Ramcharit Charcha LXXVII

II Shree Guruvey Namah II

Jai Shri Ram,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

करहि जाइ तपु सैलकुमारी। नारद कहा सो सत्य बिचारी।।
मातु पितहि पुनि यह मत भावा। तपु सुखप्रद दुख दोष नसावा।।
तपबल रचइ प्रपंच बिधाता। तपबल बिष्नु सकल जग त्राता।।
तपबल संभु करहिं संघारा। तपबल सेषु धरइ महिभारा।।
तप अधार सब सृष्टि भवानी। करहि जाइ तपु अस जियँ जानी।।
सुनत बचन बिसमित महतारी। सपन सुनायउ गिरिहि हँकारी।।
मातु पितुहि बहुबिधि समुझाई। चलीं उमा तप हित हरषाई।।
प्रिय परिवार पिता अरु माता। भए बिकल मुख आव न बाता।।
दो0-बेदसिरा मुनि आइ तब सबहि कहा समुझाइ।।
पारबती महिमा सुनत रहे प्रबोधहि पाइ।।73।।

In the last post (per above lines) we learned about importance of Tapa in life and how Uma is now ready for it. Goswami Tulsidas has very interesting things to tell further before Uma is married to Shiv, let us have our full attention devoted and express our gratitude.

Keeping her attention fixed at the feet of winner of her heart Shiv, Uma went in to woods for doing Tapa. Uma had only a frail body which was not supposed to be fit for difficult Tapa but still she forsake all other enjoyment and only had memory of Shiv as her husband. Uma had refreshed affection placed at feet of Shiv which kept increasing every passing day. This way Uma lost her body centric sense and got fully engaged in doing Tapa investing her mental energies fully in to it.

The extent of austerities extended as far as that Uma had just roots and fruits for as long as one thousand years, then spent a hundred years eating only vegetables followed by just water and air for food which later turned in to going without everything keeping just the nearness for Shiv through constant contemplation on him.

Her Tapa progressed in to eating dried Bel Patras (leaves of Bel Tree which is Shiv’s first choice) which fell on earth, for three thousand years. It culminated in not eating even those dried leaves which got her the name ‘Aparna’ meaning one going without even leaves. This level of austere living made Uma’s body very thin (here we should see that in this life body has lost all importance for her and spiritual strength has risen up which in a way is like correcting the imbalance in earlier birth of Uma as Sati when she was daughter of worldly wise Daksh and in this birth is daughter of lord of mountains i e much more stable and strong in position/resolve like a mountain is). At this point deep resounding voice of Brahma resonated through the skies : ‘Girija Kumari (‘kumari’ is to state yet an unmarried status of Uma while she has now deserved to get Shiv as partner for life) your desired goal is near, your efforts have born fruit, its time now that you stop keeping body under unbearable stress and starvation and you shall have company of Tripurari (a name of Shiv because he had killed three headed demon of lust, anger and greed)’.

The original lines of verse under reference above have been reproduced for you to enjoy by singing:

उर धरि उमा प्रानपति चरना। जाइ बिपिन लागीं तपु करना।।
अति सुकुमार न तनु तप जोगू। पति पद सुमिरि तजेउ सबु भोगू।।
नित नव चरन उपज अनुरागा। बिसरी देह तपहिं मनु लागा।।
संबत सहस मूल फल खाए। सागु खाइ सत बरष गवाँए।।
कछु दिन भोजनु बारि बतासा। किए कठिन कछु दिन उपबासा।।
बेल पाती महि परइ सुखाई। तीनि सहस संबत सोई खाई।।
पुनि परिहरे सुखानेउ परना। उमहि नाम तब भयउ अपरना।।
देखि उमहि तप खीन सरीरा। ब्रह्मगिरा भै गगन गभीरा।।
दो0-भयउ मनोरथ सुफल तव सुनु गिरिजाकुमारि।
परिहरु दुसह कलेस सब अब मिलिहहिं त्रिपुरारि।।74।।


Krishna Khandelwal


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