Ramcharit Charcha LXIX

II Shree Guruvey Namah II

Jai Shri Ram,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

समाचार सब संकर पाए। बीरभद्रु करि कोप पठाए।।
जग्य बिधंस जाइ तिन्ह कीन्हा। सकल सुरन्ह बिधिवत फलु दीन्हा।।
भे जगबिदित दच्छ गति सोई। जसि कछु संभु बिमुख कै होई।।
यह इतिहास सकल जग जानी। ताते मैं संछेप बखानी।।
सतीं मरत हरि सन बरु मागा। जनम जनम सिव पद अनुरागा।।
तेहि कारन हिमगिरि गृह जाई। जनमीं पारबती तनु पाई।।
जब तें उमा सैल गृह जाईं। सकल सिद्धि संपति तहँ छाई।।
जहँ तहँ मुनिन्ह सुआश्रम कीन्हे। उचित बास हिम भूधर दीन्हे।।
दो0-सदा सुमन फल सहित सब द्रुम नव नाना जाति।
प्रगटीं सुंदर सैल पर मनि आकर बहु भाँति।।65।।

We learned of Sati’s rebirth at Himlayan Hills,in home of the king of mountains where the prevailing atmosphere was very good which was also spiritually charged because of many Munis having put up their Ashrams there.

With expression of gratitude for beautiful Ram Katha, towards Goswami Tuslidas we now continue to enjoy the same.

At the hills, the rivers were now flowing with pure waters and birds, beasts and the bees were all very playfully enjoying their time as much as they became friends of each forgetting the antipathy towards each other. The hills became their coveted place . These creatures came in hoards at the hills to visit Girija (another name of Parvati meaning ‘born of mountains’). This was like people getting this kind of pleasurable mental condition when Ram Bhakti is established in their hearts. At Parvati’s home there was new kind of auspicious celebrations going on every passing day. Such times allured even Brahma who started singing praises of king of hills and of Parvati and the serenity of the environment.

When Muni Narad (an ascetic saint who was at liberty to move in all three Lokas (worlds, of gods, of humans and of demons) got to know of these pleasant times and celebratory atmosphere up on hills, he very anxiously reached the home of Himvan, the king of mountains (Narad was aware that Parvati’s was no ordinary soul, she had been consort of Shiv in earlier life, hence was particularly eager to visit there). Shailraj (king of mountain) honored him in big way and washed his feet. He then offered seat to Narad and bowed down at the feet of Muni Narad along with his wife. Since the water, with which saint’s feet are washed, is supposed to be considered holy, it was sprinkled all over around the house. The king overwhelmingly spoke of his good fortune on account of coming of Muni Narad at his place.

(It is taken as big fortune when saints visit the house of a householders and this is supposed to be bringing good luck in lives of family members, also it is customary to express gratitude when such saints have come. All actions are directed towards pleasing them because non-respectful behavior may make them unhappy and they may curse the family too, however, even their curse turns into a betterment of life but in some indirect ways.)

In the end Parvati’s father called her and placed her at the feet of Narad Muni.

Later calling Muni Narad as the one who is capable of moving where ever he wanted and who knows past,present and future of all beings, king of mountains asked the great Muni Narad to tell the fate, the strengths and weakness of his daughter Parvati after duly giving the matter serious thought in his heart.

सरिता सब पुनित जलु बहहीं। खग मृग मधुप सुखी सब रहहीं।।
सहज बयरु सब जीवन्ह त्यागा। गिरि पर सकल करहिं अनुरागा।।
सोह सैल गिरिजा गृह आएँ। जिमि जनु रामभगति के पाएँ।।
नित नूतन मंगल गृह तासू। ब्रह्मादिक गावहिं जसु जासू।।
नारद समाचार सब पाए। कौतुकहीं गिरि गेह सिधाए।।
सैलराज बड़ आदर कीन्हा। पद पखारि बर आसनु दीन्हा।।
नारि सहित मुनि पद सिरु नावा। चरन सलिल सबु भवनु सिंचावा।।
निज सौभाग्य बहुत गिरि बरना। सुता बोलि मेली मुनि चरना।।
दो0-त्रिकालग्य सर्बग्य तुम्ह गति सर्बत्र तुम्हारि।।
कहहु सुता के दोष गुन मुनिबर हृदयँ बिचारि।।66।।

Krishna Khandelwal


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