Ramcharit Charcha CXXXIII

II Shree Guruvey Namah II

Jai Shri Ram,

II Sri Ram jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

देखि रूप मुनि बिरति बिसारी। बड़ी बार लगि रहे निहारी।।
लच्छन तासु बिलोकि भुलाने। हृदयँ हरष नहिं प्रगट बखाने।।
जो एहि बरइ अमर सोइ होई। समरभूमि तेहि जीत न कोई।।
सेवहिं सकल चराचर ताही। बरइ सीलनिधि कन्या जाही।।
लच्छन सब बिचारि उर राखे। कछुक बनाइ भूप सन भाषे।।
सुता सुलच्छन कहि नृप पाहीं। नारद चले सोच मन माहीं।।
करौं जाइ सोइ जतन बिचारी। जेहि प्रकार मोहि बरै कुमारी।।
जप तप कछु न होइ तेहि काला। हे बिधि मिलइ कवन बिधि बाला।।
दो0-एहि अवसर चाहिअ परम सोभा रूप बिसाल।
जो बिलोकि रीझै कुअँरि तब मेलै जयमाल।।131।।

We covered up to Doha 131 in Balkand of Ramcharit manas of Tulsidas in the last post and learned that Muni Narad has developed a firm desire for the daughter of king of an illusory city that was created by Lord Vishnu on Narad’s way back and Narad is thinking of ways for success in getting her married to himself.

Narad Muni thinks, “I should be asking Lord Hari for getting an attractive and handsome persona but it will be late if I get back to Him. There is nobody as interested in my welfare as Lord Hari and He would therefore be entirely of help”.

Narad Muni then prayed to Lord Hari in many ways at that juncture (this time not purely for love of lord Hari but under force of petty desire), mercifully but also in a sporting mood this time Lord Hari appeared before Muni Narad (here it may be noted that Lord comes even when we remember Him with desires in mind hence it is said that remember Him in any way one pleases and some good only will happen). Muni Narad closed his eyes seeing his beloved God before himself and simultaneously thought that his desired objective will be fulfilled (because he believed in supernatural powers of Lord Hari and also because he was not wanting any quid pro quo for what he had done but wanted just a straight gift from Him).

Narad Muni told his story in a way a person in trouble speaks and wished to be helped by Lord Hari showing mercy and grace (Narad is indeed in trouble because he has been hit by desires of the kind that he should not care for due to his earlier resolves and having adopted a different kind of life). Narad wished for having the same beautiful personality that Lord Hari had, bestowed on himself (Narad is well aware that nobody in the world can be supposed to be as beautiful as Lord Hari in eyes of who know Him, so in that respect he has not lost all his sense acquired in course of his life devoted to Japa and Tapa); he also said there is no other way that I am going to get hold of that beautiful princess (it is natural for some body to ask the most beautiful personality, in the situation that Narad is in, but here he has forgotten that though Jiva is Ansh (part) of God but still not whole and can not be whole himself in any way separated from God because there can’t be two Gods, for being God Jiva has to shed ego entirely and then he just becomes one with God).

Narad now comes in mood of surrender and says ,” o Master, I am your servant and therefore want you to do best for me on the lines that you think proper”. Lord Hari noted that the spell of His Maya cast on Narad and then compassionate Lord Hari smilingly addressed Narad, “O Narad, listen to me carefully, I will only do that which would be in your absolute interest and nothing else will be done. You may take my word for it which shall never prove to be wrong”.

(We will learn later how Lord Hari ensured only absolute good of Narad who had shown signs of weakness as well as some sparks of wisdom and the needed surrendering attitude. We all can look back and see that all that we wish is some times granted to us by grace of Lord but in such a way that we later become wiser that it was not needed for us and a good lesson was learned in the process.)

We have covered up to Doha 132 of Balkand.

हरि सन मागौं सुंदरताई। होइहि जात गहरु अति भाई।।
मोरें हित हरि सम नहिं कोऊ। एहि अवसर सहाय सोइ होऊ।।
बहुबिधि बिनय कीन्हि तेहि काला। प्रगटेउ प्रभु कौतुकी कृपाला।।
प्रभु बिलोकि मुनि नयन जुड़ाने। होइहि काजु हिएँ हरषाने।।
अति आरति कहि कथा सुनाई। करहु कृपा करि होहु सहाई।।
आपन रूप देहु प्रभु मोही। आन भाँति नहिं पावौं ओही।।
जेहि बिधि नाथ होइ हित मोरा। करहु सो बेगि दास मैं तोरा।।
निज माया बल देखि बिसाला। हियँ हँसि बोले दीनदयाला।।
दो0-जेहि बिधि होइहि परम हित नारद सुनहु तुम्हार।
सोइ हम करब न आन कछु बचन न मृषा हमार।।132।।

Bhavani Shankar Ki Jai !
Prabhu Shri Ram Ki Jai !
Sant Samaj Ko Pranaam !
Goswami Tulsidas Mharaj Ki Jai !


Krishna Khandelwal


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