Ramcharit Charcha XCI

II Shree Guruvey Namah II

Jai Shri Ram,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

Last post rested with Doha 87, we learned about Kaamdev losing body while retaining power to pervade all beings without a body i e working through minds and Rati being assured by Shiv of meeting her husband Kaamdev later having a body too. With pranaams at feet fo Goswami Tulsidas let us drink nector of Ram Katha as told by him in form of Ramcharit Manas.

Shiv tells Rati in the family of King Yadu there would an Avatar of God who will be known as Krishna, He would take Avtar as is won’t i e to reduce the burden of earth ( to finish sufferings earth by decimation of demons). Shiv then tells Rati that one of the sons of Lord Krishna will be her husband (meaning that formless Kaamdev will be descending on earth with body like the God Himself who is also known as ageless, formless and attributeless but takes Avtars with body when so wished by Bhaktas and so required to bring order back to the world which gets disturbed on account of free play of Maya and Karma as independent of Himself).

Rati went away listening Shiv thus speak about her union with her husband in future (she was assured of continuous such meetings as God takes Avtars in human forms in different Kalpas), besides Shiv also confirmed that his word is final thus giving full comfort to Rati.

Rishi Yagyavalk continues telling Muni Bhardwaj the rest of the story. The gods learned of all that happened and transpired there and led by Brahma went to Vaikuntha (heaven).

Later all gods together with Vishnu and Brahma reached where  Shiv was gracefully seated. All the gods seperately sung glories of Shiv and thus pleasing Shiv who dons cresent moon on forehead and has a bukk emblazoned on his standard. Shiv asked them the reason for the presence of gods at his own place.

Taking lead Brahma then told Lord Shiv, “you know of all that goes on in hearts of all though yet I would tell you, my master, with devotion and submit that we the immortals nurse overjoyfully a  desire and that is to witness you wedding with our own eyes, O Shankar”.

(The immortal gods have yet concealed a fact that they are greatly haressed by the demon Tarak and only son born out of Shiv’s wedding with Parvati can kill that demon while they spoke of ability of Shiv to look right in to hearts of all. The immortal gods are also of the mundane world and act very much like ordinery humans is the message Tulsi wishes to give here. But Shiv knows that at the back of all that happens is the will of Almighty God and as his special representative and head of gods he doesn’t want to take offence now as the gods have prayed first and haven’t acted as Kaamdev did instead of making a prayer. The gods had not seen first wedding of Shiv with Sati and hence see it as good chance to be able to see Shiv getting wedded again now, secondly they know that this marriage is going to be very auspicious as it represent marriage of trust with belief (of Vishwas with Shruddha).

We have now covered upto Doha 88 of Balkand .

Let’s hail Bhavani-Shankar.


Krishna Khandelwal


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