Ramcharit Charcha CXXVI

II Shree Gurvey Namah II

Jai Shri Ram,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

सोइ जस गाइ भगत भव तरहीं। कृपासिंधु जन हित तनु धरहीं।।
राम जनम के हेतु अनेका। परम बिचित्र एक तें एका।।
जनम एक दुइ कहउँ बखानी। सावधान सुनु सुमति भवानी।।
द्वारपाल हरि के प्रिय दोऊ। जय अरु बिजय जान सब कोऊ।।
बिप्र श्राप तें दूनउ भाई। तामस असुर देह तिन्ह पाई।।
कनककसिपु अरु हाटक लोचन। जगत बिदित सुरपति मद मोचन।।
बिजई समर बीर बिख्याता। धरि बराह बपु एक निपाता।।
होइ नरहरि दूसर पुनि मारा। जन प्रहलाद सुजस बिस्तारा।।
दो0-भए निसाचर जाइ तेइ महाबीर बलवान।
कुंभकरन रावण सुभट सुर बिजई जग जान।।122 ।

In the last post we covered up to Doha 122 of Balkand in Ramcharit Manas of Tulsidas and learned from Lord Shiv what prompts Lord Hari to take avatars, some of the demons were mentioned who had to be killed by Supreme God by taking avatars.

Lord Shiv now tells, ” The demons mentioned (Hiranyakashipu and Hiranyaksh) were killed by Bhagwaan but did not find liberation because they (as Jaya and Vijaya) were given curse for taking birth three times by the Dwij Brahmins (the twice born Brahmins i e who have been initiated to do Gayatri etc) and this had be respected (because when somebody is killed by Lord Hari he necessarily will be liberated but here Jaya and Vijay were doomed and cursed to be taking birth three times by Brahmin Bhaktas of Lord Hari hence He did not want their liberation immediately after the first time killing even though they were none other than the beloved gate-keepers of Lord Hari. This shows what status is given by Lord Hari to Brahmins and the Bhaktas).

“Lord Hari,who loves his Bhaktas immeasurably, descended as another avatar when He accepted Kasyap and Aditi as mother and father who had another birth as Dashrath and Kauslya and were famous. This was in a certain Kalpa (round of creation) that Lord Hari participated in purifying life events as avatar.

“In a certain other Kalpa Shambhu (Shiv of that Kalpa) saw gods in trouble and greatly suffering because of defeat at hands of Jalandhar, a demon, in battles and therefore Sambhu (as head of gods) fought with Jalandhar fiercely but this demon of great power and strength could not be eliminated. This was because Jalandhar had a virtuous wife who was highly devoted to her husband (Param Sati), her strength of character was keeping the demon unruffled against the Vanquisher of Triprasur (ie Shiv of that Kalpa).

“Lord Hari then broke her vow of chastity by some trick which weaken Jalandhar and gods got the needed relief. When she came to know of this scheming by Lord Hari, she cursed Lord Hari in a fit of rage.”

(All these stories are given in detail in the Puranas and are very significant in their own respect but Tulsidas has given just passing references for sake of brevity but these stories may be read and related by those interested, however, the basic point is somehow understandable here itself.)

We have now covered up to Doha 123 of Balkand.

मुकुत न भए हते भगवाना। तीनि जनम द्विज बचन प्रवाना।।
एक बार तिन्ह के हित लागी। धरेउ सरीर भगत अनुरागी।।
कस्यप अदिति तहाँ पितु माता। दसरथ कौसल्या बिख्याता।।
एक कलप एहि बिधि अवतारा। चरित्र पवित्र किए संसारा।।
एक कलप सुर देखि दुखारे। समर जलंधर सन सब हारे।।
संभु कीन्ह संग्राम अपारा। दनुज महाबल मरइ न मारा।।
परम सती असुराधिप नारी। तेहि बल ताहि न जितहिं पुरारी।।
दो0-छल करि टारेउ तासु ब्रत प्रभु सुर कारज कीन्ह।।
जब तेहि जानेउ मरम तब श्राप कोप करि दीन्ह।।123।।

Lord Shiv continues telling, ” The gracious Lord who has many interesting ways to perform as He pleases, gave credence to curse of the virtuous lady (referred above) and the same Jalandhar (her husband) got reborn as Ravan who was killed by Lord Hari as Ramavtar and was liberated; this is what happened in one of the cases (Ram and Ravan have been there in different time cycles of creation and hence one should not be wondering on this account).”

