Ramcharit Charcha XCIX

II Shre Guruvey Namah II

Jai Shri Ram,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

नगर निकट बरात सुनि आई। पुर खरभरु सोभा अधिकाई।।
करि बनाव सजि बाहन नाना। चले लेन सादर अगवाना।।
हियँ हरषे सुर सेन निहारी। हरिहि देखि अति भए सुखारी।।
सिव समाज जब देखन लागे। बिडरि चले बाहन सब भागे।।
धरि धीरजु तहँ रहे सयाने। बालक सब लै जीव पराने।।
गएँ भवन पूछहिं पितु माता। कहहिं बचन भय कंपित गाता।।
कहिअ काह कहि जाइ न बाता। जम कर धार किधौं बरिआता।।
बरु बौराह बसहँ असवारा। ब्याल कपाल बिभूषन छारा।।
छं0-तन छार ब्याल कपाल भूषन नगन जटिल भयंकरा।
सँग भूत प्रेत पिसाच जोगिनि बिकट मुख रजनीचरा।।
जो जिअत रहिहि बरात देखत पुन्य बड़ तेहि कर सही।
देखिहि सो उमा बिबाहु घर घर बात असि लरिकन्ह कही।।
दो0-समुझि महेस समाज सब जननि जनक मुसुकाहिं।
बाल बुझाए बिबिध बिधि निडर होहु डरु नाहिं।।95।।

We learned in the last post which covered up to Doha 95 of Balkand in Ramcharit Manas of Goswami Tulsidas that the children in city fo Himvan who had come to see the procession became upset looking at the Gans of Shiv and ran back to inform parents. The parents were not surprised listening the description as they knew what to expect, they knew that every kind of person, with any sort of deformities is welcome to keep company of Shiv, Shiv is not concerned with the outward looks but cares for the level of devotion in heart and surrender to Ram.

The advance party sent to receive the Baraat, received the people in procession and settled them in beautiful lodgings. Mother of Parvati Maina prepared a plate with lighted lamps for Aarti (a practice for showing respect and welcome and to remove effects inauspicious omens by waving lighted lamps round the person being received or the deity being worshiped) and the women accompanying Mainaji were singing melodious songs for invoking gods of welfare. With golden plate in hand Maina proceeded to welcome Shiv with great delight but when she and other ladies concentrated on the trappings and accessory forming part of Rudra’s (Shiv’s) strange attire, they became frightful and nervous. Without performing the required ritual for welcome, they went back to their own place. Unruffled by what happened and not taking any offence Shiv proceeded to the place of stay ( Shiv has come to marry Parvati as per direction of Ram, not prompted by any desire of his own, it is therefore of no consequence for him what treatment he gets). Maina called her daughter parvati with a very heavy heart and took Parvati in her lap with even greater concern that she usually had for her. Maina lotus like black eyes were filled with tears and she talked with Parvati lamenting about the the fact that while Parvati was so much endowed with beauty by Brahma, the creator, how than that big lord created your husband who is nearly mad.

Maina then crazily wondered about the mismatch of the two, she thought it is only to be expected that a fruit that should appear on the Surtaru (divine tree which can fulfill all desires) has to be attached with thorny Babula tree.. Maina declared that she is ready to get in to burning fire, jump off from a mountain or get drowned in highseas along with her daughter Parvati, is confirms that it wouldn’t matter if this will ruin her home or will bring bad name to family in the world (a mother is always more concerned with welfare of her daughter than anybody else in the world, she can make sacrifice for her daughter without a second thought, she knows also that a daughters life is solely dependent of what she is going to get at her husbands place and who she is going to get as her husband).

All the social gathering of ladies there became distressed at the predicament that consort of mountain Maina was facing (being wife of mountain Maina was not supposed to be of weak temperament but the matter of daughter fate is enough to shake her). Maina kept wailing and crying and recalled her love and affection for daughter which was her passion since the birth of Parvati.

We have to end point ending with Doha 96 of Balkand. The original lines for reading aloud have been given below:

लै अगवान बरातहि आए। दिए सबहि जनवास सुहाए।।
मैनाँ सुभ आरती सँवारी। संग सुमंगल गावहिं नारी।।
कंचन थार सोह बर पानी। परिछन चली हरहि हरषानी।।
बिकट बेष रुद्रहि जब देखा। अबलन्ह उर भय भयउ बिसेषा।।
भागि भवन पैठीं अति त्रासा। गए महेसु जहाँ जनवासा।।
मैना हृदयँ भयउ दुखु भारी। लीन्ही बोलि गिरीसकुमारी।।
अधिक सनेहँ गोद बैठारी। स्याम सरोज नयन भरे बारी।।
जेहिं बिधि तुम्हहि रूपु अस दीन्हा। तेहिं जड़ बरु बाउर कस कीन्हा।।
छं0- कस कीन्ह बरु बौराह बिधि जेहिं तुम्हहि सुंदरता दई।
जो फलु चहिअ सुरतरुहिं सो बरबस बबूरहिं लागई।।
तुम्ह सहित गिरि तें गिरौं पावक जरौं जलनिधि महुँ परौं।।
घरु जाउ अपजसु होउ जग जीवत बिबाहु न हौं करौं।।
दो0-भई बिकल अबला सकल दुखित देखि गिरिनारि।
करि बिलापु रोदति बदति सुता सनेहु सँभारि।।96।।


Krishna Khandelwal


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