Ramcharit Charcha LXXXII

II Shree Guruvey Namah II

Jai Shri Ram,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

रिषिन्ह गौरि देखी तहँ कैसी। मूरतिमंत तपस्या जैसी।।
बोले मुनि सुनु सैलकुमारी। करहु कवन कारन तपु भारी।।
केहि अवराधहु का तुम्ह चहहू। हम सन सत्य मरमु किन कहहू।।
कहत बचत मनु अति सकुचाई। हँसिहहु सुनि हमारि जड़ताई।।
मनु हठ परा न सुनइ सिखावा। चहत बारि पर भीति उठावा।।
नारद कहा सत्य सोइ जाना। बिनु पंखन्ह हम चहहिं उड़ाना।।
देखहु मुनि अबिबेकु हमारा। चाहिअ सदा सिवहि भरतारा।।
दो0-सुनत बचन बिहसे रिषय गिरिसंभव तब देह।
नारद कर उपदेसु सुनि कहहु बसेउ किसु गेह।।78।।

The Sapt Rishis arrived on the scene and began testing the firmness of Uma’s resolve to be with Shiv, we learned of this in the last post (per above verses of Bal Kand in ‘manas’). Doing Pranaam at feet of Goswami Tulsidas, we shall now journey further in to Ram Katha.

The Sapt Rishis keep telling Uma about Narad that Narad had once preached sons of Daksha who then left home and never came back, similarly Chitraketu (a king in old times) got his home ruined by Narad and another one i e Kanak-kaship (more popularly known as Hiranyakaship whose son Prahlaad was made to pursue spiritual path against the desire of father, the father later on met with death at the hands of God) had similar experience.

The Sapt Rishis said that who ever heeded advice of Narad become mendicants leaving homes. They say that though dressed up as and bearing marks that reflect him as some good person, Narad has a crooked/tricky mind and wants to make all like he himself is (i e a Sadhu, a recluse). Believing words of such a one, they say, she wants a husband who by nature has no interest in world (women normally want a husband who can provide all that is required for decent living, that’s why Sapt Rishis so discourage her).

The Sapt Rishis now start describing Shiv that he is without attributes, has no shame, keeps badly dressed and wears a string of skulls round his neck. They also say that Shiv is without a lineage, is homeless, scantily clad or naked and plays with snakes. They further tell Uma that who on earth would expect comforts in life from such a husband and that she has fallen prey to a deceitful advice of a pretender.

Not stopping, they add that Shiv had married Sati on the advice of group of elders whom he then abandoned making her embracing death. They say that Shiv now enjoys sleep without a care in the world and lives on alms. They wonder that how a woman can adjust with a loner and ask her to also think it over.

(We see that Uma is being discouraged by seven men of high reputation, they tell account of her past history which she remembers and describe Shiv as she knows him to be. Before it they struck at the reputation of Narad. But what they conclude should be enough for a person of wavering mind to be shaken but that would not be the case. The interesting part is description of Shiv, each quality is despicable but in fact has made him loved by all. These may seem to be absurdities but have become virtues merging with Shiv’s persona. When this matter is given deep thought considering that Shiv is known to be embodiment of Vishwas (trust,faith), one can appreciate that these traits are justifiable in Shiv. For the sake of brevity we won’t discuss in greater detail just now but slowly the reflection on it will be done as the Ram Katha progresses.)

Please have the pleasure of reading the original verses that have been discussed above:

दच्छसुतन्ह उपदेसेन्हि जाई। तिन्ह फिरि भवनु न देखा आई।।
चित्रकेतु कर घरु उन घाला। कनककसिपु कर पुनि अस हाला।।
नारद सिख जे सुनहिं नर नारी। अवसि होहिं तजि भवनु भिखारी।।
मन कपटी तन सज्जन चीन्हा। आपु सरिस सबही चह कीन्हा।।
तेहि कें बचन मानि बिस्वासा। तुम्ह चाहहु पति सहज उदासा।।
निर्गुन निलज कुबेष कपाली। अकुल अगेह दिगंबर ब्याली।।
कहहु कवन सुखु अस बरु पाएँ। भल भूलिहु ठग के बौराएँ।।
पंच कहें सिवँ सती बिबाही। पुनि अवडेरि मराएन्हि ताही।।
दो0-अब सुख सोवत सोचु नहि भीख मागि भव खाहिं।
सहज एकाकिन्ह के भवन कबहुँ कि नारि खटाहिं।।79।।


Krishna Khandelwal


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