Ramcharit Charxha XC

II Shree Guruvey Namah II

Jai Sri Ram,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

Kaamdev failed in his attempt to make Shiv come out of his Samadhi though Kaamdev created an atmosphere which was conducive for any one to be in inclined for indulging in lustful activities. This made Kaamdev discouraged and angry. The last post covered upto the Doha 86 of Balkand in Goswami Tulsidas’s Ramcharit Manas. Paying regards to Tulsidasji, we go further enjoying Ram Katha.

Finding a beautiful mango tree, Kaamdev climed up on it and placed him self on one suitable branch, he was desperate now and wanted to use rest of the means at his command. He used his bow of flowers, placed his five arrows on it, drew it’s string upto his ear and released it to send arrows striking at the breast of Shiv and Shiv then had to come back from his Samadhi state (the five arrows represent the power to rouse five senses and striking them at heart means that the attemt is to make the heart rule rather then the mind of the target under influence of passionate emotions).

So far Shiv was not concerned, rather had not even taken notice of the atmospheric change that presense of Kaamdev had brought about and even the special effects imparted with help of other gods had gone unnoticed by Shiv but this direct strike did sway him as a person in Samadhi is not unconscious or is unaware of the happenings but rather let’s matters be, however, when it is clear that someone is trying to wake him up then he decides to come out of Samadhi to assess what the matter is. Meditating does not mean to go unconscious or sleep hence Shiv came out of Samadhi becoming alive to situation there. Shiv felt disturbed as he couldn’t appreciate immediately what could possibly have happened and looked around to find reason and source. Shiv then noticed Kaamdev behind the leaves and flowerings of mango tree and he could make out as to who had been playing mischief and he got angered to the extent that all the three worlds started shaking. Shiv then opened his third eye, the mere glance of his through the third eye burned Kaamdev and converted him in to ashes.

(Through third eye Shiv can look right behind the motives of even gods, when he saw that Kaamdev had design of making him adopt lower state of being just using his parafernalia, Shiv found it a foolish attempt as he being the highest among the gods was not supposed to be treated in such childish way. If Kaamdev or the gods wanted any thing done by him for them, they could have and should have resorted to prayer and should have waited till he took notice of their wishes. If Kaamdev lost his existance, it was natural as Shiv is not subject to having desires and passions and the effort maker would naturally vanish, not for any enimosity on part of Shiv but as a matter of order of nature and grand design.)

However, the world’s affairs are prompted by the mechanism of desires taking shape and passion inducing for action, on account of the absense of the gods of it all, there was a big hue and cry, the gods became alarmed as they supposed themselves to be immortals and here they found one of them disappearing under wrath of Shiv. On the other hand the enemies of gods, the demons felt delighted seeing the fate of one of the gods (unmindful that they too would have to be immobilised in absense of realm of desires and enjoyment through senses etc, the demons can not visualise the reality and that’s why they meet trouble at the end inspite of having capacity to become as powerful as the gods themselves, even more than them).

This even made those interested in voluptuous pleasures through senses very sad while those who were practicing Yoga (union with God) felt relieved as if an impediment like thorns in the walkway had been removed.

Besides the natural impact after vanishing of Kaamdev, his wife Rati fainted learning of the fate of her her husband. Regaining strength Rati approached Shiv Shanker crying and wailing, very tormented and pitiable she pleaded with Shiv, showing her affection for the Shiv and with folded hands she stood before him (Rati had known Shiv as one who can only do good to people and knew also his powers and merciful attitude. She therefore did not perceive the event as an act of revenge but as play of forces govering the universe. The word meaning of Shiv is Kalyan i e permanent good/welfare). Lord Shiv, displaying his nature of being pleased easily and of rewarding the devoted Bhaktas, looked at Rati and told her not to worry and that from then owards her husband will be formless but would retain with his power of influencing the world by pervading it without a body, and that her husband may therefore be called as Anang i e one without limbs. Shiv assured Rati of her meeting Kaamdev later bodily too.

We have now covered Ram Katha upto Doha 87 of Balkand in Manas.


Krishna Khandelwal

P.S. Shiv had not killed Kaamdev but only Kaamdev’s body had burned as he was exceeding limit by using gross material to influence the hearts of even Shiv, Shiv let him retain the power to work on the minds through thoughts if somebody was so inclined. We know and understand that when one develops a mood of passion and allows his train of thought to carry him away only then the he is trapped into forcibly acting to fulfill desires, its not that the objects themselves will do this to him. Shiv did not disturbed the plan of Supreme God by killing a god who are supposedly immortal till the end of the universe itself. We have known Ram as the lord of innumerable and all the universes and the trinity of Brahma Vishbu Mahesh represent him but only for the specific universe, it is His will that the gods remain immortal hence Shiv did not want to interefere in that grand design rather corrected an anamoly which let Kaamdev distrub with gross matter which would have not allowed even those with restrained minds to devote to God centric thought, however, those willing to let the thought of the lower nature to enter mind naturally have to be behaving guided by Kaamdev or by desires and passions.


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