Ramcharit Charcha CVII

II Shree Guruvey Namah II

Jai Shri Ram,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

तुरत भवन आए गिरिराई। सकल सैल सर लिए बोलाई।।
आदर दान बिनय बहुमाना। सब कर बिदा कीन्ह हिमवाना।।
जबहिं संभु कैलासहिं आए। सुर सब निज निज लोक सिधाए।।
जगत मातु पितु संभु भवानी। तेही सिंगारु न कहउँ बखानी।।
करहिं बिबिध बिधि भोग बिलासा। गनन्ह समेत बसहिं कैलासा।।
हर गिरिजा बिहार नित नयऊ। एहि बिधि बिपुल काल चलि गयऊ।।
तब जनमेउ षटबदन कुमारा। तारकु असुर समर जेहिं मारा।।
आगम निगम प्रसिद्ध पुराना। षन्मुख जन्मु सकल जग जाना।।
छं0-जगु जान षन्मुख जन्मु कर्मु प्रतापु पुरुषारथु महा।
तेहि हेतु मैं बृषकेतु सुत कर चरित संछेपहिं कहा।।
यह उमा संगु बिबाहु जे नर नारि कहहिं जे गावहीं।
कल्यान काज बिबाह मंगल सर्बदा सुखु पावहीं।।
दो0-चरित सिंधु गिरिजा रमन बेद न पावहिं पारु।
बरनै तुलसीदासु किमि अति मतिमंद गवाँरु।।103।।

The last post we learned about birth of Shanmukh who was instrumental in killing of Tarakasur (the gods had been afflicted on account of his excesses and son of Shiv-Parvati only could have desproyed him). We will now take up after the Doha 103 of Balkand in Ramcharit Manas of Tulsidas which we covered in last post.

Muni Bhrdwaj listened to very interesting and appealing Shambhu Charit till now from Rishi Yagyavalkya and was much delighted. It made Muni Bhardwaj much more interested in the story that is yet to come; his eyes have filled with tears of joy and hair on body have bristled. The emotional upsurge has made him unable to speak. When Rishi Yagyavalkya saw condition of Bhardwaj he became happy as the effect of his Katha telling was as should be in case of one who is listening with all attention and love. Yagyavalkya says to Bhardwaj, “O great sage, your life is blessed as you love Lord Goriish (Shiv) as much as one loves life. Those who do not have love placed at lotus feet of Shiv (symbolically,do not have profound faith and steadfastness) will not be pleasing Ram or Ram will be graceful to them. The unwavering and guileless love and attention at feet of Lord of Shiv only is indicative of a real devotee of Ram because who else has such faithful disposition towards Ram as Shiv as it was Shiv who had renounced Sati even though she was sinless (for a slight misdemeanor of taking disguise of Sita). It represented unswerving fidelity of Shiv and therefore who else than Shiv can be as dear to Ram as Shiv”.

Rishi Yagyavalkya further tells Muni Bhardwaj that by telling Shiv Charit to you first in detail I have in fact found out your own intrinsic state of heart, which is that you are simply a great servant of Ram and have no taint maligning your heart with impurities of world.

(Rishi Yagyavalkya has indicated that it is pointless to go telling Ram Katha to someone unless he has purity of heart and solid faith imbeded in psyche because the nuances covered in Ram Katha will not reflect on him. Unless a mental wall is demolished that blocks one from gathering the finer points for spirituality and God’s whole design; its as if some thing is told to a one with deaf ears. In other words a positive attitude may make one understand the story of Ram and that can come only when doubts have been dispelled beforehand and attention is directed with a sense that pure knowledge is being gathered and has to be assimilated.)

This ends with Doha 104 of Balkand.

संभु चरित सुनि सरस सुहावा। भरद्वाज मुनि अति सुख पावा।।
बहु लालसा कथा पर बाढ़ी। नयनन्हि नीरु रोमावलि ठाढ़ी।।
प्रेम बिबस मुख आव न बानी। दसा देखि हरषे मुनि ग्यानी।।
अहो धन्य तव जन्मु मुनीसा। तुम्हहि प्रान सम प्रिय गौरीसा।।
सिव पद कमल जिन्हहि रति नाहीं। रामहि ते सपनेहुँ न सोहाहीं।।
बिनु छल बिस्वनाथ पद नेहू। राम भगत कर लच्छन एहू।।
सिव सम को रघुपति ब्रतधारी। बिनु अघ तजी सती असि नारी।।
पनु करि रघुपति भगति देखाई। को सिव सम रामहि प्रिय भाई।।
दो0-प्रथमहिं मै कहि सिव चरित बूझा मरमु तुम्हार।
सुचि सेवक तुम्ह राम के रहित समस्त बिकार।।104।।

Shambh-Bhavani ki jai! Prabhu SriRam ki jai!
Pujya Goswamin Tulsidas ko pranaam!


Krishna Khandelwal


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  1. Why you think that anybody would be interested in spending his time on anything like “Katha”? Specially, given the tag of regressiveness and backwardsness attached to such kind of activies in today’s time.

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