this is providential to some degree. Shiv now resigns to fate and tells straightly once again that it is not right thing to do that one goes without an invitation. Shiv’s attempts fail time and again and Sati is not ready to stay back. Here see a contradiction in Sati’s behavior who earlier tells Shiv that she would honor word of Shiv and now is almost defying. On the other hand Shiv who has interest of Sati in his heart all the while keeps his cool and tries hard enough to make Sati understand. At long last all attempts become useless with regard to a person of some specific background combined with some mental disturbance like that of Sati. Shiv now asks his main helpers to go along with Sati to ensure her safe journey and prompt help, should it be required.

We should particularly notice that Shiv has no impact on his mind for the behavior of Sati and is beyond retaliation. This kind of cool behavior and application of deep thought in all events, particularly with regard to the near and dear ones, irrespective of some events resulting in compulsions to the contrary, is what is required. There should never ever be the idea of settling score and the duty towards family and friends is required to be fulfilled at all times and wholeheartedly.

The original lines are reproduced below:

कहेहु नीक मोरेहुँ मन भावा। यह अनुचित नहिं नेवत पठावा।।
दच्छ सकल निज सुता बोलाई। हमरें बयर तुम्हउ बिसराई।।
ब्रह्मसभाँ हम सन दुखु माना। तेहि तें अजहुँ करहिं अपमाना।।
जौं बिनु बोलें जाहु भवानी। रहइ न सीलु सनेहु न कानी।।
जदपि मित्र प्रभु पितु गुर गेहा। जाइअ बिनु बोलेहुँ न सँदेहा।।
तदपि बिरोध मान जहँ कोई। तहाँ गएँ कल्यानु न होई।।
भाँति अनेक संभु समुझावा। भावी बस न ग्यानु उर आवा।।
कह प्रभु जाहु जो बिनहिं बोलाएँ। नहिं भलि बात हमारे भाएँ।।
दो0-कहि देखा हर जतन बहु रहइ न दच्छकुमारि।
दिए मुख्य गन संग तब बिदा कीन्ह त्रिपुरारि।।62।।


Krishna Khandelwal


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