Ramcharit Charcha CXXVIII

II Shree Guruvey Namah II

Jai Shri Ram ,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

तेहि आश्रमहिं मदन जब गयऊ। निज मायाँ बसंत निरमयऊ।।
कुसुमित बिबिध बिटप बहुरंगा। कूजहिं कोकिल गुंजहि भृंगा।।
चली सुहावनि त्रिबिध बयारी। काम कृसानु बढ़ावनिहारी।।
रंभादिक सुरनारि नबीना । सकल असमसर कला प्रबीना।।
करहिं गान बहु तान तरंगा। बहुबिधि क्रीड़हि पानि पतंगा।।
देखि सहाय मदन हरषाना। कीन्हेसि पुनि प्रपंच बिधि नाना।।
काम कला कछु मुनिहि न ब्यापी। निज भयँ डरेउ मनोभव पापी।।
सीम कि चाँपि सकइ कोउ तासु। बड़ रखवार रमापति जासू।।
दो0- सहित सहाय सभीत अति मानि हारि मन मैन।
गहेसि जाइ मुनि चरन तब कहि सुठि आरत बैन।।126।।

We covered up to Doha 126 of Balkand in Ramcharit Manas by Tulsidas in the last post and learned how Kaamdev had to wind up his show fearing wrath of Muni Narad who remained unruffled due to Lord Hari’s grace on him.

When Kaamdev surrendered before Muni Narad, he did not take any offense on account of what Kaamdev was trying to do (the Bhaktas do not mind misdemeanor of others if such act is done out of their natural habit, Kaamdev usually tries his tricks with lesser people routinely was already known to Narad). Muni Narad spoke some nice words simply to let Kaamdev be comfortable. Kaamdev took leave of Narad and bowed down at Narad’s feet and went back with his other accomplices. Kaamdev then related all that had happened earlier in the court of Surpati Indra (chief of gods) including what he did and how benignly Narad acted in response. Everyone of those present in the court were astonished listening to this (they astonished because Narad had power to curse Kaamdev if displeased) and praised Narad for his patience and understanding.

After this episode Muni Narad happened to go to Lord Shiv while nursing the thought of his own capacity to defy the influence of Kaamdev in core of his heart with sense of pride (any good deed done not as a matter of propriety only but as a means to become important and be praised makes ego inflated). With this back ground Muni Narad told Lord Shiv about the visit and attempts of Kaamdev made to influence him and his own reaction (with a view to get endorsement of Shiv). Lord Shiv (who had himself once faced a situation like Narad’s and Kaamdev had had to lose his body not due to wrath of Shiv but as a result of coming under gaze of Shiv) out of special love for Narad (as a Bhakta of Vishnu) told Narad politely but persuasively not to repeat this narration before Lord Hari ever as Narad had done before Him. Shiv further advised narad to not broach this topic even if some reference comes about.

Rishi Yagyavakya tells Muni Bhardwaj, “though Lord Shiv gave such sermon for the benefit of Narad only but he didn’t appreciate this, Bhardwaj, see how interesting is it that God’s will prevails (indicating what was to come which we will also learn later).”

We have covered up to Doha 127 of Balkand now.

भयउ न नारद मन कछु रोषा। कहि प्रिय बचन काम परितोषा।।
नाइ चरन सिरु आयसु पाई। गयउ मदन तब सहित सहाई।।
मुनि सुसीलता आपनि करनी। सुरपति सभाँ जाइ सब बरनी।।
सुनि सब कें मन अचरजु आवा। मुनिहि प्रसंसि हरिहि सिरु नावा।।
तब नारद गवने सिव पाहीं। जिता काम अहमिति मन माहीं।।
मार चरित संकरहिं सुनाए। अतिप्रिय जानि महेस सिखाए।।
बार बार बिनवउँ मुनि तोहीं। जिमि यह कथा सुनायहु मोहीं।।
तिमि जनि हरिहि सुनावहु कबहूँ। चलेहुँ प्रसंग दुराएडु तबहूँ।।
दो0-संभु दीन्ह उपदेस हित नहिं नारदहि सोहान।
भारद्वाज कौतुक सुनहु हरि इच्छा बलवान।।127।।

Parvati Shankar Ki Jai !
Prabhu Shri Ram Ki Jai !
Sant Samaj Ko Pranaam !
Goswami Tulsidas Maharaj Ki Jai !


Krishna Khandelwal


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