Ramcharit Charcha CXXIV

II Shree Guruvey Namah II

Jai Shri Ram,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

ससि कर सम सुनि गिरा तुम्हारी। मिटा मोह सरदातप भारी।।
तुम्ह कृपाल सबु संसउ हरेऊ। राम स्वरुप जानि मोहि परेऊ।।
नाथ कृपाँ अब गयउ बिषादा। सुखी भयउँ प्रभु चरन प्रसादा।।
अब मोहि आपनि किंकरि जानी। जदपि सहज जड नारि अयानी।।
प्रथम जो मैं पूछा सोइ कहहू। जौं मो पर प्रसन्न प्रभु अहहू।।
राम ब्रह्म चिनमय अबिनासी। सर्ब रहित सब उर पुर बासी।।
नाथ धरेउ नरतनु केहि हेतू। मोहि समुझाइ कहहु बृषकेतू।।
उमा बचन सुनि परम बिनीता। रामकथा पर प्रीति पुनीता।।
दो0-हिँयँ हरषे कामारि तब संकर सहज सुजान
बहु बिधि उमहि प्रसंसि पुनि बोले कृपानिधान।।120(क)।।
नवान्हपारायन,पहला विश्राम
मासपारायण, चौथा विश्राम
सो0-सुनु सुभ कथा भवानि रामचरितमानस बिमल।
कहा भुसुंडि बखानि सुना बिहग नायक गरुड।।120(ख)।।
सो संबाद उदार जेहि बिधि भा आगें कहब।
सुनहु राम अवतार चरित परम सुंदर अनघ।।120(ग)।।
हरि गुन नाम अपार कथा रूप अगनित अमित।
मैं निज मति अनुसार कहउँ उमा सादर सुनहु।।120(घ।।

We finished last post with Dohas 120(1-4) of Balkand in Ramcharit Manas of Tulsidas and learned that Lord Shiv, pleased with the attitude and interest in Ram Katha, is now ready to deliver it, let’s also get ready with our mind and heart duly oriented to receive the wisdom flowing through it.

Lord Shiv begins by telling Girija (Parvati),” listen the beautiful and pleasurable Charitas of Hari (Ram) which is enormous in importance and covers a wide range of principles which have been expounded in Nigams and Agams (the Vedas and Puranas) as principles and and as Kathas related with avatars of Lord Hari. Its can not be said that there is an exact cause and a precise reason for the descent of Lord Hari as avatars (it is to suggest that although broadly it is to help the righteous people in society and for restoration of order and removal of unwanted disorder which upsets the good people as well the creates imbalance in nature itself).

” Ram as supreme lord of universes is not subject to be assessed and described only on the strength of intellect which is itself a phenomena related to the gross world; he is not fully fathomable on strength of heart and mind; to express Him through speech is therefore is possible only in a limited way; this is what you may know from me. However, the saints, Munis and the scriptures have been indicating and describing Him as much as they understand.

“I would too tell you the reasons for His descent (as Ram) but it will be only as much as I know and would not be the entire thing (Shiv is careful to express the limit of His own knowledge because the supreme God has never been described fully by any body, it is only natural as He is since ever and would remain for ever where as all else has a beginning and an end. The people in the world, who keep differing as to who God is and about His precise definition, are therefore fools. Only this that ‘He Is’ can be felt but no claim can be made by any body that all has been known about Him).

“To begin with His descent is when the righteousness is on the decline and the excesses of demons abound due to their egoistic disposition. The demons commit unspeakable sins and particularly harm the Vipras (the leaned Brahmins) , harm the milk yielding cows (the cows are benign animals which very efficiently convert the ordinary vegetation in to milk without harming the chance of fresh produce, its dung is useful too and it does not spread disease ), challenge the gods (the gods are said to have control on the natural sources like water, fire, earth, air and sky and are known as their lords besides there are gods who have many other subtle activities to control besides the five elemental phenomena) and harm the earth (harming earth means the excessive polluting of the atmosphere, indiscriminate killing of the flora and fauna, badly spoiling the water sources, and excessive extraction through mining etc) then also He descends in various forms to save the situation, as and when needed. This way the graceful lord of universes helps the people who are on righteous path (the people who are not too greedy and act for benefit of each other and all others).”

Lord Shiv lays stress, “By killing the demons and re-establishing the gods, the lord of universes makes use of His powers and shows such of His virtues that connect Him with the ones described in Vedas. This way He expends His own glory to higher level in eyes of people and provides material for the scriptures and religious literature for singing more of His glories. This is one of the reasons of Ram Janma (birth of Ram).”

(The first reason spelled out by Shiv tells us what we have generally seen in our short lives that the race for consuming more and more without regard to what damage it brings about in every body’s life, is a factor for so many ills happening. The demons can’t see a state when their activities would spoil every thing. Nature requires a balance to be maintained for its performance at the most efficient level. Nature is like poetry, nature is like music and nature is like a dance where any wrong step would make the entire effort look ugly and unpleasant. Some times there is realization though late and the corrective steps are taken by humanity itself but at some other times there is no realization and then the God like power descends on earth and restores a balance and in the process the wrong doers get eliminated and righteous people regain there status. The avatars of God are not ordinarily known but a few realized soul can identify Him, in many avatars God doesn’t exercise supernatural powers and finishes the job in known ways and some times He exercises supernatural powers. It is in His prowess do any thing any time and in any chosen way, we may know the why and how some times and we may not know the why and how at other times.)

We have now covered up to Doha 121 of Balkand.

सुनु गिरिजा हरिचरित सुहाए। बिपुल बिसद निगमागम गाए।।
हरि अवतार हेतु जेहि होई। इदमित्थं कहि जाइ न सोई।।
राम अतर्क्य बुद्धि मन बानी। मत हमार अस सुनहि सयानी।।
तदपि संत मुनि बेद पुराना। जस कछु कहहिं स्वमति अनुमाना।।
तस मैं सुमुखि सुनावउँ तोही। समुझि परइ जस कारन मोही।।
जब जब होइ धरम कै हानी। बाढहिं असुर अधम अभिमानी।।
करहिं अनीति जाइ नहिं बरनी। सीदहिं बिप्र धेनु सुर धरनी।।
तब तब प्रभु धरि बिबिध सरीरा। हरहि कृपानिधि सज्जन पीरा।।
दो0-असुर मारि थापहिं सुरन्ह राखहिं निज श्रुति सेतु।
जग बिस्तारहिं बिसद जस राम जन्म कर हेतु।।121।।

Bhagwaan Shiv Maa Parvati Ki Jai!
Prabhu Sri Ram Ki Jai!
Sant Samaj Ki Jai!
Goswami Tulsidas Ki Jai!


Krishna Khandelwal


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