Ramcharit Charcha LXVIII

II Shree Guruvey Namah II

Jai Shri Ram,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

सुनहु सभासद सकल मुनिंदा। कही सुनी जिन्ह संकर निंदा।।
सो फलु तुरत लहब सब काहूँ। भली भाँति पछिताब पिताहूँ।।
संत संभु श्रीपति अपबादा। सुनिअ जहाँ तहँ असि मरजादा।।
काटिअ तासु जीभ जो बसाई। श्रवन मूदि न त चलिअ पराई।।
जगदातमा महेसु पुरारी। जगत जनक सब के हितकारी।।
पिता मंदमति निंदत तेही। दच्छ सुक्र संभव यह देही।।
तजिहउँ तुरत देह तेहि हेतू। उर धरि चंद्रमौलि बृषकेतू।।
अस कहि जोग अगिनि तनु जारा। भयउ सकल मख हाहाकारा।।
दो0-सती मरनु सुनि संभु गन लगे करन मख खीस।
जग्य बिधंस बिलोकि भृगु रच्छा कीन्हि मुनीस।।64।।

We learned in the last post as per lines given above that Sati hurled her self into the Yagna fire at Daskh’s place and it made the whole atmosphere very charged while Brigu Rishi came forward to save the worsening situation. We now go along forward to look at further account of happenings as narrated by Goswami Tulsidas.

When this mayhem was taking place at Daksha place, Lord Shiv got the information and being concerned for safety of Sati sent another of his more capable lieutenant Virbhdra who seeing sati’s fate there got into act of destroying the Yagna in totality and punished the gods too who were present there. Daksh met a befitting fate as would an opponent of Shiv deserves to have. Tulsi now says because this story of Shiv,Sati and Daksh is all too well known to people and hence he has not gone at length in describing the same.

Sati had been remembering Shiv at the time of death and had also prayed Shri Hari to grant her boon of having devotion and love for Shiv and total belief in what Shiv has to say. Because of her resolve she got born in the family of Himgiri ( the word also means a mountain covered with snow) as Parvati (Sati’s name in her new birth, the name itself means born of Parvat i e mountain).

(Being born in family of Himgiri, a natural characteristic is expected in Parvati which is in alignment with remaining unmoving in one’s faith as mountains do not move. Sati had been shaken in respect of her belief in Shiv’s words and that brought her many miseries, so much so that she had to sacrifice her life. This was an extreme step and she had to take it because of her wavering nature, not gathering the wisdom told by highly respectable people delivered in form of Ram Katha, too much dependence on her own logic, disbelief in words of Guru like person that was Lord Shiv, not caring for telling whole truth to some body like Shiv who also happened to be her Lord. In this life she would have none of these kinds of shortcomings and would gain all wisdom and absolute blissfulness. The cool atmosphere also has given Parbati, the new born Sati, a temperament which is cool,patient and comforting unlike that of Sati although in both births she was member of highly placed family. This says besides own leanings the Sanskars are subject to atmosphere lived in.)

Since after Parvati’s birth who also used to be called as Uma, all the riches and Siddhis were abounding in the hills, this atmosphere of serenity and welcome made many Rishis established their Ashrams in vicinity duly facilitated by the king of Himalaya.

Those hills where Uma was now wandering became home to many varieties of such trees which were always laden with fruits and flowers. Those beautiful hillocks also had store of Mani (a precious stone found on the head of certain snakes).

(Snakes are ornaments decorating body of Shiv and availability of Manis in abundance on the hills suggests that Lord Shiv is pleased to stay some where near i e kailash, his own abode.)

The original lines in discussion above, and from Tulsi’s ‘Manas’ are reproduced below:

समाचार सब संकर पाए। बीरभद्रु करि कोप पठाए।।
जग्य बिधंस जाइ तिन्ह कीन्हा। सकल सुरन्ह बिधिवत फलु दीन्हा।।
भे जगबिदित दच्छ गति सोई। जसि कछु संभु बिमुख कै होई।।
यह इतिहास सकल जग जानी। ताते मैं संछेप बखानी।।
सतीं मरत हरि सन बरु मागा। जनम जनम सिव पद अनुरागा।।
तेहि कारन हिमगिरि गृह जाई। जनमीं पारबती तनु पाई।।
जब तें उमा सैल गृह जाईं। सकल सिद्धि संपति तहँ छाई।।
जहँ तहँ मुनिन्ह सुआश्रम कीन्हे। उचित बास हिम भूधर दीन्हे।।
दो0-सदा सुमन फल सहित सब द्रुम नव नाना जाति।
प्रगटीं सुंदर सैल पर मनि आकर बहु भाँति।।65।।

Krishna Khandelwal


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