Ramcharit Charcha LXXV

II Shree Guruvey Namah II

Jai Shree Ram,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

कहि अस ब्रह्मभवन मुनि गयऊ। आगिल चरित सुनहु जस भयऊ।।
पतिहि एकांत पाइ कह मैना। नाथ न मैं समुझे मुनि बैना।।
जौं घरु बरु कुलु होइ अनूपा। करिअ बिबाहु सुता अनुरुपा।।
न त कन्या बरु रहउ कुआरी। कंत उमा मम प्रानपिआरी।।
जौं न मिलहि बरु गिरिजहि जोगू। गिरि जड़ सहज कहिहि सबु लोगू।।
सोइ बिचारि पति करेहु बिबाहू। जेहिं न बहोरि होइ उर दाहू।।
अस कहि परि चरन धरि सीसा। बोले सहित सनेह गिरीसा।।
बरु पावक प्रगटै ससि माहीं। नारद बचनु अन्यथा नाहीं।।
दो0-प्रिया सोचु परिहरहु सबु सुमिरहु श्रीभगवान।
पारबतिहि निरमयउ जेहिं सोइ करिहि कल्यान।।71।।

The last post gave us account of talk between parents of Uma concerning her destiny after Muni Narad had left, the verses under reference appear above.

Let’s pay our tribute to Goswami Tulsidas and move forward. The conversation between parents of Uma continues and father of Uma tells her mother that if she has really has special love for daughter Uma, she should be now going to her to convince her that Uma should do Tap/observe austerities to have Shiv as her husband as there is no other way to be saved from unsavory situation of not finding right match for Uma.

He also tells Maina,his wife, that what Narad had said was impregnated with real wisdom and was for their own welfare, Brushketu (whose keeps bull on his emblem, another name of Shiv) is a one with all possible virtues and is beautiful. He tells Maina that in light of what he told, she should stop having inkling about any wrong situation and should consider Shiv Shanker as one without blemish.

All these utterances of Girish placated the rising emotional imbalance and she became now cheerful. Maina promptly proceeded towards Girija (daughter of mountains i e Uma). As soon as she set sight on Uma she had tears in her eyes and pulled Uma on to her lap with affection. She started to embrace her time and again; her throat choked with emotion and voice failed to say what she wanted to say.

(We all know that mother’s have such reactions as Maina had when they have relief from greatly stressful situations. Wew also know that mothers are more competent at making daughters understand situations and fathers leave this mostly for mothers though they may not love any less)

Bhavani Uma ( known as mother of universe and knowing every thing) on the other hand was perfectly calm and composed and started speaking to her mother in pleasing tone, ‘mother,I have seen a beautiful dream wherein a handsome, fair complexioned gentlemanly Brahmin has exhorted me do some thing’.

(Brahmins are supposed to be fairer in complexion and usually with good personalities, they are fairer because Brahmins mostly study and avoid doing burdensome labor.)

Verses under discussion from ‘Manas’ which have been given below:
अब जौ तुम्हहि सुता पर नेहू। तौ अस जाइ सिखावन देहू।।
करै सो तपु जेहिं मिलहिं महेसू। आन उपायँ न मिटहि कलेसू।।
नारद बचन सगर्भ सहेतू। सुंदर सब गुन निधि बृषकेतू।।
अस बिचारि तुम्ह तजहु असंका। सबहि भाँति संकरु अकलंका।।
सुनि पति बचन हरषि मन माहीं। गई तुरत उठि गिरिजा पाहीं।।
उमहि बिलोकि नयन भरे बारी। सहित सनेह गोद बैठारी।।
बारहिं बार लेति उर लाई। गदगद कंठ न कछु कहि जाई।।
जगत मातु सर्बग्य भवानी। मातु सुखद बोलीं मृदु बानी।।
दो0-सुनहि मातु मैं दीख अस सपन सुनावउँ तोहि।
सुंदर गौर सुबिप्रबर अस उपदेसेउ मोहि II72II


Krishna Khandelwal


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