Ramcharit Charcha CV

II Shree Guruvey Namah II

Jai Shri Ram ,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jia Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

जसि बिबाह कै बिधि श्रुति गाई। महामुनिन्ह सो सब करवाई।।
गहि गिरीस कुस कन्या पानी। भवहि समरपीं जानि भवानी।।
पानिग्रहन जब कीन्ह महेसा। हिंयँ हरषे तब सकल सुरेसा।।
बेद मंत्र मुनिबर उच्चरहीं। जय जय जय संकर सुर करहीं।।
बाजहिं बाजन बिबिध बिधाना। सुमनबृष्टि नभ भै बिधि नाना।।
हर गिरिजा कर भयउ बिबाहू। सकल भुवन भरि रहा उछाहू।।
दासीं दास तुरग रथ नागा। धेनु बसन मनि बस्तु बिभागा।।
अन्न कनकभाजन भरि जाना। दाइज दीन्ह न जाइ बखाना।।
छं0-दाइज दियो बहु भाँति पुनि कर जोरि हिमभूधर कह्यो।
का देउँ पूरनकाम संकर चरन पंकज गहि रह्यो।।
सिवँ कृपासागर ससुर कर संतोषु सब भाँतिहिं कियो।
पुनि गहे पद पाथोज मयनाँ प्रेम परिपूरन हियो।।
दो0-नाथ उमा मन प्रान सम गृहकिंकरी करेहु।
छमेहु सकल अपराध अब होइ प्रसन्न बरु देहु।।101।।

We learned in last post that Maina, after the marriage was solemnized, pleaded with Shiv to be considerate towards Uma and not let any of her carelessly done acts invite His wrath ( Maina now is aware of what had happened in earlier life of Uma and hence is particularly concerned for her welfare). It covered up to Doha 101 of Balkand in Ramcharit Manas of Goswami Tulsidas.

Lord Shiv responded by comforting Maina, His mother in law, in many ways who then went back to her quarters bowing down again at Shiv’s feet. Then came the occasion when mother gives last advice before sending daughters to their husband’s place after the marriage ceremony is over. Maina called Uma and took her in her lap and convincingly told Uma that a woman have to serve just one as deity and none other and it is her own husband and master (in Indian tradition the women are required to have an absolute devotion towards husband and a duty to act in accordance with his wishes. This is not that it is any kind of gender bias but it prepares them psychologically so as to not have a feeling of being a lesser person if it is taken that the husband is being served in course of pleasing God and as representing God. As even God is thought to be giving tough times in life, any hardship on account of husbands attitude may be taken in stride, this lets the household remain in stability and congeniality prevails. The selfless service makes the husband also to be humble enough to take due care and be a provider as bountiful as the God).

Maina’s words came out customarily but she had eyes filled with tears thinking about the difficulties a women has to face in life being dependent on another and wondered why Vidhi (Brahma) created women if this was to be their fate and with these sentiments she brought her daughter near herself and pressed her to her bosom. The emotional upsurge engulfed her but she recovered thinking that the occasion did not call for showing weakness in this manner (as it would upset the daughter too who has to leave her childhood home and which in reality is a very sad moment itself to bear).

Maina kept embracing Uma time and again, even clasping her feet as if to not let her leave home, she displayed unworldly and boundless love for Uma (as most mothers have for their daughters) which is beyond description. Freeing herself after meeting her friends, companions and all other women who were surrounding her, Uma once again clung to her mother’s breast.

The moment to leave mother arrived and Bhavani prepared to depart from there while all those present gave their appropriate blessings. Bhavani looked back on each step she was helped to take by friends on Her way to Shiv. Shiv liberally gave alms to the beggars and gratified them. Shiv then moved in direction of His own place along with Uma, the gods happily showered flowers on them both and the drums sounded loudly in the skies giving the occasion fitting atmosphere.

Greatly concerned, Himvan started to move along with them with a view to escorting until the end of journey but Shiv assured him amply that the journey would be trouble free and sent him back.

We relevant verses (up to Doha 102 of Balkand) have been posted below for you to enjoy reciting:

बहु बिधि संभु सास समुझाई। गवनी भवन चरन सिरु नाई।।
जननीं उमा बोलि तब लीन्ही। लै उछंग सुंदर सिख दीन्ही।।
करेहु सदा संकर पद पूजा। नारिधरमु पति देउ न दूजा।।
बचन कहत भरे लोचन बारी। बहुरि लाइ उर लीन्हि कुमारी।।
कत बिधि सृजीं नारि जग माहीं। पराधीन सपनेहुँ सुखु नाहीं।।
भै अति प्रेम बिकल महतारी। धीरजु कीन्ह कुसमय बिचारी।।
पुनि पुनि मिलति परति गहि चरना। परम प्रेम कछु जाइ न बरना।।
सब नारिन्ह मिलि भेटि भवानी। जाइ जननि उर पुनि लपटानी।।
छं0-जननिहि बहुरि मिलि चली उचित असीस सब काहूँ दईं।
फिरि फिरि बिलोकति मातु तन तब सखीं लै सिव पहिं गई।।
जाचक सकल संतोषि संकरु उमा सहित भवन चले।
सब अमर हरषे सुमन बरषि निसान नभ बाजे भले।।
दो0-चले संग हिमवंतु तब पहुँचावन अति हेतु।
बिबिध भाँति परितोषु करि बिदा कीन्ह बृषकेतु।।102।।

Lord Shiv has become one with Uma, the two are inseparable and we bow down at their feet, for the devotion at feet of Shiv can only deliver success in our pursuit of truth (Ram is the only truth and has to be known, the human life only is capable to know truth and other lower life forms are for just instinctive living in accordance with the past unfulfilled desires and leanings).

Uma-Maheshwar ki Jai, Prabhu Shri Ram ki Jai!


Krishna Khandelwal


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