Ramcharit Charcha LXX

II Shree Guruvey Namah II

Jai Shri Ram,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

II sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

सरिता सब पुनित जलु बहहीं। खग मृग मधुप सुखी सब रहहीं।।
सहज बयरु सब जीवन्ह त्यागा। गिरि पर सकल करहिं अनुरागा।।
सोह सैल गिरिजा गृह आएँ। जिमि जनु रामभगति के पाएँ।।
नित नूतन मंगल गृह तासू। ब्रह्मादिक गावहिं जसु जासू।।
नारद समाचार सब पाए। कौतुकहीं गिरि गेह सिधाए।।
सैलराज बड़ आदर कीन्हा। पद पखारि बर आसनु दीन्हा।।
नारि सहित मुनि पद सिरु नावा। चरन सलिल सबु भवनु सिंचावा।।
निज सौभाग्य बहुत गिरि बरना। सुता बोलि मेली मुनि चरना।।
दो0-त्रिकालग्य सर्बग्य तुम्ह गति सर्बत्र तुम्हारि।।
कहहु सुता के दोष गुन मुनिबर हृदयँ बिचारि।।66।।

We learned in the last post about the arrival of great sage Narad at the home of the king of mountains father of Parvati who inquired about what was in store for Parvati (as per above given Chaupaais and Doha). With heart felt gratitude towards Goswami Tulsidas we would now savour Ram Katha as narrated in the original lines from ‘Manas’ at the end of this post.

Narad Mini tells with pleasure in a serious but sweet manner about Parvati that she is very virtuous and is having all desired qualities that a girl should have. she is charming and beautiful , she is cultured and intelligent with discretion. She may be named as Uma, Ambika (meaning ‘mother’) and Bhavani (a one who willbw married to Bhav,a name of Shiv). narad further explained that while she has all auspiciousness about her,she will be very dear to her husband.

Narad also tells her marriage going tone lasting for ever (this is reflection of the fact that Shiv is symbolically lord of faith and Parvati of Shraddha (belief) and both remain always together). The parents of Parvati will be having fame and high regard being father and mother of Parvati.

Narad explains that she will be worshipped by all in the world and through worship of Parvati nothing is difficult to achieved or begotten. Remembering her the married women will be able to successfully fulfil their duties towards their husbands which is in fact like walking on edge of sword.

(It may be gathered here that firm belief is responsible in getting success in our worldly pursuits as well in spiritual forays.Ladies have to have a firm belief in their husbands who have many places to visit out side the home, in a sense of such conviction it will be difficult to carry out duties wholeheartedly and would begin a period of turmoil and friction in their lives.)

After recounting what was pleasant to listen Narad tells some faults in the horoscope of Parvati. He tells that husband of Parvati will be without parents,will not be seen as virtuous,will not be concerned for his prestige etc,will have no great interest in worldly affairs, will not have any kind of doubts or reservations about he does,will be an ascetic, will be complex to understand,will be without any desires of his own,will be scantily clad in unlikable clothes.

(We have to appreciate that all above qualities are suitable ones for a person who is an embodiment of faith. Unless seeker is inclined that way it is difficult to keep faith, like faith can had without an inquiry or a source. Once you have faith you can keep it if you stop getting concerned with what is liked by people or what they say.It doesn’t require tone reinforced by new knowledge because it does not need a premise. One can keep progressing only if he maintains faith in action and goal.)

Read below the original lines from ‘Manas’:

कह मुनि बिहसि गूढ़ मृदु बानी। सुता तुम्हारि सकल गुन खानी।।
सुंदर सहज सुसील सयानी। नाम उमा अंबिका भवानी।।
सब लच्छन संपन्न कुमारी। होइहि संतत पियहि पिआरी।।
सदा अचल एहि कर अहिवाता। एहि तें जसु पैहहिं पितु माता।।
होइहि पूज्य सकल जग माहीं। एहि सेवत कछु दुर्लभ नाहीं।।
एहि कर नामु सुमिरि संसारा। त्रिय चढ़हहिँ पतिब्रत असिधारा।।
सैल सुलच्छन सुता तुम्हारी। सुनहु जे अब अवगुन दुइ चारी।।
अगुन अमान मातु पितु हीना। उदासीन सब संसय छीना।।
दो0-जोगी जटिल अकाम मन नगन अमंगल बेष।।
अस स्वामी एहि कहँ मिलिहि परी हस्त असि रेख।।67।।


krishna Khandelwal


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