Ramcharit Charcha LXXIII

II Shree Guruvey Namah II

Jai Shri Ram,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

तदपि एक मैं कहउँ उपाई। होइ करै जौं दैउ सहाई।।
जस बरु मैं बरनेउँ तुम्ह पाहीं। मिलहि उमहि तस संसय नाहीं।।
जे जे बर के दोष बखाने। ते सब सिव पहि मैं अनुमाने।।
जौं बिबाहु संकर सन होई। दोषउ गुन सम कह सबु कोई।।
जौं अहि सेज सयन हरि करहीं। बुध कछु तिन्ह कर दोषु न धरहीं।।
भानु कृसानु सर्ब रस खाहीं। तिन्ह कहँ मंद कहत कोउ नाहीं।।
सुभ अरु असुभ सलिल सब बहई। सुरसरि कोउ अपुनीत न कहई।।
समरथ कहुँ नहिं दोषु गोसाई। रबि पावक सुरसरि की नाई।।
दो0-जौं अस हिसिषा करहिं नर जड़ि बिबेक अभिमान।
परहिं कलप भरि नरक महुँ जीव कि ईस समान।।69।।

In the last post (explaining verses above) we saw Muni Narad suggest that Bhagwaan Shiv possesses all such qualities that were earlier told by him to be essentially had by future husband of Uma, due to destiny of Uma and therefore Shiv could be just the right person for her to be married to. We would enjoy what goes on for Uma to go back to Shiv as his consort. Goswami Tulsidas has given a beautiful of account of the same in coming verses.

While it is true that the mighty and strongly placed people may not be found at fault as earlier explained but reversely if one makes wine of with pure water of Ganges even, such stuff will not still be consumable by saintly people and sages. If the same wine, an intoxicating stuff, is poured back in to the holy river it will become part of the same pure waters of the river and would be indistinguishable. Similar is the case with Isha (Shankar is known as Isha or Ishwar too) and Aneesh (which is not belonging to Isha) i e when any kind of bad habit, practice or thing gets attached with Isha it becomes a virtue but if some ordinary individual would pick it from him and practice or keep company with, it will be as bad it is otherwise.

In light of all that he told above, Narad further tells that Shambhu (Shiv) is Bhagwaan (God) in a natural way and is ablest in a natural way; its not that the greatness and superior status has been borrowed by him. Shiv is by nature extraordinary. Narad confirms that marriage of Shiv and Parvati will be resulting in general welfare of society.

Narad also says that Shiv is very difficult to be pleased with by just simple prayers but is very easily pleased by penance and by being ready to bear pain in the process. Narad tells the parents of Uma that if she can resolve to do Tapa in the manner suggested than they may understand that if none else can, Shiv may well remove the ill effects of coming events or may even eliminate it entirely.

Muni Narad is convinced that may be there are a lot many grooms out in the world but there seems none other for Uma than Shiv himself. Narad tells that Shiv may well grant desired boons, is capable of taking care of miseries of the person who seeks shelter under him; says he is ocean of mercy and spurs joys in the heart of his devotees/servants. Narad says too that any desired objective remains elusive until Shiv is prayed for it and served unreservedly; any kind of Matra chanting and Yogic exercises and like practices wouldn’t bear fruit without pleasure of Shiv.

With these words Muni Narad gave blessing and wished well of Uma,keeping awareness of Lord Hari in his heart (as he had seen the divine play at the back of it all). Ending his conversation with Girish (Uma’s father) telling him that he should shed his anxiousness and wait for the auspicious aspects turning out from then on.

(We should clearly understand that what has been told by Muni Narad about Shiv is a sort of description of Shiv’s exalted status and gives an whole account of his natural prowess which exceeds that of other gods. Since Shiv is embodiment of faith, we should be understanding that without keeping firmness with regards to ones faith no venture can ever be successful. It is of prime importance in respect of worldly pursuits as much as it is for spiritual progress to the extent of gaining full knowledge about God, the supreme power, governing over the universe and beyond. We may not know what course to take but if the purity of heart is there a Guru like person comes in life and sets course which again should be taken as the only possible course to achieve the desired goal. Such is the divine order and such is the sequence of happening; doubt is spoiler to the extent of total destruction as was seen in respect of venture of Daksh and misdemeanor of Sati.)

सुरसरि जल कृत बारुनि जाना। कबहुँ न संत करहिं तेहि पाना।।
सुरसरि मिलें सो पावन जैसें। ईस अनीसहि अंतरु तैसें।।
संभु सहज समरथ भगवाना। एहि बिबाहँ सब बिधि कल्याना।।
दुराराध्य पै अहहिं महेसू। आसुतोष पुनि किएँ कलेसू।।
जौं तपु करै कुमारि तुम्हारी। भाविउ मेटि सकहिं त्रिपुरारी।।
जद्यपि बर अनेक जग माहीं। एहि कहँ सिव तजि दूसर नाहीं।।
बर दायक प्रनतारति भंजन। कृपासिंधु सेवक मन रंजन।।
इच्छित फल बिनु सिव अवराधे। लहिअ न कोटि जोग जप साधें।।
दो0-अस कहि नारद सुमिरि हरि गिरिजहि दीन्हि असीस।
होइहि यह कल्यान अब संसय तजहु गिरीस।।70।।


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