Rishi Yagyavalkya says to Muni Bhardwaj that the kathas related to each of all these avatars have been narrated by many poets, and one such relates to Narad who cursed Lord Hari in a certain kalpa and He had to take descent on earth for it. When Girija got to know like this in course of her conversation with Lord Shiv, she wondered as to why Narad, a knowledgeable person besides being a Bhakta of Lord Vishnu (Hari) needed to pronounce a curse; what was the wrong committed by Ramapati (Vishnu, husband of Rama i e Lakshmi) and asked Lord Shiv, the slayer of Tripurasur, to tell her the entire episode which made Narad Muni so dumb and deluded in such fashion, this seemed to her quite a strange thing to happen.

With a smile Maheshwar Shiv told Parvati,”there is no body who is smart and enlightened or is foolish and deluded at all times, it is in fact true that whenever Lord of Raghus Sri Ram wants a person to behave in certain way He makes him like that in matter of seconds (as guide sitting in every ones heart).

Rishi Yagyavalkya tells, ” O, Bhardwaj, listen carefully and respectfully the Gatha (Katha,story) of Sri Ram’s virtues.” Lord of Raghus Sri Ram is only capable of breaking the cycle of birth and death of Jiva (beings) hence He should be remembered fondly shedding all kinds of confusions and egoistic attitude, says Tulsidas.

(It is to be understood here that people have impressions of past of this birth and of earlier births, they are also under three modes known as Gunas, the memory, the combination of circumstances and the past impressions/leanings work in such a way that the net result of decisions made may be either on the side of wrong or right, this however may not change the basic character as a whole of that person but in that precise moment it is immaterial. It is possible to act rightly when the sense of doership is permanently given a good bye and duty i e Dharma only remains the guiding force that one remains on the right path. This is what makes the Karma as non-binding and hence it does not come in way of Moksha (salvation), till then decisions may or may not be called right. When one has duly understood the Ram Katha and continuously remembers Ram, the embodiment of Dharma, it becomes guide to him and therefore guides him after removing the egotistic attitude.)

We have now covered up to Doha 124 (1 & 2) of Balkand .

तासु श्राप हरि दीन्ह प्रमाना। कौतुकनिधि कृपाल भगवाना।।
तहाँ जलंधर रावन भयऊ। रन हति राम परम पद दयऊ।।
एक जनम कर कारन एहा। जेहि लागि राम धरी नरदेहा।।
प्रति अवतार कथा प्रभु केरी। सुनु मुनि बरनी कबिन्ह घनेरी।।
नारद श्राप दीन्ह एक बारा। कलप एक तेहि लगि अवतारा।।
गिरिजा चकित भई सुनि बानी। नारद बिष्नुभगत पुनि ग्यानि।।
कारन कवन श्राप मुनि दीन्हा। का अपराध रमापति कीन्हा।।
यह प्रसंग मोहि कहहु पुरारी। मुनि मन मोह आचरज भारी।।
दो0- बोले बिहसि महेस तब ग्यानी मूढ़ न कोइ।
जेहि जस रघुपति करहिं जब सो तस तेहि छन होइ।।124(क)।।
सो0-कहउँ राम गुन गाथ भरद्वाज सादर सुनहु।
भव भंजन रघुनाथ भजु तुलसी तजि मान मद।।124(ख)।।

Bhavani Shankar Ki Jai!
Prabhu Shri Ram Ki Jai!
Sant Samaj Ko Pranaam!
Goswami Tulsidas Maharaj Ki Jai!


Krishna Khandelwal


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