Ramcharitcharcha LXXIV

II Shree Guruvey Namah II

Jai Shri Ram,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

सुरसरि जल कृत बारुनि जाना। कबहुँ न संत करहिं तेहि पाना।।
सुरसरि मिलें सो पावन जैसें। ईस अनीसहि अंतरु तैसें।।
संभु सहज समरथ भगवाना। एहि बिबाहँ सब बिधि कल्याना।।
दुराराध्य पै अहहिं महेसू। आसुतोष पुनि किएँ कलेसू।।
जौं तपु करै कुमारि तुम्हारी। भाविउ मेटि सकहिं त्रिपुरारी।।
जद्यपि बर अनेक जग माहीं। एहि कहँ सिव तजि दूसर नाहीं।।
बर दायक प्रनतारति भंजन। कृपासिंधु सेवक मन रंजन।।
इच्छित फल बिनु सिव अवराधे। लहिअ न कोटि जोग जप साधें।।
दो0-अस कहि नारद सुमिरि हरि गिरिजहि दीन्हि असीस।
होइहि यह कल्यान अब संसय तजहु गिरीस।।70।।

The above lines were explained in the last post when Narad Muni spoke of qualities and power of Shiv and recommended him as being the only one fit as husband of Uma.

Goswami Tulsidas tells the story further (as being told by Yagyavalkya) that Muni Narad went to abode of Brahma (Brahma,the creator, is spiritual father of Narad) after visiting place of lord of mountains. Maina (Uma’s mother) finds her husband free for a while and wants to confer with him (as mother she is constantly worried after listening to Narad). Maina tells that she could not fathom the real meaning of what Narad told, she says that its simply their duty to marry their daughter after finding some suitably worthy match belonging to a good family and of great lineage or otherwise she should better remain unmarried because they love her as much as their own lives (as not to be able to bear her plight if she is married to a person of the description given by Narad).

Maina beseeches her husband that should there be no such possibility of finding right match and they still conclude her marriage then people will say that they are dumb/non-thinking and naturally so being mountains (which are fixed and don’t move). Maina tells they should be discreet so that there is no occasion for their hearts to burn in fire of repentance. Maina then lay prostrate at the feet of Girish (Uma’s father) where upon he told her in a pleasing manner that while moon may emit fire yet what Narad has told is not going to change (Narad is speaks only what he sees and being an ascetic and a seer he doesn’t have anything other than good of people in heart besides he is not inclined to interfere in matters fixed under divine scheme. This understanding of Girish has made him not unduly perturbed like his wife Maina). Girish tell Maina to be calm by shedding all worries and remember God regularly considering that it is Him who has made Uma (for that matter all of us) and therefore will ensure welfare of all including Parvati (Uma).

(The future may have many things in store which we are not aware of, if we come to know of the same we may not understand full import of the happening at this juncture and may get unduly worried while some thing of great benefit is lined up for us. This is what is to be understood by above interactions regarding eventual happenings which later will turn out to be the best for each one concerned and for even the whole society. Hence an extraordinary interest shown by people in knowing future is futile and should rather be avoided, should better left in the hands of almighty while observing duty wholeheartedly along with readiness to bear pain in course of life should it come for a while.)

Now read the original lines below:

कहि अस ब्रह्मभवन मुनि गयऊ। आगिल चरित सुनहु जस भयऊ।।
पतिहि एकांत पाइ कह मैना। नाथ न मैं समुझे मुनि बैना।।
जौं घरु बरु कुलु होइ अनूपा। करिअ बिबाहु सुता अनुरुपा।।
न त कन्या बरु रहउ कुआरी। कंत उमा मम प्रानपिआरी।।
जौं न मिलहि बरु गिरिजहि जोगू। गिरि जड़ सहज कहिहि सबु लोगू।।
सोइ बिचारि पति करेहु बिबाहू। जेहिं न बहोरि होइ उर दाहू।।
अस कहि परि चरन धरि सीसा। बोले सहित सनेह गिरीसा।।
बरु पावक प्रगटै ससि माहीं। नारद बचनु अन्यथा नाहीं।।
दो0-प्रिया सोचु परिहरहु सबु सुमिरहु श्रीभगवान।
पारबतिहि निरमयउ जेहिं सोइ करिहि कल्यान।।71।।


Krishna Khandelwal


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