Ramcharit Charcha LXXXV

II Shree Guruvey Namah II

Jai Shri Ram,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

जौं तुम्ह मिलतेहु प्रथम मुनीसा। सुनतिउँ सिख तुम्हारि धरि सीसा।।
अब मैं जन्मु संभु हित हारा। को गुन दूषन करै बिचारा।।
जौं तुम्हरे हठ हृदयँ बिसेषी। रहि न जाइ बिनु किएँ बरेषी।।
तौ कौतुकिअन्ह आलसु नाहीं। बर कन्या अनेक जग माहीं।।
जन्म कोटि लगि रगर हमारी। बरउँ संभु न त रहउँ कुआरी।।
तजउँ न नारद कर उपदेसू। आपु कहहि सत बार महेसू।।
मैं पा परउँ कहइ जगदंबा। तुम्ह गृह गवनहु भयउ बिलंबा।।
देखि प्रेमु बोले मुनि ग्यानी। जय जय जगदंबिके भवानी।।
दो0-तुम्ह माया भगवान सिव सकल जगत पितु मातु।
नाइ चरन सिर मुनि चले पुनि पुनि हरषत गातु।।81।।

In the last post we saw that seven seers left after a long talk with Uma and she left no room for any kind of doubt with regard to her resolve to be one with Shiv. Thanking Goswami Tulsidas, we would enjoy Ram Katha as told by him in beautiful verses impregnated with all round wisdom.

The Munis then went to Himwaan (Parvati’s father) and pursued him to bring Girija (Parvati, the daughter of mountains)home. Himwaan succeeded in bringing Parvati home after due assurances and pleadings. The Sapt Rishis then went to Shiv and fully gave the detailed account of what transpired between them and Uma. Shiv listened with rapt attention to what Rishis said about the extent of love and unreserved devotion of Uma towards him and him alone. The Sapt Rishis then went to their own place of living rejoicing in thought about the whole episode (since they now saw the possibility of divine union of Uma with Shiv which they knew would portend to be for the good of all, the combination of belief and trust is always desirable and is auspicious, they are complimentary to each other).

On the other hand all-knowledgeable Shiv Shambhu, who had become thrilled after receiving message of Munis, calmed his mind and heart and went in to state of Dhyana by remembering the lord of Raghus (Ram).

At around the same time when developments given above took place, a demon know by name of Tarak grew in bodily strength and influence which glorified him greatly. Tarak went on winning spree viz a viz people and their heads/commanders. This made the gods without any riches and comforts/quietude. This Tarak had become unconquerable who defied death and stopped aging. Against such a demonic force, the gods fought only losing battles.

Forced by such plight of theirs’ and crying, the gods went to Viranchi (Brahma,the creator,word meaning of Viranchi is one who creates). Vidhi (Brahma, Vidhi means the laws and the law maker i e at whose command are fates of people and phenomena of physical existence) saw the gods being in great trouble (the cycle of keeping the world’s order was disturbed by demon Tarak and the gods who were empowered by Brahma to guide and control the natural forces had become helpless).

Looking into prevalent crisis and concentrating on finding a solution, Brahma told gods that this demon would only be killed by son of Shiv. Brahma saw the possibility of defeat of the menacing demon only when Shiv is pleased to father a child, the child who would be strong enough to defeat such formidable demonic power.

(This tells us that the efforts born out of complete faith and firm belief only become successful, the doubts which make the missions fail can only be killed by such an attitude. The mind so completely confident can only have a one pointed attention which organizes the faculties into fighting against enemy and pushes one forward into winning arena. This is true for the success in material as well in spiritual sphere of existence.)

Now you would do well to sing the verses that were subject of discussion above and are reproduced from the ‘Manas’ in original:

जाइ मुनिन्ह हिमवंतु पठाए। करि बिनती गिरजहिं गृह ल्याए।।
बहुरि सप्तरिषि सिव पहिं जाई। कथा उमा कै सकल सुनाई।।
भए मगन सिव सुनत सनेहा। हरषि सप्तरिषि गवने गेहा।।
मनु थिर करि तब संभु सुजाना। लगे करन रघुनायक ध्याना।।
तारकु असुर भयउ तेहि काला। भुज प्रताप बल तेज बिसाला।।
तेंहि सब लोक लोकपति जीते। भए देव सुख संपति रीते।।
अजर अमर सो जीति न जाई। हारे सुर करि बिबिध लराई।।
तब बिरंचि सन जाइ पुकारे। देखे बिधि सब देव दुखारे।।
दो0-सब सन कहा बुझाइ बिधि दनुज निधन तब होइ।
संभु सुक्र संभूत सुत एहि जीतइ रन सोइ।।82।।


Krishna Khandelwal


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