Ramcharit Charcha LXXVI

II Shree Guruvey Namah II

Jai Shri Ram,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai ram II
II Sri Ram jai Ram Jai jai Ram II

अब जौ तुम्हहि सुता पर नेहू। तौ अस जाइ सिखावन देहू।।
करै सो तपु जेहिं मिलहिं महेसू। आन उपायँ न मिटहि कलेसू।।
नारद बचन सगर्भ सहेतू। सुंदर सब गुन निधि बृषकेतू।।
अस बिचारि तुम्ह तजहु असंका। सबहि भाँति संकरु अकलंका।।
सुनि पति बचन हरषि मन माहीं। गई तुरत उठि गिरिजा पाहीं।।
उमहि बिलोकि नयन भरे बारी। सहित सनेह गोद बैठारी।।
बारहिं बार लेति उर लाई। गदगद कंठ न कछु कहि जाई।।
जगत मातु सर्बग्य भवानी। मातु सुखद बोलीं मृदु बानी।।
दो0-सुनहि मातु मैं दीख अस सपन सुनावउँ तोहि।
सुंदर गौर सुबिप्रबर अस उपदेसेउ मोहि।।72।।

Jagat Matu (mother of universe) who knows all in the world and daughter of hills, such Bhavani (Uma) told her mother about her dream that she has been advised by a Vipra (meaning some leaned and thorough person) and we leaned of this in the last post (per verses above).* We would know ahead how she went about observing austerities, which has been nicely told by Goswami Tulsidas in ‘Manas’.

Uma, the daughter of hills, further relates her dream about the saintly advice which suggested her to engage in Tapa and that Narad’s reading of her horoscope was perfect. Uma tells mother that her father already approves of this and knows that the strength of Tap lies in fact that it is giver of satisfaction, and it destroys faults and troubles. Vidhata (Brahma) is able to create on strength of Tapa, Vishnu sustains the world on strength of Tap and Shambhu (Shiv) gets power to destroy due to strength of doing Tapa as also Shesh bears the weight of mass of stars on its had due to the strength that comes from doing Tapa. In short it may well be said that all creation is result of one or the other remaining engaged in Tapa. Uma should do Tapa on account of this profound understanding that nothing is achievable without Tapa.

All these pronouncements by Uma made her mother astonished and perplexed and she called her husband to convey him what had transpired between her and her daughter. Thereafter Uma pleaded with her parents in various ways and convinced them. Uma then happily went for doing Tap to an appropriate place, leaving behind her loving parents and rest of her family who felt agitated and unable to speak out.

Immediately after this happened, Vedshira Muni (a Muni well versed in Vedas is the word meaning of the name) arrived there and explained to all of them the real glory of Parvati who felt restful after these revelations from Muni Vdshira.

Reproduced below are the original lines from “Manas’of Tulsi:

करहि जाइ तपु सैलकुमारी। नारद कहा सो सत्य बिचारी।।
मातु पितहि पुनि यह मत भावा। तपु सुखप्रद दुख दोष नसावा।।
तपबल रचइ प्रपंच बिधाता। तपबल बिष्नु सकल जग त्राता।।
तपबल संभु करहिं संघारा। तपबल सेषु धरइ महिभारा।।
तप अधार सब सृष्टि भवानी। करहि जाइ तपु अस जियँ जानी।।
सुनत बचन बिसमित महतारी। सपन सुनायउ गिरिहि हँकारी।।
मातु पितुहि बहुबिधि समुझाई। चलीं उमा तप हित हरषाई।।
प्रिय परिवार पिता अरु माता। भए बिकल मुख आव न बाता।।
दो0-बेदसिरा मुनि आइ तब सबहि कहा समुझाइ।।
पारबती महिमा सुनत रहे प्रबोधहि पाइ।।73।।


Krishna Khandelwal

*(I wish to give you details which will dispel the doubt as to why Uma may have been called as Jagat Matu, as Sarvagya (who knows all) and as Bhavani (Uma). We know that as Sati Uma wasn’t able to come up to the high spiritual status befitting to be consort of Shiv and therefore had prayed Hari (the God) for making it possible that she reunites with Shiv. Granting her this wish, God gave Uma such spiritual powers that make her worthy of being mother of universe and gave capacity to hold knowledge of the world that would make it possible for her to become one with Shiv,never ever be separated again and therefore become Bhavani (Bhav is a name of Shiv which means state of being, state of being is not possible if there is absolute absence of ego and Shiv is supposed to be Samshti Ahamkar.) Sammshti Ahamkar is sum total of all egos in the world. It is at purest level of being and is never in conflict with a second unlike in case of individual egos of worldly people like us.)


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