Ramcharit Charcha LXXII

II Shree Guruvey Namah II

Jai Shri ram,

II Sri Ram jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri ram jai Ram jai Jai Ram II

सुनि मुनि गिरा सत्य जियँ जानी। दुख दंपतिहि उमा हरषानी।।
नारदहुँ यह भेदु न जाना। दसा एक समुझब बिलगाना।।
सकल सखीं गिरिजा गिरि मैना। पुलक सरीर भरे जल नैना।।
होइ न मृषा देवरिषि भाषा। उमा सो बचनु हृदयँ धरि राखा।।
उपजेउ सिव पद कमल सनेहू। मिलन कठिन मन भा संदेहू।।
जानि कुअवसरु प्रीति दुराई। सखी उछँग बैठी पुनि जाई।।
झूठि न होइ देवरिषि बानी। सोचहि दंपति सखीं सयानी।।
उर धरि धीर कहइ गिरिराऊ। कहहु नाथ का करिअ उपाऊ।।
दो0-कह मुनीस हिमवंत सुनु जो बिधि लिखा लिलार।
देव दनुज नर नाग मुनि कोउ न मेटनिहार।।68।।

The lines were explained in the last post which left us at point of king of the mountains asking for remedial measures for finding an escape route for the perceived trouble (by father of Uma) in life of Uma and Narad expressing his inability do any thing in that regard. we will follow further story as told by great saint poet Goswami Tulsidas for which we will have to remain indebted to him.

Narad in a manner befitting a guru tells that in spite of his inability to change course of fateful event in future life of Uma, he can suggest a way, which should work fine if the lord of destiny would allow it. Narad explains that the characteristics of the husband of Uma as were described by him may well be seen in the persona of Shiv. Although the traits mentioned, Narad says, may be construed to be faults in a person but the same are considered virtues when these are worn by Shiv and if Uma is married to Shiv, she would be known to be having a husband with fine qualities only.

Narad says that although Lord Vishnu sleeps on bed of the body of a live snake called Sheshnaag but is not supposed to be keeping wrong company.

(Sheshnaag symbolizes time which is a never ending stream, its nature is similar to a snake, both can snipe fast, transfer poison in their preys but Bhagwaan Vishnu remains unruffled being master of time. Shesh means the residual balance and Naag means snake, so Sheshnaag is such that can not be measured i e is time like. It can measure any thing and will still remain, it can remain passing all the time but will still be there as balance. Since Lord Vishnu is supreme God and is infinite, therefore time is His resting place. Lord Vishnu is also the sustainer of every thing. Time on the other hand is considered to be destroyer of every thing or rather causing every thing to change. In this light Lord Vishnu is master and time is servant.)

Narad Muni also says that the sun and fire can consume any kind of fluids but can not be called bad on that account that they can drink undrinkable substances. The divine river Ganges also carries in its stream all kinds of water i e pure and impure (i e its own and of other streams flowing in to it) but is not supposed be impure or less pure on account of this.

Marad says that when the above examples of sun,fire and divine river are looked at, it may be safely concluded that those who have capacity and strength can not be faulted.

However Narad cautions that those of us who have ego centric disposition and have non-functional discretion but out of jealousy try to equal themselves with the especially capable entities and try to imbibe or follow such things that are otherwise known as prohibited traits and practices, do have to fall in hell for a Kalpa ( a unit of time cycle of four Yugas). Simply said it can not ever be that Ishwar (God) and Jeev (a being) are equal (although the premise is that an individual soul is also part of the supreme God, the totality of consciousness,knowledge and bliss).

Please have pleasure of singing verses discussed above, from the original text of Ramcharit Manas, which have been given below:

तदपि एक मैं कहउँ उपाई। होइ करै जौं दैउ सहाई।।
जस बरु मैं बरनेउँ तुम्ह पाहीं। मिलहि उमहि तस संसय नाहीं।।
जे जे बर के दोष बखाने। ते सब सिव पहि मैं अनुमाने।।
जौं बिबाहु संकर सन होई। दोषउ गुन सम कह सबु कोई।।
जौं अहि सेज सयन हरि करहीं। बुध कछु तिन्ह कर दोषु न धरहीं।।
भानु कृसानु सर्ब रस खाहीं। तिन्ह कहँ मंद कहत कोउ नाहीं।।
सुभ अरु असुभ सलिल सब बहई। सुरसरि कोउ अपुनीत न कहई।।
समरथ कहुँ नहिं दोषु गोसाई। रबि पावक सुरसरि की नाई।।
दो0-जौं अस हिसिषा करहिं नर जड़ि बिबेक अभिमान।
परहिं कलप भरि नरक महुँ जीव कि ईस समान।।69।।


Krishna Khandelwal


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