Ramcharit Charcha CXI

बैठे सोह कामरिपु कैसें। धरें सरीरु सांतरसु जैसें।।
पारबती भल अवसरु जानी। गई संभु पहिं मातु भवानी।।
जानि प्रिया आदरु अति कीन्हा। बाम भाग आसनु हर दीन्हा।।
बैठीं सिव समीप हरषाई। पूरुब जन्म कथा चित आई।।
पति हियँ हेतु अधिक अनुमानी। बिहसि उमा बोलीं प्रिय बानी।।
कथा जो सकल लोक हितकारी। सोइ पूछन चह सैलकुमारी।।
बिस्वनाथ मम नाथ पुरारी। त्रिभुवन महिमा बिदित तुम्हारी।।
चर अरु अचर नाग नर देवा। सकल करहिं पद पंकज सेवा।।
दो0-प्रभु समरथ सर्बग्य सिव सकल कला गुन धाम।।
जोग ग्यान बैराग्य निधि प्रनत कलपतरु नाम।।107।।

Uma has very politely asked Shiv for telling her Ram Katha while she set besides Shiv under banyan tree when the atmosphere was very congenial, this we learned through last post which covered up to Doha 107 in Balkand of Ramcharit Manas of Tulidas.

Uma carries on by saying, “O blissful lord, if you are pleased with me and truly consider me Your own servant at command then I request You to please dispel my ignorance (which she has had since her last birth but with a difference that she has placed all her faith and confidence at Shiv’s feet unlike in last birth) by telling various stories concerning Raghunath Shri Ram (which were not listened by me with due attention in last birth but have the potency to guide and turn even an ignorant person in to a wiser person).

“Any one who has abode right under the divine tree (i e is living with a personality like Shiv who can grant any wish to a devoted one), is not supposed to suffer for want of any thing (in her case for want of true understanding about Leelas of Sriram). O lord You have moon placed on Your head ( i e You have a cool head and can’t remain angry for long) and hence please remove my heavily confused state of mind by appreciating my need in Your heart.

“I know that those Munis who have knowledge about Supreme Reality say that Ram is the very same Brahma who has no beginning (it was her initial confusion that exactly who Ram is, a son of king or that Brahma who is ultimate reality and wanted to check this fact without help of Guru and without taking right recourse).

“The Sheshnaag Bhagwaan, the Goddess Saraswati, the Vedas and the Puranas all sing praises of lord of Raghus Sriram. I have seen You, the subduer of god of desire (now bodyless), too doing Ram Naam Japa through out the day and night with reverence. please tell me if this Ram is the very same son of king of Ayodhya or is unborn, attributeless and unfathomable phenomenon ( it is noteworthy that Uma has not bothered to conceal her doubt knowing fully well that this doubt had put her to her unfortunate state in her earlier life, this teaches us that no part of ignorance dwelling in mind should be twisted or turned before putting forth before an enlightened master due to any emotion or reluctance otherwise).”

Parvati goes on saying, ” If He was son of king then how He also is Brahman and was seen losing faculties of an healthy mind just for the separation from a woman, his wife. My predicament is on account of my having seen Him in such sorry state while I know that all books and great people do not tire praising Him.”

(The lack of faith in somebody who is considered as superior and more knowledgeable and who is faced with conflicting ideas and situations, can only be afflicted with doubt which in the end leads one to total madness and destruction as was the case with Sati.)

We have covered up to Doha 108 of Balkand.

जौं मो पर प्रसन्न सुखरासी। जानिअ सत्य मोहि निज दासी।।
तौं प्रभु हरहु मोर अग्याना। कहि रघुनाथ कथा बिधि नाना।।
जासु भवनु सुरतरु तर होई। सहि कि दरिद्र जनित दुखु सोई।।
ससिभूषन अस हृदयँ बिचारी। हरहु नाथ मम मति भ्रम भारी।।
प्रभु जे मुनि परमारथबादी। कहहिं राम कहुँ ब्रह्म अनादी।।
सेस सारदा बेद पुराना। सकल करहिं रघुपति गुन गाना।।
तुम्ह पुनि राम राम दिन राती। सादर जपहु अनँग आराती।।
रामु सो अवध नृपति सुत सोई। की अज अगुन अलखगति कोई।।
दो0-जौं नृप तनय त ब्रह्म किमि नारि बिरहँ मति भोरि।
देख चरित महिमा सुनत भ्रमति बुद्धि अति मोरि।।108।।

Bhavani-Shankar Ki jai!
Prabhu Shri Ram Ki Jai!
Goswamy Tulsidasji Maharaj Ki Jai!
Sant Samaj Ki Jai!


Krishna Khandelwal


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