Ramcharit Charcha LXXXIV

II Shree Guruvey Namah II

Jai Shri Ram,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

अजहूँ मानहु कहा हमारा। हम तुम्ह कहुँ बरु नीक बिचारा।।
अति सुंदर सुचि सुखद सुसीला। गावहिं बेद जासु जस लीला।।
दूषन रहित सकल गुन रासी। श्रीपति पुर बैकुंठ निवासी।।
अस बरु तुम्हहि मिलाउब आनी। सुनत बिहसि कह बचन भवानी।।
सत्य कहेहु गिरिभव तनु एहा। हठ न छूट छूटै बरु देहा।।
कनकउ पुनि पषान तें होई। जारेहुँ सहजु न परिहर सोई।।
नारद बचन न मैं परिहरऊँ। बसउ भवनु उजरउ नहिं डरऊँ।।
गुर कें बचन प्रतीति न जेही। सपनेहुँ सुगम न सुख सिधि तेही।।
दो0-महादेव अवगुन भवन बिष्नु सकल गुन धाम।
जेहि कर मनु रम जाहि सन तेहि तेही सन काम।।80।।

The above verses were covered in the last post and we learned about the firmness of resolve of Uma who explained in no uncertain terms to Sapt Rishis about it. Let’s offer our Pranaams to Goswami Tulsidas and further enjoy Ram Katha as told by him.

Parvati continues and tells reverend Rishis that before she got initiated (by Narad) their was a chance that she could respectfully give a cool thought to what they had to say but in present state of existence she has surrendered herself for sake of Shiv and there remains no question of considering merits and demerits.

Parvati tells Rishis that if they are so badly bent upon finding matches for marriageable people just for there own amusement then those interested in such games do not mind making effort; there are umpteen unmarried girls and boys out in the world who they might serve. She once again commits herself that even in innumerable births running beyond millions in number, her sole purpose will remain that she gets wedded to lord Shambhu or remain virgin. The disregard for Narad’s admonition to her will never be done by her even if Mahesh (Shiv, meaning of Mahesh is highest among gods)prompts her to do it time and again.

Jagadamba (Parvati, Jagadamba means mother of world) now shows them that she is fed up discussing this subject by bowing down at their feet and requesting them to leave for home immediately considering the lapse of time which has delayed them already.

Seeing this kind of love of Parvati for Shiv, the enlightened Munis told Parvati addressing and hailing her as the mother of world (Jagdambika) and Bhavani ( consort of Bhav i e Shiv).

Declaring what was known to them already that Bhav and Bhavani are in fact father and mother of the whole world, Uma is Maya (the power of Bhagwan Shiv which acts on his behalf while as Bhagwan Shiv may remain without acting. We know that its mother who conceives, delivers, nourishes and brings up while father remains in background and is provider of seed. Here too we see that mother is making big effort to unite with Shiv who has had to be cajoled by Ram). The Munis pay respects at the feet of Uma now recognized as mother and move away enthralled.

Enjoy singing the verses discussed above which are reproduced below in original from ‘Manas’:

जौं तुम्ह मिलतेहु प्रथम मुनीसा। सुनतिउँ सिख तुम्हारि धरि सीसा।।
अब मैं जन्मु संभु हित हारा। को गुन दूषन करै बिचारा।।
जौं तुम्हरे हठ हृदयँ बिसेषी। रहि न जाइ बिनु किएँ बरेषी।।
तौ कौतुकिअन्ह आलसु नाहीं। बर कन्या अनेक जग माहीं।।
जन्म कोटि लगि रगर हमारी। बरउँ संभु न त रहउँ कुआरी।।
तजउँ न नारद कर उपदेसू। आपु कहहि सत बार महेसू।।
मैं पा परउँ कहइ जगदंबा। तुम्ह गृह गवनहु भयउ बिलंबा।।
देखि प्रेमु बोले मुनि ग्यानी। जय जय जगदंबिके भवानी।।
दो0-तुम्ह माया भगवान सिव सकल जगत पितु मातु।
नाइ चरन सिर मुनि चले पुनि पुनि हरषत गातु।।81।।


Krishna Khandelwal


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