Ramcharit Charchaa CXXVII

II Shree Guruvey Namah II

Jai Shri ram,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

तासु श्राप हरि दीन्ह प्रमाना। कौतुकनिधि कृपाल भगवाना।।
तहाँ जलंधर रावन भयऊ। रन हति राम परम पद दयऊ।।
एक जनम कर कारन एहा। जेहि लागि राम धरी नरदेहा।।
प्रति अवतार कथा प्रभु केरी। सुनु मुनि बरनी कबिन्ह घनेरी।।
नारद श्राप दीन्ह एक बारा। कलप एक तेहि लगि अवतारा।।
गिरिजा चकित भई सुनि बानी। नारद बिष्नुभगत पुनि ग्यानि।।
कारन कवन श्राप मुनि दीन्हा। का अपराध रमापति कीन्हा।।
यह प्रसंग मोहि कहहु पुरारी। मुनि मन मोह आचरज भारी।।
दो0- बोले बिहसि महेस तब ग्यानी मूढ़ न कोइ।
जेहि जस रघुपति करहिं जब सो तस तेहि छन होइ।।124(क)।।
सो0-कहउँ राम गुन गाथ भरद्वाज सादर सुनहु।
भव भंजन रघुनाथ भजु तुलसी तजि मान मद।।124(ख)।।

We covered up to Doha 124 (1&2) of Balkand in Ramcharit Manas of Tulsidas in the last post and learned about Parvati expressing surprise about Narad having given curse to Lord Hari which forced Him to assume human form as avatar and Parvati wishing to have full account of the same episode.

Rishi Yagyavalkya now tells Muni Bhardwaj the story of Narad which Parvati had learned from Shiv and says that there was a sacred cave in inner reaches of Himalaya, nearby divine river (Ganges) flowed in a pleasure giving manner. This place attracted Devrshi Narad being very sacred place fit for staying at (making it a Ashram where Munis live in seclusion and pursue their God oriented routine).

The mountain, the river and the forests around were so serene that the atmosphere reminded him of Ramapati Vishnu (who also gives a similar feeling when looked up on while resting on Sheshnaag in ocean filled with milk in heavens); the remembrance took away effect of the curse (which was given to him by Daksha at one time that he would not be able to stay for long at one place) and his calm and clear mind went in to a natural Samadhi (state of deep meditation).

This Samadhi state of Narad wasn’t to the liking of Suresh (chief of gods, Indra, he is lord of mind too) as he dreaded that this sort of calm in his mind may make him weaker hence he summoned kama Devta and praised him and honored him and asked the Kamadev to go along with all paraphernalia to check Narad as he seems to be aiming at occupying my place of living (i e controlling the mind with his increased strength) saying that he is worried for it; the Kaamdev happily went about the job (as it is Kaamdev’s sport to agitate the minds of people and make desire to spring up). The greedy and covetous people are always afraid of every one like a jittery and crooked minded crow (a crow is very alert of any movement around).

The Chief Of Gods, Indra, showed a similar weakness shamelessly that a foolish dog has i e rushes off with a dry bone to save it from an approaching lion thinking that it would be snatched away from him.

(We very commonly think ourselves in similar ways worrying too much for what we have and that who ever is coming near us would snatch it away from us and deal with them as if dealing with a thief. This kind of suspicion in society has damaged the society very much which now doesn’t let needy ask for a small help from any body because every one fears every body else, this makes every one vulnerable and more intent upon saving what he has. Instead of spirit of sharing, the people let the things rot in their own hands and then throw away.)

We have now covered up to Doha 125 of Balkand.

हिमगिरि गुहा एक अति पावनि। बह समीप सुरसरी सुहावनि।।
आश्रम परम पुनीत सुहावा। देखि देवरिषि मन अति भावा।।
निरखि सैल सरि बिपिन बिभागा। भयउ रमापति पद अनुरागा।।
सुमिरत हरिहि श्राप गति बाधी। सहज बिमल मन लागि समाधी।।
मुनि गति देखि सुरेस डेराना। कामहि बोलि कीन्ह समाना।।
सहित सहाय जाहु मम हेतू। चकेउ हरषि हियँ जलचरकेतू।।
सुनासीर मन महुँ असि त्रासा। चहत देवरिषि मम पुर बासा।।
जे कामी लोलुप जग माहीं। कुटिल काक इव सबहि डेराहीं।।
दो0-सुख हाड़ लै भाग सठ स्वान निरखि मृगराज।
छीनि लेइ जनि जान जड़ तिमि सुरपतिहि न लाज।।125।।

When Madan (Kaamdev) reached where Narad Muni had stayed back and had gone into state of Samadhi, he created Vasant (spring, a season which generates lustful desires through impact of atmosphere on psyche of people) like atmosphere through his magical
powers where flowers of different kind bloomed, the trees of different types had cuckoos singing atop them and bees humming around.

The intoxicating air of of three qualities (cool,soft and fragrant) started blowing which was capable to fire up the desires; the Rambha and other heavenly damsels started singing in melodious voice enjoying themselves in process. These were experts at love plays and looked ever young and danced in many ways holding hands of their counterparts. Madan (Kaamdev) became pleased with his creation there and then brought more of his tricks in to play.

When all his efforts did not have the desired effect on Muni Narad , he became fearful himself knowing himself guilty of manipulating people by affecting minds of people. Who on earth is capable to trespass the limits which are under protection of Bhagwaan Ramapati (Muni Narad was under protection of Vishnu at that time because he had been contemplating on Him in Samadhi state and was above any influence of carnal desires on Him as mind wasn’t free to soak in the outside atmosphere).

Sensing defeat and losing heart Kaamdev along with all his helpers went up to Muni Narad and grabbed his feet and spoke in feeble and troubled voice his humble words.

(The god of desires can have his effect only on such people who have an unsettled and wandering mind which is looking for relief and pleasure by whatever means possible, those with calm mind which is enjoying the bliss due to remembrance of God in unlikely to be falling for momentary pleasures as he is shielded by God himself. Mind has to remain engaged in one way or other, keeping it oriented towards God is one way to be safe from its mischievous adventures prompted by the atmosphere conducive for it.)

We have now covered up to Doha 126 of Balkand.

तेहि आश्रमहिं मदन जब गयऊ। निज मायाँ बसंत निरमयऊ।।
कुसुमित बिबिध बिटप बहुरंगा। कूजहिं कोकिल गुंजहि भृंगा।।
चली सुहावनि त्रिबिध बयारी। काम कृसानु बढ़ावनिहारी।।
रंभादिक सुरनारि नबीना । सकल असमसर कला प्रबीना।।
करहिं गान बहु तान तरंगा। बहुबिधि क्रीड़हि पानि पतंगा।।
देखि सहाय मदन हरषाना। कीन्हेसि पुनि प्रपंच बिधि नाना।।
काम कला कछु मुनिहि न ब्यापी। निज भयँ डरेउ मनोभव पापी।।
सीम कि चाँपि सकइ कोउ तासु। बड़ रखवार रमापति जासू।।
दो0- सहित सहाय सभीत अति मानि हारि मन मैन।
गहेसि जाइ मुनि चरन तब कहि सुठि आरत बैन।।126।।

Uma-Maheshwar Ki Jai!
Prabhu Sri Ram Ki Jai!
Sant Samaj Ko Pranaam!
Goswami Tulsidas Maharaj Ki Jai!


Krishna Khandelwal


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