Ramcharit Charcha LXXI

II Shree Guruvey Namah II

Jai Shri Ram,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

कह मुनि बिहसि गूढ़ मृदु बानी। सुता तुम्हारि सकल गुन खानी।।
सुंदर सहज सुसील सयानी। नाम उमा अंबिका भवानी।।
सब लच्छन संपन्न कुमारी। होइहि संतत पियहि पिआरी।।
सदा अचल एहि कर अहिवाता। एहि तें जसु पैहहिं पितु माता।।
होइहि पूज्य सकल जग माहीं। एहि सेवत कछु दुर्लभ नाहीं।।
एहि कर नामु सुमिरि संसारा। त्रिय चढ़हहिँ पतिब्रत असिधारा।।
सैल सुलच्छन सुता तुम्हारी। सुनहु जे अब अवगुन दुइ चारी।।
अगुन अमान मातु पितु हीना। उदासीन सब संसय छीना।।
दो0-जोगी जटिल अकाम मन नगन अमंगल बेष।।
अस स्वामी एहि कहँ मिलिहि परी हस्त असि रेख।।67।।

In the last post we got to know of what was in store for Parvati as told by great sage Muni Narad who happened to visit the home of king of mountains. We would now savor further the Ram Katha with a heart full of gratitude towards Goswami Tulsidas.

Everyone present there including Parvati, her playmates and her parents had every reason to believe words of the great sage Narad but the reactions were different for them which fact couldn’t be appreciated by Narad because of similar outward bodily reactions of each of them. Of them Girish (father of Uma) and Maina (mother of Uma ) became concerned and sad, listening about the description of their would be son-in-law. They had tears in eyes and had hairs ends stiffened. Similar was the bodily condition of Uma but she was thrilled to know of this (because this description resembled that of Shiv,her lord in her earlier birth and with whom she had got estranged by quirk of circumstances and had prayed Hari (the God) for enabling reunion). Uma thought that words of Narad couldn’t be untrue and hence kept this secreted in her heart. This spurred a renewed love at the lotus feet of Shiv but she became slightly suspicious because she knew the difficulties in getting back to Shiv in view of Shiv’s resolve earlier. Uma sprang up and set in lap of one of her companions as would be natural reaction of a young girl either way (listening a such bad or such good news). The friends of Uma and the parents kept pondering that the Devrshi (a name of Narad because of his high status and respect among the gods) would speak out only the truth. At last Girish asked Narad addressing him honorably if there was any solution to get out of this situation (astrologers do suggest ways and rituals that can reduced or cancel the effect of bad combination of stars and Narad was no ordinary person in regard to such knowledge).

High among the Munis i e Narad told Himvant (the owner of the mountains) that whatever is written on forehead of any one (inscribed as ones fate) by Brahma (the creator) it is never subject to change by efforts of any one including gods,demons,Nagas,humans or the Munis.

(The paradox can be noted here that king of mountains (which can’t be moved or move) is asking for change in fate due to emotional pressure which confirms that emotions may sway anybody when they takeover. Secondly, Muni Narad is accepting his own difficulty in this regard although he is held in very high regard in all three worlds. This should set at rest that fate can be changed and one should be more than willing to accept whatever is unfolded in his life. But this is also to be understood that whatever happens is caused by some previous actions,deeds and desires, so care should be taken in present to follow righteous path.)

Please enjoy singing the original lines given below (which have been discussed above):

सुनि मुनि गिरा सत्य जियँ जानी। दुख दंपतिहि उमा हरषानी।।
नारदहुँ यह भेदु न जाना। दसा एक समुझब बिलगाना।।
सकल सखीं गिरिजा गिरि मैना। पुलक सरीर भरे जल नैना।।
होइ न मृषा देवरिषि भाषा। उमा सो बचनु हृदयँ धरि राखा।।
उपजेउ सिव पद कमल सनेहू। मिलन कठिन मन भा संदेहू।।
जानि कुअवसरु प्रीति दुराई। सखी उछँग बैठी पुनि जाई।।
झूठि न होइ देवरिषि बानी। सोचहि दंपति सखीं सयानी।।
उर धरि धीर कहइ गिरिराऊ। कहहु नाथ का करिअ उपाऊ।।
दो0-कह मुनीस हिमवंत सुनु जो बिधि लिखा लिलार।
देव दनुज नर नाग मुनि कोउ न मेटनिहार।।68।।


Krishna Khandelwal


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