Ramcharit Charcha CIX

II Shree Guruvey Namah II

Jai Shri Ram,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

मैं जाना तुम्हार गुन सीला। कहउँ सुनहु अब रघुपति लीला।।
सुनु मुनि आजु समागम तोरें। कहि न जाइ जस सुखु मन मोरें।।
राम चरित अति अमित मुनिसा। कहि न सकहिं सत कोटि अहीसा।।
तदपि जथाश्रुत कहउँ बखानी। सुमिरि गिरापति प्रभु धनुपानी।।
सारद दारुनारि सम स्वामी। रामु सूत्रधर अंतरजामी।।
जेहि पर कृपा करहिं जनु जानी। कबि उर अजिर नचावहिं बानी।।
प्रनवउँ सोइ कृपाल रघुनाथा। बरनउँ बिसद तासु गुन गाथा।।
परम रम्य गिरिबरु कैलासू। सदा जहाँ सिव उमा निवासू।।
दो0-सिद्ध तपोधन जोगिजन सूर किंनर मुनिबृंद।
बसहिं तहाँ सुकृती सकल सेवहिं सिब सुखकंद।।105।।

We finished last post with Doha 105 of Balkand in Ramcharit Manas Of Tulsidas and learned about Rishi Yagyavakya showing pleasure at Muni Bhardwaj’s fitting response to the Shiv Charit recital by Yagyavakya. Yagyavalkya then referred to the assemblage at Kailas consisting of all variety of seekers and their devotion.

Rishi Yaghyavalkya now tells that those who have their faces turned away from Hari (Vishnu) and Hara (Shiv) as they do not think much of Dharma ( i e who have their own selfish motives, do not think that the creation is manifestation of God only and the humans have a basic duty to fulfill in life and be seekers of true knowledge), such people do not reach Kailas even in dreams. On the mountain Kailas there is big banyan tree which is ever-green and beautiful in all seasons (the tree is not affected by seasons and remains young and charming due to presence of Shiv which sets at rest all doubts, even the seekers have a similar experience when they have placed their love at feet of Shiv). The cool fragrant softly blowing breeze keeps the surroundings and shade of the tree very refreshing. This tree is the preferred spot of Shiv for resting and Vedas find mention of it (where Shiv lived the whole nature was in pleasant mood as if under influence of Shiv’s state beyond conflicts created by Kama or desires).

Once Lord Shiv went near the tree and His heart filled with great joy looking at it and enjoying the atmosphere and Shiv spread his tiger-skin under it with his own hands (a person who has no inner conflicts due to discretion and faith and finds an outside atmosphere matching his inner state, gets inclined to enjoy it for just no purpose). Shiv, the merciful lord, then sat there in His natural posture.

Shiv had most fair complexion like that of moon ( i e shining ) , of conch ( i e smooth ) and of jasmine (i e white in hue), His arms were long and He had covered His loins with bark of tree (Shiv has purest of thoughts and therefore His complexion is considered to be absolutely white which shows that there is really no blemish or mixing of colors, long arms suggest that He has capacity to act and catch wrong doers. Shiv is naked and has only the loins covered with natural substance like bark of tree, it suggests that He does not conceal any thing and what ever appears on body is what is there naturally without a conscious attempt at concealment).

The feet of Lord Shiv resembled the freshly blown reddish lotuses and shine of His foot-nails was so bright as to light up hearts of His devotees (the comparison of feet lotus is that mud and filth of world can never sully his feet, His foot-nails are bright because He does not scratch surfaces i e does not rubs or gets rubbed, such conduct of His may only give guidance to devotees). The face of Shiv had an aura which paled that of moon of an autumn night and He, the slayer of demon Tripur, was smeared with ash, He serpents wrapped around Him as ornaments (He is deathless while all may get destroyed explains the smear of ash, and the poisonous snakes can’t poison Him like wise poisonous people can’t poison His mind by their advices or talk, because He has developed capacity to digest poison).

Lord Shiv had long twisted locks of His hair given shape of crown on His head, Ganges encircled His head and His big eyes were like a big lotus flower. With blue tinge in His throat region due to effect of poison and crescent moon appearing on His forehead in all its glory, Shiv looked like treasure trove of beauty.

(Shiv does not require to be crowned by others. His head is cool with current of pure thoughts as is represented by Ganges, the holy river. Even the crescent moon shines on His forehead means that even the crooked find a place of honor in company of Shiv when they come seeking shelter).

We have now covered up to Doha 106.

हरि हर बिमुख धर्म रति नाहीं। ते नर तहँ सपनेहुँ नहिं जाहीं।।
तेहि गिरि पर बट बिटप बिसाला। नित नूतन सुंदर सब काला।।
त्रिबिध समीर सुसीतलि छाया। सिव बिश्राम बिटप श्रुति गाया।।
एक बार तेहि तर प्रभु गयऊ। तरु बिलोकि उर अति सुखु भयऊ।।
निज कर डासि नागरिपु छाला। बैठै सहजहिं संभु कृपाला।।
कुंद इंदु दर गौर सरीरा। भुज प्रलंब परिधन मुनिचीरा।।
तरुन अरुन अंबुज सम चरना। नख दुति भगत हृदय तम हरना।।
भुजग भूति भूषन त्रिपुरारी। आननु सरद चंद छबि हारी।।
दो0-जटा मुकुट सुरसरित सिर लोचन नलिन बिसाल।
नीलकंठ लावन्यनिधि सोह बालबिधु भाल।।106।।

Maa Parvati aur Bhagwaan Shanar ki jai!
Prabhu Shri Ram ki jai!
Goswami Tulsidas Maharaj ki jai!


Krishna Khandelwal


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