Ramcharit Charcha LXVII

II Shree Guruvey Namah II

Jai Shri Ram,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

पिता भवन जब गई भवानी। दच्छ त्रास काहुँ न सनमानी।।
सादर भलेहिं मिली एक माता। भगिनीं मिलीं बहुत मुसुकाता।।
दच्छ न कछु पूछी कुसलाता। सतिहि बिलोकि जरे सब गाता।।
सतीं जाइ देखेउ तब जागा। कतहुँ न दीख संभु कर भागा।।
तब चित चढ़ेउ जो संकर कहेऊ। प्रभु अपमानु समुझि उर दहेऊ।।
पाछिल दुखु न हृदयँ अस ब्यापा। जस यह भयउ महा परितापा।।
जद्यपि जग दारुन दुख नाना। सब तें कठिन जाति अवमाना।।
समुझि सो सतिहि भयउ अति क्रोधा। बहु बिधि जननीं कीन्ह प्रबोधा।।
दो0-सिव अपमानु न जाइ सहि हृदयँ न होइ प्रबोध।
सकल सभहि हठि हटकि तब बोलीं बचन सक्रोध।।63।।

Discussing above lines in the last post we came to the point when greatly upset Sati called upon the assemblage in angered voice after noting neglect of Shiv.

Goswami Tulsidas relates that Sati addressed the people holding position in Daksh’s court and the Munis collected there and said that whoever had engaged in slighting Shiv Shanker will soon have misfortune coming their way and said that her own father will be repenting too for what he did.

Sati reminds people that where saints, Shiv Shambhu and Shripati (Vishnu,lord of Shri i e Laxmi)are reviled, the practice or the rule is such that rather than listening such disgraceful utterances one should tear off the tongue of people who are so engaged. If there is no such strength then is is wise not to stay there and to go away closing ears with both hands.

( The meaningless and unfounded criticism should not be listened with regard to subject that has to be kept unsullied from extraneous rubbish. When the elders and the Gurus have given all the knowledge upon which one has to build up his deeper understanding, it is pointless to seek any useful tips by paying heed to every kind of worthless talk. If any part of it even slightly shakes faith it is going to be a total destruction. A seeker has to be careful that way. The seekers should only engage in positive discussions with an idea of enforcing the understanding seeded by Guru.)

Sati tells them the glories of the slayer of Tripurasur, the three headed monster and lord of all gods Mahesh i e Shiv. She tells that Shiv is the very soul of the world (Jagdaatma ) and is the father of universe as also is the benefactor of all. Sati tells them that her father is weak in mind and understanding that he vilifies my lord Shiv. She now declares that since her body had come in to existence with part of Daksh as her father, she can’t keep it any more (after the undignified manner of treatment of her lord). Displeased to such an extent she wants to shed her body instantly then and there. Speaking this way and bringing images of Shiv as Chandramauli (whose forehead is decorated with crescent moon) and as Vrishketu (whose emblem is bull)in her heart she hurled forth in the fire lighted there for purpose of performance of Yagna. In other words she joined herself with fire to burn down the body, that body which had become burden to her.

( It should understood that when one has become doubtful and rides two horses, it is but necessary that he will fall. Sati was victim of this attitude, she had love and respect of Shiv and was reliant on him for everything and the for advice. She also was of the opinion that she is intelligent and was from highly respected family and knew a lot herself. This gave her idea that she should test matters herself before believing. In respect of spiritual field this is not desirable because how can one test the might of almighty, or find the age of ageless/unborn, or test the knowledge of the storehouse of all the knowledge. It is just not possible and would be possible if the object of test has limitations, which is not the case here. Secondly, it is OK to try to have the glimpses of the boundless but that should be with prior unshaken belief that Supreme God is beyond the intellect and true knowledge comes only when the intellect is cross over and vision is reinforced by the words of Guru and glimpses are enjoyed here and there to the extent fathomable. We can also see here that when one is about to die,is at the near end of living status, at that precise moment one has recollection of people or things which matter most to heart. Here Sati has heart really devoted to Shiv and therefore she recollects his images in various forms of him that she used to be seeing in her day to day living. Sati’s next birth therefore would be so arranged by God or the Maya, His helper, that she gets back to Shiv. This explains the doctrine of rebirth and the impact of the last thought which is mostly in accordance with life lived.)

This made the place of Yagna filled with noises and exclamations.

The trusted attendants who had been sent by Shiv to protect Sati, started destroying every thing there because they had not been anticipating any thing of this kind and were charged by the tragedy they saw. Since great Muni Brigu was present there, he saved the situation by extending his protection when the destruction was afoot by Shiv’s people.

The original lines discussed above are reproduced below:

सुनहु सभासद सकल मुनिंदा। कही सुनी जिन्ह संकर निंदा।।
सो फलु तुरत लहब सब काहूँ। भली भाँति पछिताब पिताहूँ।।
संत संभु श्रीपति अपबादा। सुनिअ जहाँ तहँ असि मरजादा।।
काटिअ तासु जीभ जो बसाई। श्रवन मूदि न त चलिअ पराई।।
जगदातमा महेसु पुरारी। जगत जनक सब के हितकारी।।
पिता मंदमति निंदत तेही। दच्छ सुक्र संभव यह देही।।
तजिहउँ तुरत देह तेहि हेतू। उर धरि चंद्रमौलि बृषकेतू।।
अस कहि जोग अगिनि तनु जारा। भयउ सकल मख हाहाकारा।।
दो0-सती मरनु सुनि संभु गन लगे करन मख खीस।
जग्य बिधंस बिलोकि भृगु रच्छा कीन्हि मुनीस।।64।।


Krishna Khandelwal


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