Ramcharit Charcha XCVI

II Shree Guruvey namah II

Jai Shri Ram’

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram, Jai Jai Ram II

सिवहि संभु गन करहिं सिंगारा। जटा मुकुट अहि मौरु सँवारा।।
कुंडल कंकन पहिरे ब्याला। तन बिभूति पट केहरि छाला।।
ससि ललाट सुंदर सिर गंगा। नयन तीनि उपबीत भुजंगा।।
गरल कंठ उर नर सिर माला। असिव बेष सिवधाम कृपाला।।
कर त्रिसूल अरु डमरु बिराजा। चले बसहँ चढ़ि बाजहिं बाजा।।
देखि सिवहि सुरत्रिय मुसुकाहीं। बर लायक दुलहिनि जग नाहीं।।
बिष्नु बिरंचि आदि सुरब्राता। चढ़ि चढ़ि बाहन चले बराता।।
सुर समाज सब भाँति अनूपा। नहिं बरात दूलह अनुरूपा।।
दो0-बिष्नु कहा अस बिहसि तब बोलि सकल दिसिराज।
बिलग बिलग होइ चलहु सब निज निज सहित समाज।।92।।

The last post gave us beautiful account of Shiv’s adornment by his attendants and Lord Vishnu’s advice to gods to walk separately in group of own people to enable the peculiarities of Shiv seen by all who happen to watch the marriage procession. Shiv stands out is the message of Vishnu to all.

Vishnu in lighter vein says to all that it will look odd to people in the other city where they were going and will be a point of fun for them that the Baraat (the marriage procession) is very different from the bridegroom in more ways than one (Vishnu had a points yet gods thought that Shiv is still their leader, the one heading the body of gods and therefore smiled at the contradiction which is generally the case where ever Shiv is at the center but still perfect harmony remains). The gods,however, took advice and started moving in own groups separately.

Shiv amusingly thought that Vishnu (the sustainer) always speak in sarcastic ways whatever be the occasion (this tells us that Vishnu and Shiv have a very friendly disposition towards each other and enjoys games between them although the functions of the two are just opposite i e of constructive destruction for Shiv and provision for people at large for Vishnu. The greats have thorough understanding and respect for the job of the other while the lesser people busy themselves in finding faults).

Hearing pleasing remarks of Vishnu, Shiv sent Bringi, his personal attendant, to call all those who generally live and move around Shiv (in places like cremation ground where Shiv rests often). Upon hearing Shiv’s command they came in hoards and bowed down at lotus feet of their master Shiv. Shiv laughed seeing them in attires pf different kind riding vehicle of various types (paradox here is that the variety represented by gods seemed different to Vishnu and as not conforming to Shiv’s personality and here variety of those who usually keep Shiv’s company is far more diverse but is nonetheless acceptable to Shiv. Shiv is friend of all those who are shunned by society, it is to show us that trying to be conformist one loses faith in oneself and that’s not right).

Some of the Gans of Shiv had big/many mouths and some had no mouth, some had no feet or hands and some had many feet and hands, some had innumerable eyes and some had no eyes, some were overfed and bulky and some were starved and thin (this means that anyone, with or without capability, may have and keep faith and trust, its not necessary that there be some preconditions).

Some tidy and some unclean of them, some strong and some weak of them, had frightful ornamentation and held human skulls, had bodies smeared with fresh blood. Their heads were of donkeys, dogs, swine and jackals, their dresses were of countless variety, these troops of spirits,ghosts and Tantric Yogis (these practice some body related sacrifices and rituals otherwise despised by many but which is also a path for liberation) were beyond description (the message is simply this that their is no restriction on any body to join the company of Shiv but mostly those who are shunned by the cultured people and who have little means and are handicapped and who wish to live in displeasing ways only so they are not pestered by people, find Shiv giving shelter and love without finding faults in them).

They danced and sang song in trance, they looked odd and spoke in absurd styles of their own (they were happy to be given the invitation to join the marriage procession which was earlier denied to them by the high and mighty gods about which Shiv was not pleased but his dear friend Vishnu gave an opening and all had now occasion to be happy and pleased).

Now we have reached at the end of Doha 93 of Bal Kand of Ramcharit Mans of Goswami Tulsidas in our journey of Ram Katha.

You may read the original lines given below:

बर अनुहारि बरात न भाई। हँसी करैहहु पर पुर जाई।।
बिष्नु बचन सुनि सुर मुसकाने। निज निज सेन सहित बिलगाने।।
मनहीं मन महेसु मुसुकाहीं। हरि के बिंग्य बचन नहिं जाहीं।।
अति प्रिय बचन सुनत प्रिय केरे। भृंगिहि प्रेरि सकल गन टेरे।।
सिव अनुसासन सुनि सब आए। प्रभु पद जलज सीस तिन्ह नाए।।
नाना बाहन नाना बेषा। बिहसे सिव समाज निज देखा।।
कोउ मुखहीन बिपुल मुख काहू। बिनु पद कर कोउ बहु पद बाहू।।
बिपुल नयन कोउ नयन बिहीना। रिष्टपुष्ट कोउ अति तनखीना।।
छं0-तन खीन कोउ अति पीन पावन कोउ अपावन गति धरें।
भूषन कराल कपाल कर सब सद्य सोनित तन भरें।।
खर स्वान सुअर सृकाल मुख गन बेष अगनित को गनै।
बहु जिनस प्रेत पिसाच जोगि जमात बरनत नहिं बनै।।
सो0-नाचहिं गावहिं गीत परम तरंगी भूत सब।
देखत अति बिपरीत बोलहिं बचन बिचित्र बिधि।।93।।


Krishna Khandelwal


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