Ramcharit Charcha LXXXVI

II Shree Guruvey Namah II

Jai Shri Ram,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

जाइ मुनिन्ह हिमवंतु पठाए। करि बिनती गिरजहिं गृह ल्याए।।
बहुरि सप्तरिषि सिव पहिं जाई। कथा उमा कै सकल सुनाई।।
भए मगन सिव सुनत सनेहा। हरषि सप्तरिषि गवने गेहा।।
मनु थिर करि तब संभु सुजाना। लगे करन रघुनायक ध्याना।।
तारकु असुर भयउ तेहि काला। भुज प्रताप बल तेज बिसाला।।
तेंहि सब लोक लोकपति जीते। भए देव सुख संपति रीते।।
अजर अमर सो जीति न जाई। हारे सुर करि बिबिध लराई।।
तब बिरंचि सन जाइ पुकारे। देखे बिधि सब देव दुखारे।।
दो0-सब सन कहा बुझाइ बिधि दनुज निधन तब होइ।
संभु सुक्र संभूत सुत एहि जीतइ रन सोइ।।82।।

The above verses were in reference in he last post where in we learned of Shiv getting into meditating mode by fixing mind on thought of Ram and Brahma declaring that Tarak, the demon, would only be killed by son of Shiv. Paying our respects to Goswami Tulsidas let us move forward enjoying Ram Katha.

Brahma continued and asked gods to pay attention to what he had to say about the possible way (of bringing Shiv back from his meditating state which is hard to break) that may work but only if Ishwar (the highest among gods)is agreeable. Brahma reminded of the story of Sati who had let her body be consumed by the fire of Yagna being performed by Daksha. Brahma tells that the same Sati has been reborn in the family of Himachal (as Uma) and has been through the course of Tapa that she undertook for getting Shiv back as her master and partner for life. Brahma speaks of the impasse because Shiv has gone into Samadhi (deep state of meditation) rising above all worldly thoughts and practices.

Brahma comes up with an idea and tells gods that if they could send one of the gods i e Kaamdev (god of love, god of desires) to go to Shiv who should then be trying to stir the peace of his silent and thoughtless mind. When Kaamdev succeeds, Brahma says, we would all go and bow down our heads before him and press him for the marriage and that will help us achieve our goals and serve our purpose. The idea is excellent, everyone of the gods agreed and prayed Kaamdev for this extremely necessary help required of him, Kaamdev (the cupid), the one who is armed with five odd arrows and who has fish as his emblem, appeared before them. The gods told Kaamdev about their problem who carefully listened and knew that confronting Shiv wouldn’t be in interest of his own safely and welfare and smilingly gave expression to what he thought.

(Kaamdev, the cupid, is supposed to be armed with five arrows made of flowers of different hues, he is capable to strike stealthily on five senses ( of smell, of sight, of hearing, of tasting and of touch and that way agitate the living beings. There are specific gods that control these senses but Kaamdev has special effect on them all to stir up host of desires complementary to each other which capture mind so much so that commonsense also gets missing. Lord Shiv is head of all gods and is beyond the realm of desires and he can’t be afflicted by working of the senses. Kaamdev knows this and knows also that any such attempts are bound to invite ire of Lord Shiv. The gods believe that Shiv as the master of gods would do what is required for the salvation of the situation that gods find themselves in due to Tarak, the demon, upsetting the order in the world.)

Sing the original verses from ‘Manas’ given below which are in reference above:

मोर कहा सुनि करहु उपाई। होइहि ईस्वर करिहि सहाई।।
सतीं जो तजी दच्छ मख देहा। जनमी जाइ हिमाचल गेहा।।
तेहिं तपु कीन्ह संभु पति लागी। सिव समाधि बैठे सबु त्यागी।।
जदपि अहइ असमंजस भारी। तदपि बात एक सुनहु हमारी।।
पठवहु कामु जाइ सिव पाहीं। करै छोभु संकर मन माहीं।।
तब हम जाइ सिवहि सिर नाई। करवाउब बिबाहु बरिआई।।
एहि बिधि भलेहि देवहित होई। मर अति नीक कहइ सबु कोई।।
अस्तुति सुरन्ह कीन्हि अति हेतू। प्रगटेउ बिषमबान झषकेतू।।
दो0-सुरन्ह कहीं निज बिपति सब सुनि मन कीन्ह बिचार।
संभु बिरोध न कुसल मोहि बिहसि कहेउ अस मार।।83।।


Krishna Khandelwal


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