Ramcharit Charcha – C (100)

II Shree Guruvey Namah II

Jai Shri Ram,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

लै अगवान बरातहि आए। दिए सबहि जनवास सुहाए।।
मैनाँ सुभ आरती सँवारी। संग सुमंगल गावहिं नारी।।
कंचन थार सोह बर पानी। परिछन चली हरहि हरषानी।।
बिकट बेष रुद्रहि जब देखा। अबलन्ह उर भय भयउ बिसेषा।।
भागि भवन पैठीं अति त्रासा। गए महेसु जहाँ जनवासा।।
मैना हृदयँ भयउ दुखु भारी। लीन्ही बोलि गिरीसकुमारी।।
अधिक सनेहँ गोद बैठारी। स्याम सरोज नयन भरे बारी।।
जेहिं बिधि तुम्हहि रूपु अस दीन्हा। तेहिं जड़ बरु बाउर कस कीन्हा।।
छं0- कस कीन्ह बरु बौराह बिधि जेहिं तुम्हहि सुंदरता दई।
जो फलु चहिअ सुरतरुहिं सो बरबस बबूरहिं लागई।।
तुम्ह सहित गिरि तें गिरौं पावक जरौं जलनिधि महुँ परौं।।
घरु जाउ अपजसु होउ जग जीवत बिबाहु न हौं करौं।।
दो0-भई बिकल अबला सकल दुखित देखि गिरिनारि।
करि बिलापु रोदति बदति सुता सनेहु सँभारि।।96।।

In the last post that related about the predicament of Maina regarding fate of Parvati who after seeing Shiv and his Ganas got frightful and worried, and started wailing and weeping, this covered up to Doha 96 of Balkand in Ramcharit Manas of Goswami Tulsidas.

Maina is thinking loudly that what wrong has she done to Narad that he advised some thing that would see ruin of her house, Narad should not have initiated Uma to do Tapa for getting an eccentric as husband. She laments that Narad being a sage is indeed passionless and without a sense of belonging, he doesn’t have regard for anybody, does not care for riches, does not have interest in home nor has a wife to be responsible for (this is really a description of a Sadhu but it is being seen harming the interest, of household of her own, by Maina otherwise on account of these very virtues the saintly people are able to ensure welfare of worldly people by their guidance because they can see where the welfare lies as they never have their own axe to grind).

Maina blames Narad for spoiling homes without a remorse and without fear; a barren woman can’t know the pain suffered in giving birth to a child. Bhavani Parvati (called here as Bhavani because Parvati is firm in her resolve to get married to Bhav i e Lord Shiv) saw her mother upset and distressed but kept her own cool and told in comforting way to her mother the words of wisdom, “Mother, you must not worry for something that has become fate as per the design of controller of fate, if I am destined to get a crazy husband then why blame somebody for it. This writing on wall by Vidhi (Brahma) can not be erased, why then Mother you want to place yourself in a situation that would bring bad name to you’.

Parvati admonishes her mother thus, “Take no reproach, stop pitying as this is no occasion for any such thing, whatever is in store for me as good or bad will come to me wherever I go”. Listening to polite and sweetly spoken words of Uma the assembled ladies became thoughtful and put blame on the creator for such difficult provision and started shedding tears profusely.

Himvan, the father of Parvati, got the news of what was happening in ladies section of the house. Accompanied by Narad Muni and the Sapt Rishis he reached home to redeem the situation ( Muni Narad and Sapt Rishis felt themselves responsible for the distress felt by Maina and wanted to calm her down by giving a discourse about the realty of Shiv and Parvati, they knew that when women get worked up and emotionally upset they require to be treated with utmost care and understanding, small things may result in grave matters).

We have covered up to Doha 97 of Balkand. The original lines are reproduced below, enjoy singing them aloud as it is said that the verses of Ramcharit Manas have a similar effect as the Ved Mantrs have, the recital itself is of great spiritual value:

नारद कर मैं काह बिगारा। भवनु मोर जिन्ह बसत उजारा।।
अस उपदेसु उमहि जिन्ह दीन्हा। बौरे बरहि लगि तपु कीन्हा।।
साचेहुँ उन्ह के मोह न माया। उदासीन धनु धामु न जाया।।
पर घर घालक लाज न भीरा। बाझँ कि जान प्रसव कैं पीरा।।
जननिहि बिकल बिलोकि भवानी। बोली जुत बिबेक मृदु बानी।।
अस बिचारि सोचहि मति माता। सो न टरइ जो रचइ बिधाता।।
करम लिखा जौ बाउर नाहू। तौ कत दोसु लगाइअ काहू।।
तुम्ह सन मिटहिं कि बिधि के अंका। मातु ब्यर्थ जनि लेहु कलंका।।
छं0-जनि लेहु मातु कलंकु करुना परिहरहु अवसर नहीं।
दुखु सुखु जो लिखा लिलार हमरें जाब जहँ पाउब तहीं।।
सुनि उमा बचन बिनीत कोमल सकल अबला सोचहीं।।
बहु भाँति बिधिहि लगाइ दूषन नयन बारि बिमोचहीं।।
दो0-तेहि अवसर नारद सहित अरु रिषि सप्त समेत।
समाचार सुनि तुहिनगिरि गवने तुरत निकेत।।97।।


Krishna Khandelwal


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