Ramcharit Charcha XCVII

II Shree Guruvey Namah II

Jai Shree Ram,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

बर अनुहारि बरात न भाई। हँसी करैहहु पर पुर जाई।।
बिष्नु बचन सुनि सुर मुसकाने। निज निज सेन सहित बिलगाने।।
मनहीं मन महेसु मुसुकाहीं। हरि के बिंग्य बचन नहिं जाहीं।।
अति प्रिय बचन सुनत प्रिय केरे। भृंगिहि प्रेरि सकल गन टेरे।।
सिव अनुसासन सुनि सब आए। प्रभु पद जलज सीस तिन्ह नाए।।
नाना बाहन नाना बेषा। बिहसे सिव समाज निज देखा।।
कोउ मुखहीन बिपुल मुख काहू। बिनु पद कर कोउ बहु पद बाहू।।
बिपुल नयन कोउ नयन बिहीना। रिष्टपुष्ट कोउ अति तनखीना।।
छं0-तन खीन कोउ अति पीन पावन कोउ अपावन गति धरें।
भूषन कराल कपाल कर सब सद्य सोनित तन भरें।।
खर स्वान सुअर सृकाल मुख गन बेष अगनित को गनै।
बहु जिनस प्रेत पिसाच जोगि जमात बरनत नहिं बनै।।
सो0-नाचहिं गावहिं गीत परम तरंगी भूत सब।
देखत अति बिपरीत बोलहिं बचन बिचित्र बिधि।।93।।

The Barat of Shiv was joined by all kinds of creatures including spirits and ghosts who started dancing and singing madly enjoying themselves on getting chance to witness and participate in marriage of Shiv, this we learned in last post which covered up to Doha 93 of Balkand in Ramcharit Manas of Goswami Tulsidas.

Now with Shiv’s Gans joining the marriage procession it matched the character of the bridegroom who himself remains unmindful of artificial decencies and does not nurse distinctions which should not really matter. The merry making and wondrous celebrations continued in the course of procession. Himvan, at his own place, created covered spaces which were wonderfully decorated; he sent invitations to all hills and hillocks of the entire world along with woods, seas, rivers and lakes (meaning that Himvan sent invitation to all naturally distinct entities in line with the relation they have each other as a family. All these invited entities can’t think of existence without all of them present in total harmony for a world that can be enjoyable,habitable and productive. The marriage of a person like in the family of mountain is specially meaningful in this respect too. They all had capacity to take shapes as per desire i e none of them are static and change shapes and attires as the need be and were accompanied by their own retinues and consorts. These invited entities reached the place of Himvan, the frost clad mountain, and sang beautiful songs of goodwill and festivities with affection.

Himvan had already got readied the suitable quarters for settling the guests who then happily occupied these houses according to their specific needs and preference. The splendour of the place captured imagination of all and the skill of even Brahma in creating the world seemed lesser than what Himvan achieved in creating the atmosphere befitting of the event that was going to take place.

The charm reflected by the gardens and forests, wells and ponds and rivers were so much in effect as to make Brahma’s efforts look small in comparison. The arches,flags and mounted pieces of decorations on top of the houses their were baffling and lovely. The men and women in the city were very cultured and smart and good looking, they had capacity to impress even the Munis who do not have an interest in these things (here the divinity of the event and of the participants is being emphasized, the comparison with the world created by Brahma is not called for on account of out of world type union of Shiv and Parvati).

Where the mother of the universe Jadamba Parvati has taken birth, it is naturally impossible to describe it with full justification. The prosperity, success, wealth of all kinds and unbounded happiness are expected to be there that increase day by day, refreshing ittself regularly (the worldly pleasures may become boring after too much of enjoyment, the spiritual pleasure remains ever more increasing without a trace of boredom).

We have now reached the point ending with Doha 94 of Balkand. I hope that the Ram Katha is being fully enjoyed by you all.

जस दूलहु तसि बनी बराता। कौतुक बिबिध होहिं मग जाता।।
इहाँ हिमाचल रचेउ बिताना। अति बिचित्र नहिं जाइ बखाना।।
सैल सकल जहँ लगि जग माहीं। लघु बिसाल नहिं बरनि सिराहीं।।
बन सागर सब नदीं तलावा। हिमगिरि सब कहुँ नेवत पठावा।।
कामरूप सुंदर तन धारी। सहित समाज सहित बर नारी।।
गए सकल तुहिनाचल गेहा। गावहिं मंगल सहित सनेहा।।
प्रथमहिं गिरि बहु गृह सँवराए। जथाजोगु तहँ तहँ सब छाए।।
पुर सोभा अवलोकि सुहाई। लागइ लघु बिरंचि निपुनाई।।
छं0-लघु लाग बिधि की निपुनता अवलोकि पुर सोभा सही।
बन बाग कूप तड़ाग सरिता सुभग सब सक को कही।।
मंगल बिपुल तोरन पताका केतु गृह गृह सोहहीं।।
बनिता पुरुष सुंदर चतुर छबि देखि मुनि मन मोहहीं।।
दो0-जगदंबा जहँ अवतरी सो पुरु बरनि कि जाइ।
रिद्धि सिद्धि संपत्ति सुख नित नूतन अधिकाइ।।94।।


Krishna Khandelwal


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